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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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Starshaper Sikká

h= he | him | his


Played By



Starshaper Sikká

Xelanah Elfyra

The Soul

Age: 300
Gender Identity: Androgynous
Race / Subrace: Arashii/Dreygr
Ethnicity: Dreygr
Archetype / Occupation: Wright

  • Artistry (Rank 3)
  • Dancing(Rank 1)
  • Design (Mecha)(Rank 3)
  • Electronics (Rank 3)
  • Engineering (Mecha) (Rank 4)
  • Knives(Rank 1)
  • Language (Rank 3)
  • Literacy (Rank 3)
  • Mechanics (Mecha) (Rank 3)
  • Mechanics (Starship) (Rank 2)
  • Research (Rank 2)
  • Seduction (Rank 2)
  • Swordsmanship (Rank 3)
  • Zero- Gravity (Rank 3)
Equipment & Weaponry: (List any existing specific personal weapons or items carried on their person at most times. OPTIONAL leave blank if not applicable.)
  • Datajack - Located at the base of her skull, this allows Skká to dive into local Sysnet realms
  • Armored engineering suit -A hardy worksuit of Dreygr design emblazoned with the symbols of Sikká's quorum and the owl lodge. It's compact enough to move within the confines of a starship's interioir and designed to protect their head, body and limbs from everything from falling metal parts to sparks and light arms fire and can enclose the helmet to turn into a pressurized EVA suit in the event of decompression.
  • Wrist- mounted multitool - Usually attatched to the wrists of Sikká's A.E.S. this compact toolkit can reconfigure into a wide variety of tools needed to maintain and repair Mecha or Starship parts.
  • Singing Blade - A keepsake of their old life as a corsair, this carefully- maintained weapon is still as effective as it used to be.

At A Glance:
At first glance and viewed from behind, Sikká might be mistaken for a typical shipborn with the requisite pale skin, pointy ears and slight build, if one with more tattoos and piercings than usual. On a closer look, one might notice the ichor brands on their face and neck and her quorum's ghost sigil. This, combined with their glowing blue eyes would usually quickly inform any onlookers of her nature as a Dreygr. Beneath their worksuit and clothes, Sikká has a small bust and a  slight but toned build, shaped by their old life as a corsair and combat training after her return- walking. Their artificial arms and legs, although constructed from Plasteel and Grey Ada, are extremely lifelike. If one might get to know Sikká well enough or catch her in a provate moment one might even notice that her otherwise slight but female form has a unexpected addition in the shape of a modest but functional penis in place of a clitoris.

The Mind

In their old life Sikká was a very passionate person who lived, fought, worked, loved and made love with the same intensity. Growing up in a corsair crew meant they had to learn how to defend herself and pull their weight in the crew. If you had asked their old self for their life motto they likely would have answered with something along the lines of "Work hard and play hard." While the return- walking, the Razor of Frost and the decades of study and training after stabilizing their new self has lessened their ability to sort and understand emotion to some degree like it had in others, it also instilled instilled them with greater patience and a capacity for long- term planning and soul searching their old self didn't have. Those who managed to get close to them and learn to see past their perfectionism are often surprised at how deeply they can feel for the people and things they care about. They still feel the most comfortable sailing the star- winds in a Starship rather than being holed up in a space station or stuck on a planet, and their time among the people of Bjornlunde and the Dreygr has left them, if anything, more willing and able to protect those they care about.

The Past

 Sikká's old self was born into a corsair fleet of the Tähtiväkit, the people of Fallen- Star, fierce warriors and cunning merchants who sail the star- winds as far as the Driftsworn League. Their youth was spent learning to fight and to maintain the starship that was both their home and their life insurance. Young Sikká soon demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for maintaining and fixing the vessel that served as their protection from the airless void outside and took to the chaotic life of a corsair like a fish to water. Even though they were never the best fighter nor the best navigator of their crew Sikká proved a vital member and was well- like among the others., not just for their skill but also for the passion they demonstrated for their work and life in general. They had a number of flings and relationships with other members of their fleet, some of which they loved dearly while it lasted and grieved terribly when they were lost. But for all their popularily among their peers and their talent, young Sikká had always felt oddly incomplete and never chosen to identify as male or female. It was after a particularily sucessful raid that they took thei majority of their riches and used them to pay for a expensive and then- experimental procedure that turned her into a fully functional intersex. It was like a dream come true.

However, less than two weeks afterwards, while they were enjoying thei results of the operation with their lover, their ship was seperated from the rest of the fleet and attacked by another corsair ship while nearing the world of Aesgir. Sikká and their lover were seperated in the chaos of the ensuing battle as the enemy crew boarded their starship and proceeded to slaughter every man they could find while trying to subdue the other women. Sikká's captain, a cunning and powerful woman whose face even now occasionally resurfaces in Sigrid's thoughts led a counterassault, singing blade in one hand and gun in the other. Sikka's own singing blade took many lives that day, but eventually they were forced away from their captain as they were overwhelmed. The last thing they saw of her was her ending her own life with her blade rather than risk capture. It was then that Sikká realized they had lost.

Sikká and a handful of other survivors made a desperate push to the escape capsules to escape death or capture by the enemy corsairs. They did not know if any other of them had made it there when they finally arrived there. Frightened, injured and with no time to spare as their enemies were in hot pursuit, Sikká hit the button that sent the escape capsule flying and launched it towards Aesgir. Tears filled their eyes as they watched the ship that had been their home all their life shrink, hoping, praying to any of the Thousandfold that might hear them that their friends and loved ones had escaped death or slavery by their attackers, not knowing if they would see of them ever again. Then the escape capsule entered Aesigr's upper atmosphere and could no longer afford to worry about their friends as they were too busy slowing their fall. Their arrival was little more than a controlled crash that sent the escape capsule deep into the frozen lands of Bjornlunde. Once they had freed themselves from the damaged escape capsule, still injured, chattering from the cold seeping through their damageg suit and clutching the beacon that would lead other survivors to them Sikká embarked to what seemed to be the closest sign of civilization.

There they discovered, or rather were discovered by the so- called cyber- barbaians that called this land their home. Faced with the possibility of freezng to death outside, Sikká swallowed what prejudices they might have had against "Staids" and approached them. It took some convincing, but the strangers let them inside and even helped Sikká treat their wounds. Once they were well enough to continue their travels they accompanied their strange saviors to the next larger town, still hoping others from their old crew would join them. Alas, none came, and eventually Sikká resigned themselves to the possibility that they might either all be dead, captured or had sought shelter elsewhere, and that they might be stuck on this unforgiving world for the forseeable future. It took time, but even though they still longed to sail the star- winds again they grew to admire the people of Bjornlunde and to like their life on this world. Their knack for mechanical work and martial skill earned them money and a measure of respect, and as time went on theybegan to adapt to the local customs.

So when the corsairs that had forced them to leave their ship came back, embolded by their success, Sikká was all too glad to fight alongside the locals. During the resulting battle they took many grievous injuries, particularily to their limbs, that eventually sealed their fate, but not before they took the life of the self- styled pirate lord who led the attack. As they lay dying, a Dreygr who had fought beside them approached Sikká. It was decided they would be turned into one of the Frostbitten Dreygr themselves and would undergo the Razor of Frost. Once the ritualistic conversion was complete and their body had been placed in a cryogenic state they were somehow able to break out of their frozen cocoon during the first time their slight form was jolted awake as black ichor flooded their veins. Thus began the new life of the one who would become known as Starshaper Sikká.

It took the awakened Sikká a good ten years to stabilize into a new identity, but they proved to be a quick learner and eager student. Their new self had inherited their knack for working with machinery and once their education was complete and they were recognized as a standing member of the Star Quorum they sought and found entry into the Wright's guild, proving adept at maintaining and engineering the sophisticated machines of war. Yet Sikká had also inherited their old self's love of sailing the star- winds, and once they were presented a opportunity to serve the ruling house of the Rook system in a more direct manner they jumped at the chance, not just because of the opportunity to improve their skills but also because it offered the chance to spend more time in the depths of space and making new experiences.

The Player

OOC Name Agrodal
Age: 34
Triggers / Limits: Bestiality, genital mutilation, pedophilia, rape

Avalon Cluster
Immortal / Sidhe
zh= zhe | zher | zhim


Played By



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