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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Sil Namai, the Harpy
Sil Namai

Sil Namai

Play By Name or Art Created By Artist Name

The Soul

Age: 42
Gender Identity: Female
Archetype / Occupation: Mercenary

Skills: (Please avoid having no more than 60% (3 / 5, 4 / 7 etc) of your skills be Rank 5.)
  • Skill (Rank #)
  • Skill (Rank #)
  • Skill (Rank #)
  • Skill (Rank #)

Psionic Abilities:
  • Skill (Rank #)
  • Skill (Rank #)

Equipment & Weaponry:
  • Item - Description
  • Item - Description

At A Glance:
A while ago, Sil used to be tall and imposing with an angular grace and solid muscle, high cheekbones and a long reach, short-cropped hair and a quick glint in her eye. Her goal is to eventually get a body that resembles her previous one, but in the meantime she’s inhabiting a synthetic body that resembles a faeru body in the sense that it is bipedal and has fairly normal proportions, if not much else.

Her current body is clearly synthetic and is nothing close to comforting, but she prefers it this way. The chassis she inhabits was at one point a pariah doll; skeletal in design and functional as a basis for improvement. And improve it, she has. Plasteel makes up most of the structural pieces and armor coating on her limbs and core systems, but over the years and with a good bit of tinkering on her own, she has managed to integrate self-defense and toolkit systems into her hardware that allow her to be a walking, talking swiss army knife that has a penchant for murder. Her original chassis’ face was subpar for what she wanted, so she eventually upgraded it to a more advanced visual-audio/perception system that she had mounted into a plasteel canine skull that she wears as her current “face”. It never fails to get the reactions she wants, particularly due to her chosen facial markings or the fact that her ocular receptors glow a pale white from deep within their sockets and change pupil style depending on what her visual needs are. Her structure is sparse- hard-edged and made for fighting and maneuvering, unconcerned with any distinguishing gender markers. Her limbs have been modified to extend and rotate as need be, with the effect being overall very skeletal and almost insectile. Her spine is pronounced and heavily fortified, as her neural core is located in that central column and requires additional protection that she is not willing to give up. Eventually she would like to upgrade again to limb extensions that allow her to split her limbs into multiple ones, but for now having one set each of arms and legs is enough for her. Primary areas (such as shoulder guards, forearms, femurs, and foot guards) are covered in a bone-colored protective coating while secondary areas are covered with black woven protective coating. Now and again she’ll add designs to her primary areas, often as trophies or reminders of a significant kill or memorable event.

The Mind

Even for a barely-humanoid figure, Sil seems weary at first glance. There’s a subtle slant to her shoulders that feels like the slope of weight that has settled there for decades and that quiet glow of her ocular receptors is almost too steady. But once it’s turned on to you, you feel the sting of sharp intellect and sharper viciousness. Sil is, and was, a strong tactical mind that was once upon a time the primary security force for a high-level military location and has since found a bitter freedom out among the stars and systems. She is a wolf through and through; keen and patient, wary and vicious. Loyal, too. Playful, if you earn her trust.Witty and loves a good, swift quip. She’s tenacious, stubborn, resilient. She has been quite literally torn apart and has come back from it. There’s not much worse you could do to her that she has not already crawled back from the grave from, but plenty that she can do to you.

The Past

A long time ago now, Sil was an officer in the Sentinel System’s NDF force and had made a decent name for herself as a strong tactical leader who had a knack for defensive strategizing. She had a solid career behind her and a strong future ahead of her when tragedy struck and much of her nervous system was compromised by an alien pathogen and exacerbated by injury in the field. To cut a long story short, Sil was offered the option of taking an opportunity to help map a new AI system for a frontier planet base and gain a synthetic body from it- all expenses paid, or to try to fund a consciousness transfer on her own or let nature take its course. She agreed to the first option. Long story short, she got fucked over and stuck as the neural network of said frontier base for a good number of years, even after the base itself was deemed unneeded and personnel was transferred.

It took her some resourcefulness and a lot of patience, but eventually Sil managed to garner some help and with the assistance of someone with thumbs and a portable form for her to ride along in, she got out of that static corpse and began to literally rebuild herself. She’ll tell you that story sometime, if you’re along for a long ride through a weary stretch of space

Time is on her side now and with each technological advancement, she has the opportunity to improve herself- upgrade her memory systems, her neural and reflex networks, her physical structures… The synthetic body is kinetic art that can only become better as time marches on. It just takes coin. Coin is easy to attain if you’re willing to get your claws dirty, and she is more than willing to spill a little blood to get what she wants.

The Player

OOC Name Heretic
Age: Old
Triggers / Limits: Just be civil and communicate with me.

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