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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Mutant Identification

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


Played By



Character Name
“MID Name””

Play By Name or Art Created By Artist Name

The Soul

Age: here
Gender Identity: here

Power Classes
  • Power Type (Level)
  • Power Type (Level)
  • Power Type (Level)
  • Power Type (Level)

Holdouts & Equipment: (List existing weapons, armor, or holdouts you know.)
  • Item - Description
  • Item - Description

At A Glance:
A brief description of your character's distinguishing marks such as scars etc. OPTIONAL

The Psyche

A freestyle description of your character's personality.

The Origin

A free style description of your character's history.

The Player

OOC Name
Triggers / Limits:


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