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1. Getting Started Guide - The Star-Archives - 12-30-2018

A Guide To LiTS

Please read the updates in the Announcements Forum for updates to the LiTS Wiki.

[Image: LiTS-New-Banner.png]

Welcome to the official Newbie Handbook for the land in the stars. This guide will cover the basics of the LiTS universe, and help new players understand the complexities of the Space Opera that is playing out before them. This guide will cover the following:
  1. How to create a Character.
  2. An Overview of the Setting.
  3. An overview in thread etiquette.
Genre and Game Type
Land in the Stars is a Space Opera play-by-post game focusing on the lives and intrigues of members of interstellar Noble Houses. Players take on the leadership of these houses, or play important figures of the bureaucracy of the Avalonic Star Empire. Or they may simply serve the Houses in a variety of positions! Each House has its own unique history, personality, and cast of characters. Players are capable of declaring war, holy crusades, fight off invasions or even try to destroy the competition in a trade war. At the end this is all part of the "Sovereign Game" the great game of politics played for control of the Ancestor Throne of Avalon.

If you become overwhelmed by the setting Don't Panic (the Mice will help!), please use our Help Desk or jump into our active chat above and ask for assistance from the community or the Staff (please PM us if you need help, we're always here!). There is also our Facebook and Twitter feeds! Finally, if you just want to take a break from the walls of text or want a guide to the guides, check out the References & Guides forum. Or you can join us on Discord to ask the questions in real time.

A Saga from the Stars

RE: 1. Getting Started Guide - The Star-Archives - 12-30-2018

Creating a Character

"We are the Children of the Stars, the sons, and daughters of the Faeru. Do we not deserve the same freedoms granted to our lords?"
~Voidist Query of Freedom Synthesis

[Image: LiTS-Char-Banner.png]

Welcome to the Land in the Stars, a Play-By-Post RPG setting created to retell stories of epic heroism mixed with pulp fictional intrigue often synonymous with the Space Opera Genre. Our game focuses upon the Noble Houses of the various planets and space colonies that seek out their own agenda and desire. For this reason, each House will have its own general character, attitude, and flavor that set it outside of the rest. 

This guide will help direct you upon where to read to not get overloaded, but also provide a step-by-step process for the creation of a character.

Step 1 | Rules and Registration

Step 2 | Choosing a House / Character Type

Step 3 | Filling out the Application

Step 4 | After Approval

Step 5 | Tips to Using the Forum

RE: 1. Getting Started Guide - The Star-Archives - 12-30-2018

Setting Overview

The Land in the Stars, or Taer-shá-Séreana, is a region of deep space bound around a grouping of five or more stars known as the 'Avalon Cluster'. At the center of the five foremost stars are the systems of Throne, Rook, and Sentinel who make up the central tri-nary system known as the Triad. Throughout the Triad and beyond life is contained mostly in a series of colonized worlds, and selectively built fixed space colonies. For centuries this state of affairs has bred an inward sense of superiority between those who live on the World's and those who live in the Colonial Sectors.



Calendar Reckoning


Imperial Society


RE: 1. Getting Started Guide - The Star-Archives - 12-30-2018

Threading and Posting

Everyone who creates a new -In Character Thread or -participates- needs to consider the following. When creating a new thread please title the thread however you wish (without breaking the rules). But please use this format:
  • Thread Title (Country, Planet), Date
  • Tag: Characters Involved
So if you create a new thread on the forum view you should see something like:
  • Wandering the Streets (Tuscana, Elys), 9/12Tag: Louis de Durant

If you are tagging your entire family you can put "All Hormuz" or even "Faoud's Crew". Just be clear enough about it!

Basics of Threading Etiquette