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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Forums in 'Through the World's Gate'
Character Creation 24 POSTS in 16 THREADS
Character Applications, Face Claim, Character Directories are found here. Please post new applications in the PENDING Application forum!
LAST POST made in Sil Namai, the Harpy by Sil Namai on 06-02-2019, 03:19 AM.
Data Archives 23 POSTS in 11 THREADS
All approved characters are stored here.
LAST POST made in Caris, Gwar Meister by Agrodal on 10-12-2019, 07:24 PM.
Plotting & Scheming 19 POSTS in 5 THREADS
This a forum dedicated to: finding Connections for your characters; such as Shipping and Plotting; a home to thread trackers and personal timelines; and a home for character journals!
LAST POST made in Intrigue with Durant by ShadowedSin on 03-31-2019, 02:53 AM.


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