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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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On the Road to Alpha!

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
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On the Road, to Alpha!

Hello everyone! ShadowedSin here, the infamous (yes I'm sin-famous really) creator of the "Land in the Stars". 

[Image: lits_alpha_banner_by_catsohori-d9hc2cw.png]

A few days ago we started discussing the official Alpha test for the game, and after a lot of dormancy we're coming alive once again! Now, that being said, there are a few things we need to achieve before we can move forward. The first being we need to reach a level of active interest with people working on characters and talking on the forums when they can. Any an all thoughts you have for the RP please post them here as the thread will help is start iterating the games design.

If you need -any- assistance feel free to ask questions in the chat or post questions in Help Desk. Both will allow myself or the staff to respond in kind as quickly as possible!

The Reading
So I know one of the bigger challenges to a new game is going to be the amount of reading one has to do. This for some people will be a lot of fun as they dive into a new game, and for another it will be a slog. The lore of this game was written with specific themes in mind, and all that means a lot to learn. If you get overwhelmed ask for help! Do not be shy to send any of the staff a PM (our accounts are listed here). If you get confused on any process, we'll help you through! In return as we get new members and members start rising to the ranks of our established community we ask that everyone actively pitch in and assist new people and veterans alike. One thing we wanted to ground this community on is a safe respective fun environment!

Lore In Progress
The Lore of the game is still a WIP situation and so we caution people to please be patient. If you need to know something write away ask and we'll come up with a proxy answer for now. We remind people also that as we are in the -testing phase- of the game that things can and will change. Be aware that there may be retcons as we iron out all the dirty details! But, we will not just suddenly change things without giving due warning and if it affects anyone you will be given a chance to speak to us about it! As the lore evolves it will be noted her on the boards with links for those who are interested in latest information on the LiTS Setting.

As the DasWyrd staff is developing a book right now, we are working our game development around a standing schedule, so again we ask everyone to please be patient. Here is our hoped rough schedule dates for when things should begin:
  • November 22nd to December 6th (Subject to Change) - This will be the period in which we query, get feed back and work out how the Alpha is going to work. We ask that people actively invite friends to attend as burgeoning activity will help to cement the long term health of our community!
  • December 2015 into 2016 - We hope to kickstart what we can call the "Pre-Season" of the game. This will be the formation of alliances, the dalliance of politicks and the formulation of the power brokers in the world. If all goes according to plan the "Opening" plot for the game will be based on the actions of the people from the Alpha and Beta portions of LiTS.

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