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Welome to Land In The Stars, and Original Science-Fantasy RPG focused on the drama, war, and politics of the Noble Houses of a stagnating interstellar Empire. Inspired by great works of Fantasy and Science Fiction alike to tell a saga of intimate characterization and epic plot!

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TaV-121265-Du "Eloise of Durant"
Junior Member

Edinburgh Scotland
Scotsman, Stone Ape
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Adjutant Eloise, La Belle Dame Sans Mercedi (TaV-121265-Du)

Eloise, photograph of a young Bridget Bardot

The Soul

Age: 100
Gender Identity: Female
Race / Subrace: Soulgiven TALOS
Archetype / Occupation: Adjutant/Tek Knight

  • Battlefleet Strategy and Tactics(Rank 4)
  • House Style Personal Combat techniques (Rank 5 )
  • Integrated Systems Deployment (Rank 5)
  • Social Integration and Analysis (Rank 3)
  • Imperial Law (Rank 3)
  • Computing (Ships Systems) (Rank 5)
  • TEK Theory (Tarot) (Rank 2)

Psionic Abilities:
  • Gyrokinesis (Rank 4)
  • Warding (Rank 5)

Equipment & Weaponry:
  • Item Meta-blade , La Petit Morte Sans Mercredi - A perfectly balanced and ornately engraved Epee, iridescent like a starling's chest. it bears House Durant Crest and the Emblem of La Belle Dame Sans Mercredi
  • Adjutant Badge of Honour - Disguised as an Ornate Broach, however when invoked the Broach clearly shifts to the Badge that an Adjutant wears to identify themselves and allows them security access
  • Dress BDU A dress uniform used for formal duties, in House Durant Colours with discrete medals and indications of Rank
  • Battlefield Uniform Worn when on Battlefield duty
  • Tek - Knight Armour When ass needs kicked she wears this.

At A Glance:
Looks like a beautiful blonde woman, Faerin, with too perfect features. Wears her badge of office as a lapel broach and a Slender Epee Meta-blade. Her sapphire blue eyes are unwavering, ever watchful and intense, absolute precision and focus of movement.

The Mind

Utterly focussed, devoted to House Durant, she was created using an experimental process, a one of a kind piece of TALOS software, capable of feeling love, that was focussed onto House Durant, this makes her fiercely loyal to her House, even though Adjutants are first and foremost expected to be loyal to The Imperium, Eloise has proven her worth by her iron hard discipline and professionalism. She is fascinated by Organics, she studies them, analysing their behaviour as one might study a fascinating insect. She is deeply in love with Lord Durant and serves him as Tactical advisor, Protector and Personal Assistant, however, when needed she will serve the Imperium with cool detachment and precise professionalism. She cannot speak of her feelings for her lord, it is forbidden, taboo for one such as her, if she were revealed she might be wiped or declared rogue , worse, House Durant would suffer punishment and scandal for creating such a strange Soulgiven as her. Even though it is hopeless, even though it is a secret that dare not see the light of day, she lives in hope that one day, things might change, one day she might be able to share love's first kiss with her beloved, but until then she remains stoic and steadfast in the face of adversity.

The Past

Originally created as the TALOS for the Durant Flagship, La Belle Dame Sans Mercredi ( The Beautiful Lady without Mercy), experimental programming was devised by The Meisters to create the most utterly loyal Soulgiven possible, for that purpose she was made capable of feeling love and was encouraged to feel that emotion to House Durant. During A series of battles the insane bravery, the clinical precision of her battle strategies and her absolute devotion earned her a special reward, she was given the name Eloise, in honour of Lord Durant's first love, and was granted a specially customised Interbod, fashioned in her image. In that Interbod she continued to excel, once more through countless acts of bravery she came to the attention of the Imperium and was awarded the opportunity to become an Adjutant, once more she passed this test and became a Tek – Knight, wielding the powers of Gyrokinesis and Warding through her Meta – Blade Deck La Petit Morte Sans Mercredi. Now, under orders from The Imperium to guard the life of Lord Durant she continues to serve.

The Player

OOC Name Great Sage
Age: 53 (Yes humans CAN live that long Smile
Triggers / Limits:

Avalon Cluster
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Played By

The LiTS Team


Welcome to Land In The Stars! If you haven't consider posting a tracker for your character and register your Claims!.

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