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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Jacques Alexander Lily (du Durant)
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Jacque Alexander Lily (du Durant)

Malcolm Lindberg

The Soul

Age: 29
Gender Identity: Male
Race / Subrace: Faeru / Starborn
Ethnicity: Veilrien
Archetype / Occupation: General / Pirate Lord
  • Military Strategy (Rank 5)
  • Tactics (Rank 5)
  • Command (Rank 5)
  • Piloting (Rank 4)
  • Sword-play (Rank 4)

Equipment & Weaponry: (List any existing specific personal weapons or items carried on their person at most times.)
  • BDU, Battle Dress Uniform - A Bastardised version of the Battle Dress of House Durant, amended to fit Jacques' more avant-garde fashion sense, recoloured to a white, and transfixed with brass buttons. Upon the left breast are a collection of trinkets taken from any general that had the gall to challenge his fleet.
  • Porteur du la mort - Simply, Bringer of death; more than a few have met a gristly end by confronting Jacque in combat, the reinforced plasteel sword is styled as a fencing sword, balanced and refined in Jaques' hands, made for his more fluid battle-style.
  • Time-Piece - The only true reminder of his family, bears the Durant House Seal on the Brass device.

At A Glance:
Jacque always carries an air of authority, around him, something to do with his stern dark eyes and brooding gaze, that seems to glare through people, as if peering into their minds. A train that many feel that Jacques can do. He had long straight brown hair and sharp facial features, preferring to be clean cut rather than the rugged norm of space pirates.

Slender and elegant in statue, tall and towering he has the pale completion of a spacer, preferring the seat on the bridge more so than warmth of a sun. Despite his polished looked he care little for the appearance of others, only keeping up his strict cleanliness as it has been trained into him at a young age.

The Mind

Effortlessly smart, Jacques was schooled in the art of war from a young age, a savant of battle, often as a child beating accomplished commanders with his shrewd and calculated understanding of the flow of battle. Some believed him to be somewhat Psionic and able to predict the future moves of his opposition. With this academic success an elitist nature was fostered within Jacques, he had an arrogance and overwhelming sense of pride that only grew with time and fostering from his superiors.

As he developed into a teenage in his war-games his tactics only developed into not simply winning but the utter humiliation and destruction of those who opposed him, often taking more losses then needed in the war-games to make sure his enemy was completely crushed. When given command of the Durant fleet his quickly engaged in missions to hunt down and destroy even the most minor of enemies of the house. This concluded in the battle over the Bouvines Station. In which Jacques sent all of this fleet to crush the last raiders, and ended with letting one enemy ship through that made a suicide run causing the deaths of 678 innocent civilians.

From then on Jacque stripped himself of all Durant titles and self exiled himself, taking only his flag-ship and becoming a pirate captain, living in constant shame of his arrogance.

The Past

Born out of wedlock to the House head and a rather rapacious maid, with intentions to use her body to gain social mobility, Jacques was quickly removed from his mother's arms and placed in the care of the house wet-nurse. Led to believe that his mother was voracious and manipulative, it was this distrust towards his mother that caused him to look towards his father for any affection. In order to stand out compared to his sister, who had the pampered attention of both a mother and a father, he started to focus on the studies of war, becoming an outstanding pupil under the guidance of the house's tutors. 

It was in his young ages that he was quickly discovered as a savant for all military tactics taking to war games and often outclassing the sons of lords twice or triple his age. It was soon that he developed a mean streak, often teasing and playing with his opponents. Openly mocking their displays of resistance. He only grew in ego as he would often fight against multiple opposition with ease. 

At the age of 18 he was given the title of commodore and admiral of a tiny (5) portion of the Durant fleet; taking part in small skirmishes, in which his superior tactics lead to minimum loses as well as the capturing of a significant amount of other vessels, which he added to his own fleet. This only aided him with his tactics more, using the mixture of different classes of ships each for their particular best suited role. At the end of campaign season, Jaques fleet had grown to by 760% (38), a suitable sized cut of the Durant forces. 

He was awarded the honour of being the defender of the house, pledging to defend his home planet from all, Jacques soon had time to test this faith when an opposing house fleet arrived on the doorstep, using his tactics Jaques forced a retreat by the other house, using all his force to go into pursuit, he did not have time to turn around the fleet as a single fighter crashed into the station injuring and killing 678. 

Jaques hung up his admiral status, and retreated with his flag ship in exile. 

The Player

OOC Name: Sinndri
Triggers / Limits:here

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
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