Arashic Racial Divisions

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The Arashia divided long ago when differences in philosophy led to a schism among the original Cabal of Amon the First. It was this period of silence, and the later years faced in their slowly integration within the Imperial society that the Arashia developed their current system of governance. The Cabals make up the three unique general populations of Arashic peoples, and then are easily split into a series of ethnic groups known as Covens. Each Coven is led by a differing group of individuals as they are nations almost unto themselves.


A Seminary is a path or a focus that an Arashii undertakes in their road to seeking perfection of skill, and expression. Some Seminaries are fully organized orders, others are simply a series of related professions, and others still are a vocational path of artistry. They can be Cross-Cabal or in some cases Cabal specific (the battle schools). Seminaries often do not have a specific leadership unless they answer to an individual Abbot, or a powerful leader of a faction within that given Seminary.

The Scholar (General)

Scholars are the average run-of-the-mill members of the Cabal. Every day people who choose to study many skills over time rather than perfecting one art. They often act as the primary tutors found within the Houses, scientists, and much more. Many Scholars call themselves the Enlightened, and seek someday to gain the rank “Saint-Scholar” for an achievement in their unending life.

The Smith (Smith-Saint)

The Smith is the path of the Battle-Smith, the Cyber-Smith and much more. Those hoping to be ranked as an Art-Saint walk this path in working the various industries and arts specific to the Cabals. Many Smiths work within a small cottage industry, or serve as the primary weapons crafter for a powerful House in their home system.

  • Battle-Smith – The Art of Battle-Smithing was invented in the later Eras of the Triad. Carapace Armor is one of the primary developments of the Battle-Smith. Many of the more complicated weapons such as Tek weapons, and even singing swords however also fall under the perdue of Battle-Smiths who produced high quality weapons and armor craft for the warriors of the Triad.
  • Cyber-Smith – The Cyber-Smith is a vocation focusing on the development and maintenance of the complex prosthesis found across the Triad.
  • Holo-Smith – The grand archives of the Stars in Star-Crown, and across the Triad are kept by the undying Holo-Smiths of the Cabals. Holo-Smiths are master at programming, recording, and meticulously relaying information.

The Artisan (Guild-Saint)

Artisans are the Guild-Bound members of the Cabals. They were the ones that mix war, and industry to gain power over the economics of the Triad. Artisans ply their trade in the works of Neo-Alchemy, Reiving (hunting for Gwagaruh), and building the great weapons or works of the Avalon Systems.

  • Alchemist – Alchemists practice the works of nanotechnology, and bio-engineering. They practice the advanced biological technology called neo-alchemy.
  • Meister – Meisters are the creators, and nurturers of the Soulgiven Race. Meisters often specialize in also modifying, and formatting specialized Soulgiven for the Houses of the Triad.
  • Wright – They are the smiths that fashion, and build the great war-machines known as the Cheavliers. Perhaps one of the most skill designers, and builders in the Triad, the Wrights Guild is a small group of select artisans, and their craft crews.
  • Reiver – An Arashic Guild in foundation, the Reiver's Guild seek out and destroy the evils of the Triad created by the Gwagaruh, and other monstrosities that lurk in the darkness.

The Guardian (War-Saint)

Guardians are the fighters, the martial artists, and the swordmasters of the Arashia. It is they who founded the battle schools in the tradition of the ancient Swordsmanship Philosophers of the early Eras. And, it is they who pioneered the combat abilities that would become the modern Errant fighting style.

  • Honored-Blade – They are those who take the art of the Singing Blade to a level of art beyond the common soldier. Honored-Blades make up the front line of defense for the Covens, and are often those who train pupils within the Battle Schools.
  • Nanoslinger – Wielding deadly nano blast guns into battle, nanoslingers are the marksman masters of the Cabals.

The Cabals

Racial difference among the Cabals began with differences in judging candidates for Return-Walking. Then there was the eventually application of ritual over years of separation. By the time the Mourning Tenets were created vast differences in creation, appearance and culture came to exist among specific Arashic populations. Combined with the uniqueness of a Coven's Sigil, and the Gen Brands of the Quorum each Cabal sets itself easily apart from the rest.

Cabals have their own cultures, over-arching differences, and even physical frailties only found within their ranks. They generally draw from the populations of local systems, and planets over outsiders (though outsiders are sometimes taken in) and foreigners.

The Anapa

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They are the oldest known Cabal in the Triad, and are the source of the Black Ichor itself are called the Sons of Anubis, the Ancestor of the mummified Dead of Khem. They are the founders of the Sun-Hawk Battle School, and the Mourning Tenets themselves. Anapa can be easily identified by their electric green eyes; mixture of ritualistic resewn pieces of flesh, synth steel stitches, and carefully placed tubes to transfer the Black Ichor.

The Dreygr

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Dreygr are the second oldest Cabal in the Triad, and the founders of the Ice-Razor battle school. Arashia from the Dreygr cabal often cloth themselves in Synth Skin, and have cold stark glowing light blue eyes. Their limbs are often ritualistically removed and replaced by cybernetic replacements according to the Cabal's Mourning Tenets. Many Dreygr are active participants in the politics of Rook, and act as advisors for the Faerin Nobility of the Middle System.

The Ayar

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The warriors of Mishlen were once feared for their skill in deadly obsidian glass swords known the Jaguar Fangs. However, during the Void War the entire planet fell to orbital bombardment and only a few refugees survived. The majority of those being the Ayar, and the few Mishlen Faeru they saved. In the modern Era, the Ayar vigilantly seek out the enemies of the Triad, and slay them where they may be found. Ayar can be identified by their emerald eyes, and their spinal implants, and near untouched bodies.