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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Amaterasu no Komachi-heika
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Amaterasu no Komachi-heika

Ono no Komachi drawn by Kikuchi Yōsai

The Soul

Age: 30
Gender Identity: Female
Race / Subrace: Faeru Worldborn
Ethnicity: Reijin
Archetype / Occupation: Noble | House Lady of House Amaterasu

  • Calligraphy (Rank 4)
  • Diplomacy (Rank 5)
  • Etiquette (Rank 5)
  • Investigation (Rank 4)
  • Lore (Politics) (Rank 5)
  • Lore (Economics) (Rank 5)
  • Manipulation (Rank 5)
  • Self-defense (Rank 2)

Equipment & Weaponry: (List any existing specific personal weapons or items carried on their person at most times.)
  • Junihitoe - Elaborate, thick silk robes which cover her completely
  • Writing kit - Kit for writing physical letters and calligraphy
  • Fan - The better to hide her face with

At A Glance:
Komachi is a graceful, moon-faced woman draped in layers of elaborate silk kimono which hide her frame from all but her closest companions. Her hair is long enough to drag on the floor when unbound, her skin is pale as porcelain, and her face and hands are flawless and unscarred.

In short, she is the model of Reijin noble beauty, a clear marker of both her status and the genetic manipulations made before her birth to ensure a proper heir to the House Amaterasu.

Every part of her appearance is designed to make it clear that while you may work for a living, becoming dirty, callused and scarred, she is far above such… indelicacies.

The Mind

Komachi is a more distant ruler than some House Lords and Ladies. She rarely appears in public, preferring holograms, proxies, and security screens when announcements are to be made. Her mother died under suspicious circumstances eight years ago, and the circumstances have never been fully explained, which may account for her caution.

She is known as a competent, serene ruler - just as every other House Lady of Amaterasu has been.

Komachi keeps her adventurous streak well-hidden from the public. She ascended to rulership at the age of twenty-two, and never had a chance to grow into her power, nor to enjoy the freedom of an adult without the responsibilities of rulership. She is sharply constrained, and occasionally this needs a release valve - very few know that she occasionally takes anonymous information-gathering trips, often in the company of Blair oc Artur, her advisor.

Her interests are largely in trade and interplanetary politics, and she takes an active hand in policymaking within the Sentinel system. She has been a strong supporter of artisan luxury goods and tourism within Sentinel, promoting the image that Sentinel is the place to go for unique, quality goods. Of particular interest are expansions in the silk and alcohol industries. She has also more quietly supported expansions in military technology, apparently encouraging the other houses to fight each other, leaving House Amaterasu to take advantage of the resulting political and economic upheaval.

The Past

Komachi was always destined for power. Her mother, the illustrious Amaterasu no Miyako-heika was the House Lady of one of the greatest of noble houses, the Sovereigns of Sentinel, and Komachi was her firstborn heir.

She simply didn’t expect power to come so soon.

Amaterasu no Miyako-heika was only in her sixty-sixth year when she perished, a full twenty years younger than a House Lady’s expected demise. With her status, the finest medical care, and genetic alterations to prevent the most common diseases, Komachi expected to have plenty of time to sow her wild oats and grow into her own status as heir.

Then, the illustrious lady was murdered by an unknown party, and her murder has never been solved.

Komachi came to the throne at the age of twenty-two, while working in her first official appointment, overseeing the Sentinel planet of Raokarenga and serving as an ambassador between Raokarenga and Yomi. This appointment served as practice for the throne itself, while placing her at some remove from her mother’s shadow, but she was still painfully inexperienced at the time of her ascension.

She was rescued from an apparent attempted coup by her mother’s advisor, Blair oc Artur, a smuggler who she had recently befriended without knowing her position within Sentinel’s government. The two have remained close ever since, with Blair appointed as one of Komachi’s lead advisors.

Several factions tried to take advantage of her relative inexperience, which led to both political and economic instability at an interstellar level in the early years of her reign. These attempts have been largely thwarted at this time, and Komachi is, at thirty years old, generally accepted as an established and competent House Lady. More political conflict is expected in the unending power game between the great Houses.

Komachi does not currently have an heir, either presumptive or apparent. Her younger sister is a helogav, which is believed - but not guaranteed - to exclude her from the throne. Her only other sibling is a younger brother, who is definitely excluded from the line of succession by virtue of his gender and sex. There are several distaff lineages of the family which are likely to jostle for position were Komachi to die or to become incapacitated, likely leading to civil war.

The Player

OOC Name: asphodel (Evan)
Age: 27
Triggers / Limits: Please discuss OOC before running heavy emotional plots; I have PTSD and it’ll be kinda case-by-case.

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
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Welcome to Altear! Do not forget to add your character to the Who is Who and claim Claim your Character's Face!
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Rad. Thanks!

(Those links don't work, btw - you may want to edit them.)

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