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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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House Listings

Avalon Cluster
t= they | them | their


Played By

The LiTS Team

House Listings

"Fate fools the bold."
-Faerin Parable

The Noble Houses of the Triad and beyond are the ruling factions made up powerful clans that descend from mega-corporations that struck a deal of dictatorship with ancient general, Baal Aken. Since that day they have considered themselves above the rest and it is their agendas that rule the Land in the Stars.

Each House within the Land in the Stars comes from a unique nation, ethnic group, religion, and distinctive cultural tone. Some Houses recognize male inheritance, some female, while others favor non-binary genders. One may face internal feud while others must face raids from vampiric aliens.

A Quick Overview
Every House within the House Listings will include a brief history and including its current issues. It will also include quick notes about its holdings, and the ethnic / subracial background. A link to the greater "House Profile" to the wiki will be included to help those who wish to know more! For those seeking to simply find characters you can find those in the House Bloodliens and Retainership. Bloodlines will note the living members of the House some will be named in full (usually these are taken) others will be not. Any notes for the character including racial background and status will be included in lineage. Retainers will include the same.

___ - Denotes Blank Name (use racial and ethnic naming convention
Orange Font - House Lord / Lady - Hard Difficulty
Yellow Font - Imperial Bureaucrat - Medium Difficulty
Normal Font - House Member / Retainer - Easy Difficulty
() - Used to denote racial, gender notes.
+ - Used to denote that the individual married into the family.
deceased - Denotes a dead member of the family.
ri' - Denotes that a character is Errant / Genic when attached to a Surname.
Taken - Denotes the individual is currently taken.
  • -  Denotes Children.
  • {} -  Denotes Grand Children.

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