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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


Played By



<center><h1 style="font-family:georgia;">Grainne Aisling Ceallachain
“Scald Crow”</h1></center>

<center><img src="https://i.pinimg.com/564x/47/30/52/4730520baa3382b85d8356921c3ebfe0.jpg">
<small><b>Scald in her Post-Manifestation State

</b></small><center style=""><h2 style="font-family:georgia;">The Soul</h2></center><small><b>
<b>Age:</b> 14
<b>Gender Identity:</b> Female, Transgender
<b>Origin:</b> Avatar, Bonded to former Spirit of Maire Ni Gabhann (“Spirit Song”)

<u style="font-family:georgia;"><font size="4">Strengths & Weaknesses</font></u>
</b></small><ul style="">
<li>Strength</li> - The subject is capabnle of lifting several hundred pounds according to current tests. She appears to have basic muscle memory in Pugilism and Spear combat (more teaching required).
<li>Regeneration</li> - The mutant is seen to have an increased healing factor, making her able to take on more injury than previously noted.
<li>Iron Weakness</li> - Subject shows aversion to Iron, and says the very touch of it causes her skin to go numb.
<li>Passion Aura</li> - Records indicate that the emotional state of the user can easily enflame tensions of those around her. Some say it’s almost like she leaks a rage and passion pending upon her modes, so far we have termed this as a “empathic aura”.

</b>Holdouts &amp; Equipment: (List existing weapons, armor, or holdouts you know.)
None as of yet.

<b>At A Glance:</b>
Grainne Ni Eoin O Ceallach as she calls herself after the binding with her spirit, can be seen as a blood haired woman with sharp features. Her hair appears black at the roots and slowly as it trails from her skull it turns brighter red before appear scarlet at the fringe. Her oval face is set with a curved jaw, a set of rosebud lips, and a small pixie nose. When opening her mouth it is revealed she has an obvious carnivorous set of incisors and elongated canines.

Her build can be described as athletic with her burgeoning curves accentuating leonine muscles that ripples as she moves. Grainne’s very body seems to hold a tense spring to it as if she is ready to move. A sharp pair of elvish ears adds to the mystique of the wild wood elf girl. Each fingernail and toenail ends in a bronze tip and is almost metal hard. She has shown the ability to claw wood without too much damage to her person.

</small><center style=""><h2 style="font-family:georgia;">The Psyche</h2></center><small>
A quick glance at the subject’s personality profile reveals several underlying problems that can easily lead to several complexities. At the age of ten she was diagnosed as ADHD and her doctor’s indicate medication offered no help. After cursory sessions with the girl, the subject shows more and more tendencies towards depression, gender dysphoria, and perhaps anxiety. When presented with a problem outside the norm Grainne’s initial reaction seems to either react with detached uncaring (we believe this is a defensive response) or she seems to be easily overwhelmed. Only when pressure is applied does the girl appear to actually accept what she cannot change and crashes brashly into the problem with a simple idea of a solution.

From talking to her friends we can put together that this young mutant has several primary positives. She’s capable of strong positive emotions and genuinely wants to please people. Worry about how others see her (we believe this is related to previous bullying) influences how she views herself. In short, she’s low self esteemed and driven to acts of self destruction when angry. Happiness follows Grainne in waves and gives her an energetic determination best describe as “hyper”. She shows an outward love of music and while eclectic (Rap, Rock and Baroque period classics are her first citations) she is easily lost in it.

She enjoys puzzles and games, and while disliking competition the child is happy to just participate in the group. To be accepted is one of her most driving forces, and to be apart to be one of her biggest fears. Perhaps it is then even more understandable that her motivation comes and goes on a whim. One day she will be happily listening to music, when a sudden sense of agitation overcomes her. Therapy notes show this is likely related to the girl’s anxiety and a ADHD related dysphoria that can prevent her from simply moving forward.

The girl is creative, bright, and determined. She doesn’t show any sign of giving up on her friends, and in fact craves their attention. IF she feels wronged she’s quick to judge, but when pushed is also quick to accept her own issues. To put it simply, this girl is a complicated mishmash of the typicals faced by young gay youth. Her disconnect from her body alone is one of the many forces that builds the negative complexes. On the other hand, her energy can easily lead to a cascade of reaction.

This a girl who jumps into the thick of things and burns herself simply to experience it. She lives her memories day in and out. She lacks skills in social interaction, but can charm people as her depression finally relents.

In sum total, she’s a contradiction. The spirit inhabiting her only seems to increase these feelings and at the same time feeds into them.

</small><center style=""><h2 style="font-family:georgia;">The Origin</h2></center><small>


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