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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Maëlys de la Durant

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
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Maëlys de la Durant

[Image: 2f9c786b5c0f3353620859e9a4f88177.jpg]
Character art by http://linktoartist.com

The Soul
Age: 23
Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She / Her
Subrace: Starborn
Ethnicity: Veilrien
Archetype: General

Religious Status: Silver Creed
Rank / Occupation: Lady of House Durant / Naval Commander
Political Alignment: Alcaeist

Equipment & Skill
Skills of Expertise: 
  • Marksmanship (Handguns) (Rank 3)
  • Marksmanship (Rifles) (Rank 4)
  • Martial Arts (Savate) (Rank 3)
  • Knife Combat (Rank 2)
  • Imperial Etiquette (Rank 2)
  • Imperial Law (Rank 1)
  • Command (Rank 4)
  • Carapace Armor (Rank 3)
  • Piloting (Rank 2)
  • Military Strategy (Rank 3)
  • Tactics (Rank 2)
  • Political Strategy (Rank 1)
  • Subterfuge (Rank 1)
  • Athletics (Rank 2)
Psionic Abilities: None

Equipment & Weaponry:
  • BDU Formal - The formal BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) of a ranking officer of the Marcher Fleet and with full commendations shown on the left breast.
  • Stealth Suit - A modified piloting sync-suit full body suit which zips up to the neck and cuts the creation of sound when worn. Can have modifications to allow the user to fully plug in and pilot a Carapace Armor suit if necessary. Hers is navy blue and highlighted in silver on the edge of the limbs.
  • Light Rifleman's Armor - A officer issue Rifleman's Infantry standard Carapace armor allowing the user to fight with quadruple increased strength and speed and fighting in the vacuum of space. Requires a sync-suit to be worn to pilot.
  • La Beldame - La Beldame is an old partially battered rifle handed down among members of the 105th Battalion (The Screaming Drakes) for more than a century. It is a modified long-barrelled coil rifle able to double as a standard automatic and a snipers weapon. Primary ammo includes standard flechettes for space combat, and palladium rounds for when fighting Gwarish targets.
  • Monsieur Dague - Mister Dagger or Monsieur Dage is a reinforced plasteel (usually covered in a layer of Palladium nanoplasm) razor sharp singing bayonet which is often found attached to the end of La Beldame or in the hands of an apt fighter.
The Body
Access granted...uploading files from House Durant internal realm archives...physical description penned by artist Vidame Duvalle located.usu

The ancient regal name of Maëlys has been dutifully awarded many times to the proud women of Veilrien and Haucrais origin. It is said to mean, chief or prince, and for a young girl who rose to power in the ranks of the Royal Confederate Navy. This has created three faces for the young woman who some call simply “Commander Malice” for her harsh tone, and up compromising respect of honor.

To begin, one would describe the hair of Commander Malice as straight, long, with a finely polished sheen, and the color of flesh polished gold streaked with stars shined highlights. Thanks to nano-technology her hair can vary from a short chin length pageboy cut to long luxurious locks for formal affairs. Set around her oval face a pair of dark blue eyes watch any and all who come into view. A small pert nose then sits over a pair of well-formed lips. Whenever she smiles or frowns small distinctive dimples appear under her cheekbones. Her neck is thin and formed from supple muscle that winds itself down her strong shoulders and into her arms,

Maëlys' general complexion is slightly pale compared to that of some from years living aboard the ships of the Marcher Fleet. Across her clavicle from the lower left of her upper to her right shoulder blade is the pale outline of a rather nasty scar retained in combat. The scar itself appears as slightly greyed skin on her body and is easily covered by clothing. Gained in close quarters combat with a Driftsworn space pirate early in her military career.

[Image: e41f2622af133efb1debb0f1f929b271.jpg]

Her arms present defined honed muscle and end in a pair of lightly roughed hands used to draw a singing blade or pulling a trigger. Her torso is much like the rest of her body, slim and bears the usual curves of a feminine form. A tasteful bust combined with gently curving hits is only complimented by a stern firm stomach. This is a Faerin woman who built herself not off the blood of her family but spilling of blood for her country. Ever fiber of her being is a story of her life from the small scars which delicately criss-cross her back to strong legs she walks upon.

On her right shoulder is the image of a swooping red drake holding a sword, an emblem of the 105th Battalion. On the back of her neck is a silver three spoked wheel set over a six-pointed star, the Emblem of the Silver Creed.

The Mind
Maëlys was raised in a stark environment focused on breeding the best military minds of the Avalon Empire. While the old High General teachings were forbidden and their curriculum erased her father was able to gain scattered teachings. This was what resulted in her training not only understanding complex military tactics but how to appropriately take command. This is the exterior which has bred the infamous "Commander Malice" the woman who can walk into a room and by a mear glance send officers running in fear. From the get go, Maëlys is fully aware that she is not destined to be the supreme leader of anything. Even if she became the Marshal of the Marcher Fleet she would still dutifully serve at the side of her brother to defend her country.

Honor and loyalty, those words go hand in hand with the woman Maëlys aims to be. Her exterior is that of the hardened but caring commander ready to lay her life down for her comrades and yet will calmly send troops to their deaths. She isn't a military genius but is more than capable of making decisive decisions while also evolving outside the parameters of her orders. Her rank was not gifted to her via commission, but instead was earned through years of commendation and personal sacrifice. The heads of over twenty personal duels to her name and dead Voidkin warriors can attest to that.

Combat to her is neither fun nor exciting, it's terrifying. Many of her friends have fallen in defense of the Line and she often spends hours at local memorials remembering those she has lost. This has bred a fairly morose attitude in the woman whose true happiness is fleeting and hard to tie down. When she is happy she feels numb at times and honestly seeks peace in quiet, solemn music or a good book. She may not always be depressed, but her sense of duty is one of the few traits keeping her going. Her family also gives her a sense of reality as time away from the Line allows her a moment to recover from the ongoing attrition of defense.

It is only her cold iron will which keeps Maelys from falling down on crutches to get through her problems and often her stubborn desire to see a trial through has wounded her for the worst. However, as a strong-minded woman, she has learned over years to preservere in the face of adverserity.

The Past
Affiliations: Maelys is still considered a member of the Infantry Corps of the Marcher Line Forces and thus has the right to take command even as a member of the fleet Officer Corps.

Rumors / Stories:
  • Maelys is said to be a secret Controvert.
  • She is the illegitimate daughter of the previous House Lord.

Maëlys de la Durant is the youngest sister of one of the most powerful men in all of the Avalon Cluster and is quite aware of it. If she wanted something as a child it was hers, and yet she never pushed her limits. In fact, being raised the daughter of a commander-in-chief of one of the largest militaries had the exact opposite effect. While her brother was groomed to rule she was enrolled in Lycees de Excellence. Her journey to becoming an officer a few years before she reached the legal age to enlist and was done so by her father. All sense of control was taken from her so as she entered boot camp after the Academy she took to it like a fish to water. Trained as a Carapace Armored soldier she joined the Screaming Drakes 105st Infantry. Her experiences soon saw her take heavy combat against corsairs and much more. Life on the Line was short and cold, comrades were replaced and lost on a weekly basis when the enemy raided far and wide.

By the time she gained her commission the young lieutenant was working hard to improve the standing and life expectancy of her comrades in the 105st Battalion. She became entangled and eventually stood as not only the marine CO of the second vessel she served on she eventually rose to the rank of Commander. She served aboard a total of six ships before being given the rank of executive officer on the flagship of the Marcher Line Defense Force. A recent posting, she hung her berth in the ship waiting for combat as activity across the Line continues to grow.

Roleplay History / Notes
The Player
OOC Name: ShadowedSin
Other Characters: Farangiz-ye-Artaxes e ri'Hormuz-Shah
You 18 Years or Older? Yes, DUH! LOL

Avalon Cluster
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The LiTS Team


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