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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Blair oc Artur
House Amaterasu
House Amaterasu

s= she | her | hers


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Blair oc Artur

Play By Name or Art Created By Artist Name

The Soul

Age: 40
Gender Identity: Female
Race / Subrace: Faeru / Worldborn
Ethnicity: Mellish
Archetype / Occupation: Noble / Retainer ( Wise Advisor ) to House Amaterasu … & Merchant-Trader / Smuggler


  • Appraise (4)
  • Barter (4)
  • Diplomacy (5)
  • Manipulation (5)
  • Acrobatics (2)
  • Lore: Trade Routes & Economics (5)
  • Investigation (4)
  • Literacy (2)
  • Navigation? (2)
  • Marksmanship (2)
  • Knives (2)
  • Blunt Weapons (2)
  • Deceit (4)
  • Larceny (3)
  • Sleight Of Hand/Holdout (5)
  • Piloting ( 3 ) - Small Ship ( 4 ), Large Ship ( 1 ) ( See note at bottom of sheet )
  • Zero-Gravity (3)
  • Language (3? MultiLingual.)
  • Mechanics < Ship Repair > (2)

Psionic Abilities:
Just her quick wits.

Equipment & Weaponry: (List any existing specific personal weapons or items carried on their person at most times.) Gun and stuff???
  • Holo Eyes, Data Link, and Holo Com Implants - The standard connection package. Smile
  • - various small trinkets & trade items in a myriad # of pockets
    - PAD &c. for notes -> PAD
    - small notebook & letter writing items (gift from Komachi)
    - various snacks she's acquired on trips
    - shokk stick
    - gauss handgun
    - plasteel knife + singing set of knives

    Her current Ship of choice is a modified shuttle/ketch with some storage/piloting & speed upgrades, with a very small crew that is mostly made up of.... family.
    There's also a smaller, similarly modded one-person crew shuttle that she's largely used for her business and trade jaunts previously.

    She also has a Coat w/ body armor inserts in key locations

    At A Glance:
    Blair oc Artur, despite being nominally Worldborn, shows plenty of her father's stock - with a small frame, sharp ears, large eyes, and a downright fanatical love for her own group of ships. Her immune system is midway between mother and father - and unlike many full blooded worldborn, she's more comfortable on a ship than planetside.

    Blair’s always moving, at least a little, full of energy and ready to move and explore - much like her father, she's far more at home among the stars, rather than with her feet on solid ground.

    With wild waves of crimson hair cascading over her shoulders, and bright green-gold eyes, she cuts an impressive enough figure even when she isn’t clad in the brightly coloured, outlandish fashions she favors. Her long hair and outlandish garb prove to be useful when concealing the Blood Mark of House Artur on the right side of her neck.

    Blair is faintly tanned, with a broad, ever-present smile, an easy-going air, and generous curves. She’s a little on the shorter side for a Worldborn, clocking in just above five feet tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality, filling a room easily enough with her laughter alone. Her fingers are long, dexterous, and she has a number of slim scars scattered over her frame from when she hasn’t been able to escape an encounter with her guile or speed…

    She usually wears clothing that has high, neck-concealing collars, bright colours, and which has numerous small pockets and hidden compartments ( even one hidden in the heel of a pair of boots ), and she uses these to full advantage, secreting away whatever she might need.

    The Mind

    Blair is best known for her warm, open smile… and her silver tongue. Charismatic, personable, clever, and happy to buy a round for the vaguest of acquaintance, the woman is almost a force of nature, outgoing, spontaneous, and with the ability to play a room with a smile and her natural charms, rather than magical ones. Ever-smiling, the woman is genuinely likable, and a bit of a prankster, having wrought merriment and mischief with no small number of other Faeru over the years.

    A master of spin with a mind that’s sharp as a whip, the woman has proven herself to have the cunning required to excel in less than legal trade, a mind geared towards the intricate ‘politics’ of trade and interpersonal interaction leaving her with plenty of practice. Years of practice have left her knowing when to step in, to offer her services, who and what and when offer the best opportunities for profit and success, as well as leaving her an eye for just how to act with certain individuals, especially when it comes to levels of formality. She's always seeking new information - be it the kind she can trade or barter, the kind that she can use herself, or simply to further expand her repertoire. She's curious, and keeps her ears open - and isn't against passing a few coins into an open hand if it means opening her network up further.

    It’s quite hard to genuinely upset her – her skin is rather thick – but when she is angered, it’s big and flashy and all red-hot Corsair fury. Still, when someone has gained her ire, she vastly prefers to avoid direct confrontation and instead works behind the scenes to acquire satisfaction.

    She’s got a touch of cowardice at her core – one she’s willing to fight and act against in certain dire circumstances, such as in defense of those she values the highest – but by and large prefers to avoid physical confrontations and excessive involvement in the game of politics ( aside from that which she can profit from. ) That isn’t to say she hasn’t been caught up between warring factions – or individuals who are at odds, whether they’re aware of it or not. When it’s a case that doesn’t have her personal investment or involvement, the woman plays up until the point the risks become too much, then begins to disengage, but when it’s personal... it's far more difficult to avoid taking a side, which, for a woman like Blair, who prefers to keep things tidy? It's difficult.

    The woman is fiercely protective of those she cares of, as well as her position, and her loyalty is something that few would question, once proved. Her ability to deliver what her clients want – be it information, illegal goods, or more mundane products from foreign planets or systems – is a source of great pride, and is the foundation of her success, even as it leads her to take dangerous risks on occasion in order to maintain her excellent reputation.

    The Past

    A member of a surviving branch of Oc Artur, Blair was born of her Worldborn Noble mother and her Shipborn Corsair father, the result of an affair borne of both business and genuine fondness.

    She grew up with the metal hull of a ship as more of a comfort to her than the ground and dirt, the sight of the stars and hum of a ship's engine more familiar to her than the sound of birds and wildlife. Foreign ports and the trade of goods were plentiful in her childhood, and her acuity and expertise in determining the value of goods, services, and information only deepened as she grew and worked to assist her family, eventually taking up her own runs of trade - both legal and illicit.

    This would be dangerous for anyone, much less a young Noble with the bloodline of an Imperial house that no longer has the heft and sway to protect its’ members.

    Luck brought her into the web of House Amaterasu.

    Cunning and Competence bought her a retainership as advisor to the woman who would soon become the House Lady.

    ( Blair is a bit of a free-wheeling wildcard… if anyone wants discuss with me to work a past encounter or connection in, that's perfectly fine! )

    She's more specialized in piloting - used to quick and dodgy ships instead of bigger freighters. Much like it's harder to judge turn radius going from a compact to a big rig… there are some adjustments required qhen going between the two.

    The Player

    OOC Name: Zin
    Age:28 bb
    Triggers / Limits:here

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


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All Accounts Posts: 79

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