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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Elegia ri'Nere
Junior Member

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Elegia ri'Nere

Art from MGSV:TPP

The Soul

Age: 27
Gender Identity: Female
Race / Subrace: Faeru Starborn
Ethnicity: Veilrien
Archetype / Occupation: Errant/Invoker/Rising Moon

  • Marksman (Rank 4)
  • Stealth (Rank 5)
  • Martial Arts (Rank 5)
  • Swordsmanship (Rank 4)
  • Etiquette (Rank 3)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Rank 2)
  • Hacking (Rank 1)
  • Flight Navigation (Rank 2)
  • Guitar (Rank 3)

Psionic Abilities: 
  • Pathomancy (Rank 5)
  • Hallucimancy (Rank 1)

Equipment & Weaponry: (List any existing specific personal weapons or items carried on their person at most times. OPTIONAL leave blank if not applicable.)
  • Soulsinger Dagger - A small blade with an ebony handle and rippled blade.

The Mind

It's hard to make it through the battle schools with out discipline. That kind of constant drilling leaves an impression on a person. Elegia went through a rebellious phase for a few years as a teenager. The instructors nearly rolled her out of the school. She turned all that around though, forming into the dedicated and unrelenting person she is today. She doesn't waste much time with idle socializing. It's not that she doesn't crave attention and contact, but she's driven to train, to fight, and to serve. Few relationships last under that kind of pressure. It drives her into isolation too often.

Her dedication to Pathomancy has taken its toll as well. Not only can its over use leave her drained and empty, but the masterful ability to manipulate emotions comes with a dilution of what constitutes a real emotion. She can so effortlessly sway people's emotional reality that none of it seems real anymore. While that makes her an effective warrior, she yearns for something real with someone, something spontaneous and unexpected.

Elegia can't bring herself to believe in any religion. Though that drive to be a part of something larger burns in all of us. She fills that need in service to her house lords. Through her dedication and selfless service she creates meaning for her life. 

Most importantly though is her sense of honor. She's honorbound to serve, but also to do the right thing at all costs. That's hard to square up with her ability to manipulate emotions, her duty to kill, and the lack of ultimate control she has over the direction of her life. Most say it's honorable to kill in service of your lord, and she clings to that justification. The tiniest of nagging doubts linger at the back of her mind. To walk the path of honor as an errant is to stand upon the edge of a razor. One misstep, and she fears she'll fall. On one side, cynicism. On the other, distraught.

The Past

The Nere family is a line of Errants in service to House Durant. They're not overly wealthy, nor do they hold much political sway.  They're only source of influence is their strong genic bloodline, which they protect diligently with carefully arranged marriages, matched specifically to encourage genic expression. Nere children are all placed in battle schools, as per the law. Those that thrive in the schools go on as errants in service of their lords. Those less capable as warriors, though genetically ideal, are brought back to the family to be arranged into a marriage to keep the bloodline going. Those deemed both genically weak, and incapable as an errant are disowned from the family.

Elegia's early childhood was distant and cold. She was fed the most nutritious diet to encourage growth and health, and cared for by nannies with strict rules on what to teach and to create play to encourage discipline and obedience. She was enrolled in the Sun-Hawk battle school at six. As she grew her capability in invocation pathomancy became clear, a set of skills not easily matched to the more aggressive Broken Boot form and Path of Heroes. Unknown to Elegia the Nere family representatives and House Durant felt as though her potential would be squandered on those styles, but their rigid loyalty to the Throne system prevented them from even considering another school. It took a considerable amount of influence and behind-closed-door deals with Sun-Hawk officials, but the Nere family money and Durant scholarships payrolled an instructor familiar with the Thousand Eye Style to train Elegia during her off hours.

Though this extra strain formed Elegia into a versatile warrior with a rare and unique Genic discipline, it also pushed her too far. During her teenage years she became quite rebellious, and found herself in and out of Sun-Hawk's disciplinary system. She would cut training, sneak in illegal substances, and abuse them. She also became promiscuous with the other students. This infuriated her family as much as it did the instructors. The school nearly expelled her, and her family began the legal processes of disownment. 

As one last effort to correct her behavior the Sun-Hawk school dropped her off in the deep forests of Aral with nothing but a knife and a rescue beacon. She was instructed to survive for three months. If she used the beacon, she'd be expelled and disowned. If she lasted for the duration she'd be allowed to return. After hours of crying, screaming, and smashing sticks and rocks into trees, she smashed her beacon on the first night. She refused to give in, and resolved to make it back to spite them all. It was in the dark forests of Aral where she learned to move invisibly to hunt and survive. Unable to manipulate the emotions of the forest, she was forced to face and master her own.

Her return to the school was an unceremonious thing. The Nere family had cut off all interest and communication, though they halted the disownment papers. They no longer payrolled the extra instructor, though the Durant scholarships still afforded disparate lessons in the Thousand Eye style. The school staff remained ambivalent and the students distant. Elegia just dedicated to her studies. No one came for her graduation. She had no choice but to bid for service as an Errant. House Durant took her in, but her checkered performance in Sun-Hawk, her lack of focus on mecha piloting, and her obscure Pathomancy genics didn't win her any acclaim.

A Sworn known as The Thrice Slain, Mahan ri'Ishkur, took her as apprentice. He taught her to pilot, and bonded her with a Soulgiven squire named Charlize. Mahan was a passionate mentor with a noble approach to service. He'd gained his moniker by placing himself in mortal danger to protect his lord on two occasions. Once in battle, and once leaping in the way of an assassination attempt. Even after all of that sacrifice, Mahan was the only Errant to accept what was considered a suicide mission, which he survived. That dedication, honor, and loyalty imbued everything he said and did, which he instilled in Elegia everyday. He taught Elegia to use her Pathomancy to inspire soldiers in the heat of battle, relieve battle stress, and heal the broken hearts of the survivors of combat.

Elegia loved Mahan as a father. He was the first person to take a personal interest in her and give time to shape her as a person, rather than just a weapon. She cried when he dubbed her as a Sworn, ending her apprenticeship. He nick-named her Guiding Star and gifted her a soulsinger dagger with rippled soulemtal that glistened like the stars. That was the last time she saw him in person. She'd recieved news that he'd died in battle three months later.

House Durant granted Elegia and Charlize a Nas Qasti class Chevalier and pressed them into fairly standard service in various proxy wars, nothing glamorous. Despite being an Errant and a Chevalier pilot, Elegia spent time training with common soldiers. She'd teach them her odd combination of Thousand Eye style defense and Broken Boot attacks. They'd teach her to shoot, breach and clear tactics, and basic munitions use. The cross training served her well in her skirmisher role in the Nas Qasti. Mostly, it was her way to carry on Mahan's legacy. She'd sooth the damaged emotions of the men, and inspire them in battle to achieve more than anyone thought possible.

She finally distinguished herself in a grueling and terrifying attack on their camp. They were outnumbered and surrounded. A lot of men died the battle, but what few remained held out in a system of caves. It seemed hopeless, but defeat meant a major loss for the House. The men wanted to surrender, but Elegia wouldn't allow it. She used her Pathomancy to lead them into an attack, and then shattered the courage of their foes. The superior enemy force retreated, buying enough time for reinforcements.

House Durant took notice. While Elegia recovered from her wounds she received a summons to report. What did they have in mind?

The Player

Age: 35
Triggers / Limits:N/A

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
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