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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Farangiz-ye-Artaxes e ri'Hormuz-Shah
House Hormuz
House Hormuz

Sentinel System
Faeru / Worldborn
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


Played By


Farangiz-ye-Artaxes e ri'Hormuz-Shah

[Image: naveen-andrews-naveen-andrews-7128796-400-400.jpg]
Male Doppelganger body of Farangiz.

[Image: My+Sweet+Pepper+Land+Premiere+66th+Annua...5VbYYl.jpg]
Female Doppelganger of Farangiz.

The Soul
Age: 26
Gender Identity: Genderfluid
Pronouns: Uses Zhe, Zhim, Zheir pronouns
Race: Faeru
Subrace: Worldborn
Ethnicity: Duzakat
Archetype: Errant / Champion (Deck User) (Journeyman in the Meister's Guild)

Religious Status: Crimson Creed
Rank / Occupation: House Lord / Errant
Political Alignment: Farangiz is an Alcaeit, but has Voidist leanings

Equipment & Skill
Skills of Expertise:
  • Swordsmanship (Scimitars) (Rank 4)
  • Manipulation (Rank 5)
  • Subterfuge (Rank 3)
  • Tactics (Rank 4)
  • Perception (Rank 2)
  • Reflexes (Rank 3)
  • Poison Knowledge (Rank 3)
  • Poison Application (Rank 3)
  • Martial Arts (Hand to Hand, and Holds) (Rank 2)
  • Spatial Awareness (Rank 3)
  • Situational Awareness (Rank 3)
  • Navigation (Rank 2)
  • Hand Thrown (Rank 3)
  • Engineer (Wright) (Rank 4)
  • Design (Wright) (Rank 5)

Psionic Abilities:
  • Audiokinesis (Rank 3)
  • Gyrokinesis (Rank 4)
Equipment & Weaponry: 
  • Zhe wields twin sabers in zher female form and a singular long saber in zher male form. Both weapons are soulsingers and decks.
  • Zhe carries a standard PAD on zher person.
The Body
Accessing SysNet Records via Private Virtual Network. Loading...

Farangiz-ye-Artaxes e ri"Hormuz-Shah is an enigmatic individual and one that few know the true guise of. The story of how Farangiz became the way zhe was made into the individual is a story worth regaling, not one for now though.

The truth is that there is only rumor of what Farangiz-ye-Artaxes truly looks like. Rumors that include a variety of appearances from a young thing girl to a tall stalwart man. All of these realities are only compounded by the various stories that exist pertaining to what Sadira the Red Scorpion supposedly "did" to her children when they were still in the womb. All of these tall tales aside, the individual known as "Shah" has many guises each unique and projecting its own sense of importance and self-worth.

[Image: naveen_andrews.jpg]

Male that is the first word applied to the first known guise worn by Farangiz. A strong square jawline that hints at a hawkish nose and soft violet eyes. Long tangled hair frames this rugged jaw (rugged in a sense that this is not a "pretty boy"). Above the jawline is a pair of slightly thick lips which only seemed to add an articulate level of expression to the man's face. His eyes are soft in the sense of seeming drowsy, half closed, and easy. They are decently rough along with heavy lids and defined lashes set beneath clean dark eyebrows. When placed together the man is capable of a variety of complex expressions that often layer nuance upon nuance. This is only made a tad interest with his large hawk-like nose set upon his face.

Farangiz's male guise is dark skinned which is the color of near teak and is enhanced by his sable hair. Below the neck, the man is well muscled and broad-shouldered. His neck and shoulder muscles are shaped from years of sword training and intense focus on building strength. It has lent him a decent level of upper strength congruent with a solidly built torso. Again his form is muscled and at a time lends itself to a build of decisive reflex and reaction. His muscles appear ready and they are not bulging, but rather toned and carefully honed as the result of years of training.

Down to his feet, the man can exude power and strength to some. When moving he moves as one who has practiced muscular control. Steps are taken carefully and done so deliberately. When in combat the male version of Farangiz moves with quick powerful strikes meant to end the enemy swiftly. Generally, this form of combat favors a large two-handed scimitar styled.

Farangiz's male voice is tempered soft and to a few, welcoming. He often favors a form of clipped high register which is filled with poetic meanderings on rare occasions. Mostly the man rarely speaks and prefers simple statements unless emotionally pushed. When it comes to attire Farangiz's male personal sticks with simplified leather and courtly finery. The mixture can seem strange as he wears a muscle shirt one day and then the Shah regalia another. In all, he has an eclectic taste in fashion.

[Image: nm0267042.jpg]
Female is an appropriate term to apply to the second guise. She is slightly shorter than her male counterpart at five feet and eleven inches. Long black hair much like her "brothers" appearance that is black and heavily curled. It cascades over her shoulders and has been modified at times to either long or short. She has be known to use nanite injections to regrow her hair as necessary while after having it cut selectively for certain events., Otherwise it frames a careful gentle oval chin, and a slightly large nose over along with kissable lips, dark eyebrows and caring violet (like her male counterpart).

Many people call Farangiz's female Firuza for her love of wearing turquoise jewelry for reasons yet known. Some say it is because Farangiz's mother was descended on her own mother's side from the House of Ulgan, others are unsure. But few pay attention to these rumors. Firuza is a thin woman generally with said to possess an athletic build and fame. Her arms are thin with decent fast musculature which allowed her to wield her thin scimitar in battle with quick flowing movements. Her combat style is actually the opposite of the male form of Farangiz and is said to be far less brutal in its use than others. Instead Firuza prefers to wait and strike when necessary.

Attire for the woman tends to be a mixture of robed dresses, saris and sarongs. She loves eloquent items that are made of silk and cover her head to toe. Some of this can then be offset by her more wild side which reveals itself in the form of close-fitting attire for times when the night needs to be adventurous. Her legs are supple, curved, and muscled, built that like of a runner. Unlike her male side which she often calls "Aslan", she prefers simple things, but also the finery of her supposed upbringing.

The Mind
Farangiz is a mercurial and merciless figure. However, zhe internal revelations, thoughts, and aims are often carefully hidden beyond a veil of calm that reverberates with every move. There is a sardonic sense of uncaring, of detachment that can occur for Farangiz, and then suddenly exploded into an acidic passion that threatens to consume any in its wake. This instant change is sometimes connected to the body that Farangiz is within in a given moment. Most of the time when in the Male Body zhe exudes carefully preparedness and uncaring weariness. A determination is distilled about him, but its hard to tell what zhe wants or what zhe desires. All innermost thoughts are hidden beneath that veneer.

The name Artaxes "Golden Throne" was gifted to zhim years ago when zhe first arose as a child of the Ice-Razor Battle-School. Zher love for battle became evident in that moment, and there are times when Farangiz is utterly consumed by the ferocity of combat. The name Golden Throne was thus gifted to him as a call-sign because of the tenacity zhe showed. When in the heat of battle. Well, the truth is no one why zhe is named that way. Rumors persist it is because the battle frenzy ended with Farangiz enshrined in the dead and blood glistening like crimson gold found in the outer planets. Truth is zhe loves to kill when in the moment of bloodlust.

Farangizs's desire for passion has often played itself into strong bouts of expression and art. If there is one thing that Farangiz respect it is the artistic creation and often zhe patronize young artists or spends hours discussing designs for Chevaliers with his fellow writes. In combat, this too plays well into who Farangiz is. As Firuza Farangiz adopts a steady flowing fighting style that emphasizes the beauty of war, and in a way turns killing into an art form. This desire for art has at the time also created powerful bouts of emotion that increase rage, fixation, and lust. A problem which Farangiz tempers with their masque of detachment. In fact, it is not unlike the warlord to play the fop, the horrible fighter, to prevent zher battle lust from being awakened.

In the game of politics, Farangiz is a dreamer and a shrewd tactician. Zher dream for House Hormuz is grandiose and a step inspired by the workings of Sadira before her untimely death on the Marcher Line. Zhe plays the Sovereign game like any master and actively pits enemy Houses against each other while seeking out further means to find a stronger alliance, and to deter zher enemies. If there is one that can be said Farangiz while loving vengeance is far from vindictive. To zhim, lengthy blood feud is a waste of time that can be more readily applied and replaced with proper strategy. Only family holds Farangiz outside the realm of utter sociopathic removal of obstacles, as zhe has few friends and mostly pawns in their great scheme.

One thing the Whispering Scorpion holds above all else is blood, that earned in respect and by birth. Any who move to harm a member of zher House is marked as a foe and clinically taken apart. Those that serve loyally or pay their favors are dutifully rewarded.

The Past
Affiliations: Farangiz, has several standing affiliations with the Meisters and the Wrights Guild. Farangizs connections to the Meister's guild exist mostly for the attainment for Escuier and Pariah doll models. Connections to the Wrights Guild is to procure new Chevalier for zher work and to work on the personalized custom work for zher family and chosen Errants.

Rumors / Stories: 
  • Zher is rumored to possess a powerful customized Chevalier known as the Whispering Scorpion, the same Mecha piloted in the War of Tribulation waged by zher mother against House Tyr.
  • Zher supposedly possesses a harem of former political rivals turned into Pariah Dolls.
  • Zher has an honorary membership with the Reiver's Guild.
  • Farangiz is said to carry three different soulsingers on zher person pending the body zhe use.
  • Farangiz's true body is said to be dead, zher uses doppelgangers to make up for the difference.
  • Zher true body has been genetically modified, what it looks like now no one knows.
  • Zher male body points to a possible Vishaya heritage for House Hormuz, or for Farangiz specifically. Some assume zhe is in fact not an actual Duzakat at all!

Farangiz-ye-Artaxes e ri'Hormuz-Shah, the first and eldest child of Sadira the Red Scorpion. Born in the year 4,131 Starfall, Farangiz was one of many children that would come to fill the household of the grand Shah Palaces of Ormazdshar found in the opulent City of Kings on the Planet of Duzahk. As the oldest of the primary sibling's Farangiz would be raised as the heir apparent to the rule of the Shah, Sadira the Red Scorpio. Most if not all zher young year's were thus filled with hours learning language, understanding economics and being tutored in the basic skills of rule. As they turned the age of six cycles when zhe was properly tested for Psi abilities. Discovering that Sadira's genic abilities have passed on to her progeny, Farangiz was sent off to the Ice-Razor Battle School on Asgeir to attain full training for zher future life as an Errant.

Study under the tutelage of the Dreygr Cabal would be long, and harsh for the young child. Away from zher emmers (siblings), placed a heavy toll on the child in the development of social skills. Throughout much of Farangiz's early life, zhe would be raised by tutors, caretakers, and rarely interact with zher mother. Truth be told, Farangiz never learned zher father's name and often didn't care. The lack of proper socialization likely led to the cold compartmentalization that would manifest itself later in the child's life.

Farangiz's teen years would be marked definitively by a series of events. First, there was zher initial training in swordsmanship which would require years of work under the harsh eye Wolfhearted Jona, a young sword-tutor selected to conduct the early sessions for Ice-Razor combat conditioning. Two years after Farangiz's initial training began zher emmer, Roshan would join zhem. While the older sibling rarely took much free time with the younger, Farangiz did show a great level of empathy for the younger child of Sadira. However, as Farangiz rarely knew zher youngest two siblings, zhe would not form any emotional attachments to them until much later. Training for zhem would prove long and arduous, within the battle school, Farangiz proved adept at the design and construction of Chevaliers as well as combat. A skill which steadily earned zhem a side apprenticeship within the Wright's guild. Eventually, Farangiz would rise to the rank of Journey and begin work on assisting with the development of several orders and design modifications for the guild.

For the next several years as he reached completion of zher battle school training Farangiz would be paired with a slightly queer Escuier by the name of Amal. The young Soulgiven proved an apt match for the eccentric young lordling who then spent the next few years exploring the Triad on a series of prolonged adventures with zher emmer, Roshan. Numerous adventures ensued, some of which resulted in the current design of Farangiz's two primary bodies, and the rumored loss of zher original form. A cycle later in 4,149 SF an attempted assassination on members of the family resulted in serious harm to Roshan, and the ire of the Golden Throne by House Tyr. Farangiz in utter vindictive desire launched a major raid sortie against Tyr holdings across the edge of Aesgir and their related Houses. In the ensuing minor war, Farangiz gained the moniker "Whispering Scorpion" for zher deadly use of the light lancer Anausa (Immortal) model Chevalier. Losses on both sides resulted in an eventual armistice and renewed cold war between the two Houses.

Another blow to the family occurred several months later in 4,150 SF when Sadira the Prince de Rook, Earlesse de Duzahk, and Padishah of Ormazdshahr falls in battle against unknown enemies on the Marcher Line of Rook. The resulting succession shocked zhem to reality and Farangiz unsteadily assumed zher mother's titles and place as Sovereign of Rook. Zher early days of rule would prove to fret with rebellion and strife as the powerful Emirati family, House Nergal, rose with their vassals in rebellion against the Scorpion banner. The ensuing War of Poisoned Sand sees brutal fighting on both sides, and heavy laws when enemy targets are bombed with artillery. When the war final ends, it ends in a bloody stalemate as the House lord of the al-Nergali and Farangiz zherself fail to defeat each other in single combat. This results in a grudging oath of fealty directly to House Hormuz, and House Nergal assuming direct vassalship within the confines of the districts of Ormazdshar itself.

Recently the Grand Vizier of the family after years of steady service has retired and Farangiz has accepted Roshan's interest in taking the position. The call of Star-Crown thus calls as a new period begins in the Three Systems Era.

Roleplay History / Notes
The Player
OOC Name: ShadowedSin
Other Characters: None Yet - I have 3 planned :3
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Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


Played By



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