The Land in the Stars is aEpic Sagaset in a Universe of the same name! The setting is completely original with five unique races with their own vast cultural and ethnic lore alongside the intricate nature of the Star Empire of Avalon! In our game you will take on the role as either a Noble, a retainer, or an Imperial agent in the vast complex universe of the Avalon Cluster (where the Star Empire once ruled). After that members can play anything from an Empress who rules millions; a cybernetic undead warrior saint; or a disowned alien vampire who seeks to rule a decadent cult! Take the reigns of an Empire; conduct trade wars; lead invasions or combat them! See your Star rise or fall all under the guise of the political "Sovereign Game".

TRIGGER WARNING: The Content in this site contains adulta situations, nudity, coarse adult language, and violent / graphic situations. You must be 17+ to enter.

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