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2. Face Claim - The Star-Archives - 12-23-2018

Face Claim

Please only post here if your character has been accepted, copy the code below and post it in a reply. Remember PBs are optional, you do not need one or are required to use one. A quick note on Play-Bys, Avatars and the like:
  • Homunculi will have "Subracial" face claims you can use.
  • You may share PBs with people just inform the staff please in the case of clones, dopplegangers, genetic cloned spies etc.
  • You may claim three Play-Bys for your character if they use alternate bodies (meaning choose the top three commonly used bodies).
Art usage - please use only mass media art only unless you drew it yourself or commissioned the art yourself. You may claim a particular character or image (use the second code to do so). We do note condone art theft.

Here is the code for real life Play-Bys:
<a href="link to app"><b>Character Name</b></a> played by <i>FC Name</i>

Here is the code for art based Play-Bys:

<a href="link to app"><b>Character Name</b></a> played by <i>Name of Character In Media</i>

Farangiz-ye-Artaxes e ri'Hormuz-Shah played by Naveen Andrews, Golshifteh Faharani, Helly Luv

Maëlys de la Durant played by Katee Sackhoff
Starshaper Sikká played by Xelanah Elfyra
TaV - 121265-Du "Eloise of Durant played by Bridget Bardot

RE: 2. Face Claim - TaV-121265-Du "Eloise of Durant" - 02-09-2019

<a href="link to app"><b>Adjutant TaV - 121265-Du "Eloise of Durant"</b></a> played by <i>Great Sage</i>

RE: 2. Face Claim - Starshaper Sikká - 03-11-2019

<a href=""><b>Starshaper Sikká</b></a> played by <i>Xelanah Elfyra</i>