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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Mature Content The scorpion and the wright (Tyrssalr, Aesgir) 19/01 4,150 Tag: Farangiz-ye-Artaxes
House Hormuz
House Hormuz

Sentinel System
Faeru / Worldborn
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


Played By


"Ancestors have mercy on the sins I bear."

When she was informed that the Wright's life wouldn't be too hard to move, it brought a smile to her lips. That smile grew as she heard the lack of hard ties between the Star Quorum and House Tyr. The Tyrlings had tried so damn hard to defeat her family in the last war. At least one known assassination attempt on her and Roshan, and still thre were more. Filing Intent with the Assassin's wasn't what most did. There were illegal ways to kill the competition and her family had employed those more than enough throughout the centuries. Shifting in her seat she sat forward a bit to get a bit closer to the table. Of course her chest wobbled and she let out an annoyed growl at how her top was too much. Damn her for such large assets! her body finally settled as she placed her hands on the table to listen.

The former Starborn's love of starships was a foreign idea to a worldborn like Fara. The young Duzahki had grown up riding horses, fighting with swords and drawing her bow. Hell, every year she still participated in a ceremonial horse ride across the open land in front of the ancestral fief of her famiy, Sunfyre Tower, to celebrate what the Ancestors gifted them. Still, as she listened she had to carefully hide an immediate reaction at the praise the Arashii gave her own work. Farangiz was a Wright in her own right, and knew how to modify and even build a Mecha from the ground up. She didn't run her own processes because she preferred to pilot and maintain her family's Etrnals. The ancient Mecha that rested in her family's tombs were more than ready for a few modifications. Who cared if they had to be kept in stasis or they would rampage. it wasn't her fault her mother and grandfather died in one of them. The Scorpion was the jewel of her family and had served since the invention of it's model years ago.

Too bad she always felt wrong after leaving it. like she was leaving a bit of her soul behind.

For a moment she was lost in thought before she replied to the Arashii's question. "Yes, we are good to go." she replied in her accented Avalonic. She hated the damn language and preferred Duza, it flowed better from her mouth and made her feel far more comfortable. This body makes me feel weak, and dirty. Fara pulled the keffiyeh back across her back and wrapped it until only her purple eyes were showing.

Then it struck her. the Wright thought they were going to ride with her. Sket! MOUTHER OF ALL! HIGH QUEEN'S TITS. She cursed in three languages as she brushed her hair lightly at the base of her neck. Slowly, she rose and gestured for Sikka to follow her as she began to walk towards the door. Her things were gathered up by one of the guards as they entered the awaiting craft. The door behind them closed as she leaned back, her back arching as she then absentmindedly said, "I hate this body."

The voice was a mumble, barely audible and only someone close to her would likely make out anything she was saying.

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