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Other Names The Wandering Dead, Nagual, Chanul, Ashen Guard, Original Elder Tongue name is Luanhushuinhár
Home Regions The Sentinel System
Cultural Divisions The Vigils of Rowan, Oak, Ash

"We will never forget."

The planet of Yshnai was said to be a jungle world not unlike that Feiros or Irkal. A land of plenty filled with vast cities made of stone, and featuring grand stepped pyramid temples. Once ruled by the Serpent-Kings, the entire planet fell though to the ravages of the Void War. Orbital bombardment, and mass conversion of the populace led to the nigh destruction, and extinction of the Mishlen people, and its culture. Only the Ayar remain. The Ayar are an aggressive (even compared to the Dreygr at times) folk who are known to be on an active Crusade against all Gwarish peoples in vengeance for their lost homeworld.

The Arashia of the Ayar are often grey skinned, grim, and focused upon their duties. Even if they seem to exuded a sense of forboding, the warriors of lost Mishlen only do so in remembrance of the people they once knew and loved. Said to wield eerie black bladed Singing Blades into battle, the Ash-Walkers are said to walk the path of the sacred hardwoods of the Ancestors as they maintain the vigil against the Void.


The Nagual (as they were called years ago back on Mishlen) are a strange folk. Hit heavy by the Woetide, they have had to rebuild their numbers from select individuals of the Planet Feiros, and a few Starborn from the Outer Rim. For this reason there are often visible generational differences among the Quorums often with individuals of one generation all descending from a common Faerin ethnicity than those below or above them. The Mourning Tenets laid out by the Primes of the Cabal have focused less on the splicing of Cybernetics with dead flesh, and more with the molding of the body for the future of fighting the ancient path of the folk of Mishlen.

The Ayar physically possess electric golden eyes combine with pointed ears which are formed from a carefully added implant that encapsulates the upper ride of their ears. Next their spine is implanted with a metal exoskeleton implant that allows direct consumption of Black Ichor into their central nervous system which creates the grey pallor to their skin. The exoskeleton is then extended along the arms, and the back of the legs. At the hands the fingers are reinforced with plasteel claws which are said to imitate the ancient Smoke Jaguar of Mishlen.

Most Ayar decorate themselves with stone piercings in their nose, ears, and even their body. Embedding tattoos of metallic ink or animated taloos formed from implanted holo screen ink. Ayar Genbrands appear as simple black, gold, and red lines found around the cheeks and neckline. They are often created from Taloos to allow the user to express or change the in associate with their alighment to the the four Heavenly Colors of ancient Mishlen culture.


The Ayar are the youngest, and most fractured of the Cabals. Unlike the other two subspecies of their people, the Ayar lack a central sense given by the rule of the Primes, and each Coven acts as a near autonomous faction unto itself. The one thing link all the Ashen Guard together is the belief of the Vigil, a semi-religious path followed by all Ayar in memory of lost Mishlen. The Vigil is a mixture of monastic training, and martial discipline. Each Vigil is named for one of the sacred heartwoods that once were said to exist in the ancient homeland of Alltar. It was from the Vigils that the Ayar founded the basis of the Reiver's guild, and came to assist other great expeditionary forces across the Triad.

The Vigils themselves are a loose system where Quorums of similar belief often share living space, and training space as long as they of the same Coven. This intercine dislike of those not of your Coven is a rare instance among the Arashia, and only the Ayar are so divisive in nature. Most assume it is because of the culturally diverse background of Mishlen, and perhaps it is so. The Oak backed Covens are often more sedentary and dwell in selective enclaves across the Planets. The Ash active seek out the Gwagaruh and are the only Arashia to flee north and south in the great Sanctuary ships of the Ayar War-Saints. The Rowan on the other hand dwell primarily in the outer Rim and do their best to outfit, and back the Reiver's Guild across the Triad.