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Plural / Possessive Arashia / Arashic, Originally named Araishaeru.
Subspecies Anapa, Dreygr, Áeslayn, Khulīz
Home Regions Throne System, Rook System, Sentinel System
Life Expectancy Unknown
Hair Colors Blonde to black
Eye Color Icy or Crystal Blue, Emerald or electric Green
Skin Color Pale white or pale dark skin (as in the skin is dark but has a deathly pallor)

“The dead truly tell tales.”

Crypt-Walkers, the Tech-Born, their names are many, and their actual origin like many of the races of Triad. They are the most easily recognized with their mixture of cybernetic prospthetics and reanimated flesh. A death pallor falls over their skin as the four Cabals of the Arashii play the game of Politics honed over centuries of careful planning. Scholars, sages, and warrior-poets, the Arashii are respected, feared, and rumor surround them like old friends. For two thousand years the Arashii have existed silently in the background of Imperial Politics, and through their recorded knowledge kept the ancient Wisdom of the past Eras.


  • Piece Meal: The Arashii are capable of being dismantled and reanimated if a Blood-Alchemist of their Cabal can apply black Ichor to their Ghost-Core.
  • Cybernetic Strength: Their bodies being made of a mixture of rejuvenated flesh, and the doses of Black Ichor gives them increased strength, senses, and speed.
  • Ichor Brands: Addiction to the Ichor marks the skin with twisting vine-like markings around neck flesh and the lips.
  • Store of Knowledge: The Arashi can supposedly live for centuries allowing them time to record and perfect the subjects they study.


Main article: Arashic History

In the beginning of Faerin history they were ruled by the Immortal Dynasties a series of seemingly ageless Kings and Queens who routinely remained young for centuries. With each generation however, the Dynasties failed and their supposed immortality died alongside them. But it did not remove the Faerin desire for immortality, only honed it into an obsession for years to come. The origins of the Arashia thus begin in a small cult of scientists who were utterly possessed of this obsession. After discovering a miraculous substance that allowed them to ressurect the dead they gave birth to the technical and artistic masterpieces that are the modern Arashia.

Through a succession of rulers the resurrected dead established themselves as masters of technology and academia. They evolved their own unique civilization and eventually divided into four primary racial divisions known as Cabals. The further division occurred as the Arashia adopted new generations and undertook newer and grander projects. Their love of science and invention only increased in the passage of time.


Main article: Arashic Biology

The Arashia are a species whose very existence denies the continual embrace of death and the onset of decay. They are a mixture of machine and flesh which is continually regenerated by the Black Ichor that flows through their veins. Every Arashic Cabal (their term for subspecies) has its own means and traditions in modifying the body (known as the Mourning Tenets) and readying it for the rigorous resurrection process of Return-Walking. Most Arashia are awakened disoriented and require time to reassemble the patchwork of memories that returned with them leaving the individual a completely new personality. Most Arahia appear as a mixture of machine and pale flesh covered in subtle tubing that pumps the Black Ichor through their slowed circulatory system. They often have a flanging or metallic quality to their voices as a result of vocal implant inserted after the destruction of their vocal cords during the ressurection.

Arashii can live for centuries or more with the aide of their Ghost Core, a powerful quantum computing device inserted into the skull to allow Arashii from going mad from increasingly chaotic memory degradation.


The foundation of Arashic personality and psychology is based upon former lives. Lives that were created, and then ended. The sudden jolt of Return-Walking brings this all back out of the Abyss. It brings it sailing back to a brain that was put to rest. This jolt is not smooth, it is chaotic and torrential experience that often leaves the newly Awakened individual questioning why they made their decision. The primary point of these experiences they are able to untangle however is the basis of their newly formed personality.

Arashii have a few limitations that like the other races of Faerin origin set them apart from others. The first ist hat their ability to sort, and understand emotion is lessened. This shows in their calculating nature, their long time in thought, and their stance toward logic. However, this does not mean they are without emotional attachment. Arashii are not sociopaths such as the Gwagaruh, and or the Soulgiven. However, their ability to formulate is often difficult, and fleeting. Their longetivity also causes many Arashia to prefer the comfort of their own people, or at least Soulgiven (who are unknown to age).

For the very reason that connections are hard to make, and their nigh deathless life (except for physical harm or ceasing to take Black Ichor) the Arashii maintain a longview on decisions. They are slower to form relationships, they are slower to anger, and slower to weep. They see the world not in the here and now, but in the then (the long past), and the soon. A truly strange, and alien way of thinking rash action is not something they favor.

When Arashii take on a goal they complete it to nigh perfection. Their combat fighters are named Saints for the very reason they seek to perfect the art of killing. Arashia in general are known for their meticulous attention to detail, and it is this reason they are so highly respected as teacher, and scholars across the Triad.


Main article: Arashic Culture

At the core of Arashic society is the Qorum, the assembled "family" of all those resurrected under the same household. Qorums are led by a Progenitor who was first given the right to form a new crew of scientists, inventors, artists and more. From this semi-family is born the staple of Arashic life, the ongoing search for perfection of skill, art and industry to fill the eternal lives of the Returned Ones with something to do. Arashia are alway seeking ways to better themselves and the life of those around them (though some Arashii can be quite selfish). Because of their ongoing search of perfection Arashii easily become experts and even utter masters in their chosen fields of expertise. Most Arashii can then hope to earn the rank of Smith, someone who has risen high enough to be recognized as Saints, immortal masters of their chosen art. Even higher still are the Undying, workers who have striven so high they impart a legendary level of innovation upon Avalonic history.

Racial Divisions

Main article: Arashic Racial Divisions

Arashic racial variation occurred during the early years of political intrigue that marked the history of the Arashia. From this history came the unique civilizations and relationships of the four Arashic Cabals. The Cabals are the core subspecies of the primary Arashic populations and set the appearance for the Arashia as a people. From the Cabals the smaller Covens often inherit their own unique flavor culture. Then there are the Seminaries, institutions that allow an Arashii to train and seek to perfect their chosen art. Seminaries offer the cybernetic dead a means to fill their unending days with more than just drudgery.

Seminarian Arashii come in many forms and many walks of life. Some walk the path of the Scholar, a typical Arashic individual seeking to better themselves for years to come. Then there is the path of the Guardian, those who seek to master all forms of combat