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ALPHA BEGINS1 - ShadowedSin - 10-26-2017

ALPHA Soft Opening Begins Today!

[Image: LiTS-New-Banner.png]

"Fortune fools the bold."
-Faerin Proverb

Greetings Everyone, and welcome to Land in the Stars, our epic Playb-by-Post RPG which has spent years in the making is finally ready to begin its maiden voyage! While not all of the lore and canon information for the universe is complete we have arrived at a level wherein we can finally venture forth and begin our saga!

For those of you who have followed us for a long time, thank you for your patience and dedication. For those of you for just joining us, welcome!

Our Story Opens...
It is the year 4,151 Starfire of the Three Systems Era, and war is neverending.

The old Star Empire fell centuries ago and only the chaos remains. Within the cluster of stars known as Avalon, the remnants of the old Empire exist as a scattering of bickering Houses who compete in the unremitting politics of the "Sovereign Game". Yet, more than the Houses seek the Imperial Throne.

An ancient race of predators hides among the populace, while its own warring factions vie for what they call the Hidden Empire. Even more so are ravenous hordes of monsters lurking in the depths of space. To the astral south lies an invading army of religious zealotry demanding to unify all in the name of their mysterious gods.

Only a few constants exist in the Land in the Stars; an endless of War, Scheming, and Betrayal.

So please join us, and create a character! See your House rise or fall, or a personal story take center stage! The call of Star-Crown calls, and the cloak & dagger of the House Senate begins!