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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Caris, Gwar Meister
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Caris oc Myrddin

Jessica Truscott https://www.deviantart.com/faestock

The Soul

Age: 32
Gender Identity: Female
Race / Subrace: Gwargaruh / Devilkin (Former Faeru / Worldborn)
Ethnicity: Anwnwyr
Archetype / Occupation: Forebrecan / Meister

  • Meister (Rank 5)
  • Hand-to-Hand (Rank 3)
  • Pulse Bow (Rank 3)
  • Charm (Rank 4)

Equipment & Weaponry:
  • Item - Symbiotic Light Daemon Carapace

At A Glance:
In her Outer Skin, Caris is approximately 165cm (5’5), bright red hair and pale, eerily flawless, skin. She appears to be Genespun, symmetrical and perfect to the point of venturing into the uncanny valley. She habitually wears a black skin-tight bio-carapace.

In her Inner skin, Caris is approximately 170cm (5’8), retains her hair colour but her skin turns light blue. Her black claws and horns emerge along with spines that grow down her spine, back, shoulders and spiked tail. In this form, it’s easy for people to mistake her for a former Wyldborn. Her bio-carapace shifts form with her.

The Mind

Caris is a damaged individual. Originally empathic, Caris was an expert Meister that hated the treatment of Soulgiven in society. The virus transmuted this empathy into a cold, murderous, hatred for abusers. She retains her sympathy for the downtrodden, choosing her victims from those who bully others. She has a dark sense of humour that can shock non-Gwar. Like most Gwargaruh, she sees interpersonal relationships in terms of domination and submission, she can understand more complex situations intellectually but the changes to her brain make it nearly impossible for her to internalize other relationships.

While most Gwar revel in being dominated by stronger Gwar and dominating lesser Gwar, Caris suffers from the confusion of being a switch. Most Gwar relationships are set in stone but Caris is capable of allowing the same person to dominate and submit to her, which her converted mind can't process effectively, causing distress and confusion between conflicting desires. This confusion extends to hunting and other common Gwar practices, though she has been able to mask her true feelings to her new 'family'.

Her memories of her old self are fragmented thanks to Narana's brainwashing (she had some lingering issues with being with boys sexually after conversion, which Narana 'sorted out'). She barely remembers even her old name, but vividly remembers hunting expeditions with Wyldborn as a teenager. She is acutely aware of the changes to per personality, both from conversion and from brainwashing, and lives with a nagging kernel of self-hatred in her heart for the terrible things she's now capable of.

The Past

Caris grew up on Anwn as the ‘son’ of Tek researchers. Her own abilities were latent, which was a constant source of disappointment for her and her parents. From an early age, she took up hunting with a Wyldborn teacher where she learned to become a crack shot with a pulse bow. Eventually, she turned away from Tek and took up the duties of a Meister, being assigned to a special research facility developing advancements in Loom technology. She was a full member of the Meister's Guild and one of their best artisans.

The facility she was working at was raided by Devilkin who were retrieving an Elder that had infiltrated a research team. She was taken and converted because she killed one of the raiders. Under the auspices of the Consort who converted her, Caris was moulded into a spy with a combination of fleshcrafting, training and mental reconditioning.

Since becoming one of the Broken, her Suzerain (Iorwerth oc Myrddin) and Consort (Narana oc Myrddin) assigned her to a Faeru scion of their Infernal House and deployed her on various infiltration missions, all of which she completed successfully. She was paired with Rodan oc Myrrdin, a fifteen-year-old third son of the noble line, who she is expected to serve in any capacity asked of her as mistress and spy.

There has been some political machinations surrounding her amongst the Gwar. Elder Nelius, a Spiderkin Blacgeuga who worked with her at the research facility, has taken a liking to her and is pushing for Caris to be inducted into the Deathscua. The Myrddin family, however, is considering making her a Consort mainly as a defiant act against Nelius, purely as pawn in their dominance and submission games.

Lately, Caris has been tracking a Gwar friend of hers who she knew before conversion, Maru. Maru was a Soulgiven that was converted at the same time who was sent on a mission to find new sources of Abyssal Stone but did not return. Caris also wants Abyssal Stone, but to enable her to direct her own evolution rather than leave herself in the hands of tyrants.

The Player

OOC Name: Branwen
Triggers / Limits:Suicide

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Welcome to Altaer! May you find what you seek in the Land in the stars.


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