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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Wanted Characters

Avalon Cluster
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The LiTS Team

Wanted Characters

Welcome to Wanted Characters, the list of characters sought by the staff and the community for purposes of plots large and small! Please be aware of a few things when considering the list below:
  • If the character is taged as "adoptable" it means the character is to remain similar to their previous incarnations. See contacts listed for more details!
  • Remake means the character has had little to no action or plot and is open to be remade.
  • New means they are completely open to any player to interpret them and their place in the LiTS universe!
  • The play-bys listed are suggestion only, you can change or in fact ignore them! They are chosen however with respect to the origin and place of the house in general!
To add your request to this list as a player please send the follow form to the staff:
[align=center][img]Small 100X100 image of potential BY HERE![/img]
[b]NAME HERE [AGE][/b] (Please enter a ___ for the first name and other parts of the name. Only include surname and any noted honorifics.
[i]Suggested Play-By:[/i] NAME OF PB Suggestion Here
[i]Contact:[/i] The person to contact for more info on the character!
Description of character here![/align]

Throne Characters

[Image: YJMTER5.png]
____ du Durant [19-27]
Suggested Play-By: Alexander Skarsgård
Contact: ShadowedSin
____ du Durant is the eldest of three siblings and has only recently come into power. They are a military figure with a strong sense of honor, and a strong sense of habit. They command their battle fleet to defend the Marcher line as all members of their House have done for Millennia. They, however, face problems from the inner planets, and are growing annoyed with the politics of the House Senate.

[Image: tMsdVSK.jpg]
____ du Durant [18-26]
Suggested Play-By: Caleb Ruminer
Contact: ShadowedSin
The younger brother of the current House Lord, ____ is the standing Weaponsmaster of the House, and open to alliances with lesser Houses. ___ sees himself as a champion of the family, and wanting to prove the Durant military might in the face of rebellion from the Worldborn Houses.

[Image: CbVCgPM.jpg]
____ du Durant [45-52]
Suggested Play-By: Lee Turgesen
Contact: ShadowedSin
____ is the younger brother of the former House Lord, Robert du Durant, and the current leader of a Cadet House in his own right. He is the Chatelaine or primary advisor of the ruling family line, and acts as a steward for the Durant primary holdings. He is primarily concerned with the lack of heirs to the family, and making sure his nephews and niece maintain the prestige of the House.

Rook Characters

[Image: mkXNj4m.jpg]
____-ye-____ e ri'Hormuz [20-22]
Suggested Play-By: Anchal Joseph
Contact: ShadowedSin
The middle child of the four slightly unhinged siblings that rule the House of Hormuz, ____ is the House Diplomat and is in charge of negotiating on the behalf of her family with its dangerous reputation. They are a hard working figure who is patient but is easily annoyed by the most rambunctious actions of her siblings and other members of the family household.

[Image: tFPcrHw.jpg]
____-ye-____ e ri'Hormuz [19-21]
Suggested Play-By: Dominic Rains
Contact: ShadowedSin
The youngest child of Sadira-Shah, they have risen as Captain of the House Guard, and are often found in open disagreement about the actions of their siblings. To ___ Hormuz must move forward and prove itself as Ascendant over their enemies the Tyr, and any who question themselves. Not get bogged down in grand schemes for the Ancestor Throne.

[Image: wTDgEB6.jpg]
____ ri'al Nergali [24-31]
Suggested Play-By: Tarkan Tevetoğlu
Contact: ShadowedSin
The Proud House of Nergal has ruled much of the Sand Emirati lands for centuries, and has openly rebelled against the rule of the Hormuz since they were founded. Now the Nergal bend the knee to Hormuz and send their genic born children to serve as Errants. ___ is a scion of House Nergal, and thus serves the will of the Scorpion in their grand schemes, while silently resenting their lieges.

[Image: NoPB.png]
_____ [250-270] 
Suggested Play-By: None
Contact: ShadowedSin
The Weaponmaster is an Arashii War-Saint who has served the House of Hormuz for years, or has recently joined the family with the changed in leadership.

Sentinel Characters

[Image: 7oRWMhU.jpg]
Amaterasu no ____[62-65] 
Suggested Play-By: Hiroyuki Sanada
Contact: ShadowedSin
___ is the father of the current generation of House Amaterasu, and the former consort of the previous Empress of Akka. He is strict with his children, but actively advises his daughter when he can. Though he is uncertain of his late wife's sister, and the choice of consort chosen by his daughter.

[Image: NoPB.png]
_____ [?] 
Suggested Play-By: None
Contact: ShadowedSin
The Ward Advisor is a member of the Ayar Cabal, a suvivor of the horrible disaster that once befell the planet of Mishlen. A hardened or young warrior, this Arashii seeks to perfect combat as best they can to honor the House of Amaterasu.

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