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"The Cycles pass, and yet we are still here."

-Imperial Catechism

THe complex cultures who make up the Avalon Star Empire and beyond are beyond number. From the Driftsworn League to the Jade Dragon School the power of time is endless. To mark the passage of time the Empire recognizes the existence of the Imperial Starfall Reckoning, a time which began with 0 Starfall when landfall was made on the planets of Elys and Aru through the Worlds Gate. The proper organization of days and time to the modern Standard Cycle, however, took years of negotiation and discussion. The final official form was recorded under Baal Aken and was adopted shortly afterward. For this reason most cultures in the world except for a chosen few follow the Starfall Calendar. Other major ways to mark the passage of cycles are the Moon Calendar of Yomi, and the Celestial Seasons of the Deuxian faith (only used in official religious matters).

Imperial Days of the Sennight

Every planet and colony in Avalon has some sort of Sennight (Avalonic for Week) to help keep the days organized. A Sennight is then composed as its names suggests, Seven Days, each named after an important Mythological and Historical Figures throughout the Empire.

  1. Maidsday (Monday) - Named for the daughter of the High King and Queen.
  2. Kingsday (Tuesday) - Named for the High King.
  3. Ancesday (Wednesday) - Named for the Ancestors of the Faeru and the Immortal Dynasties. Shortened from Ancestor's Day.
  4. Jacksday (Thursday) - Named for the son of the High King and Queen.
  5. Kniday (Friday) - Named for the Knights Imperial who once guarded the Empire. Shortened from Knights Day.
  6. Queensday (Saturday) - Named for the High Queen, and a day of rest.
  7. Starsday (Sunday) - A day of contemplation and preparation for the oncoming week.

The Starfall Calendar

The Starfall Calendar is split into a Standard Cycle made of 365 days (a compromise between the differentiated orbits of Elys and Aru) and a total of twelve months. There are -three- months per season and four seasons found in each Cycle. Every four years the holy day of Starleap occurs and the colonists of Avalon celebrate their triumph in the face of the closing of the World's gate.

For OOC Purposes the Starfall Calendar is a In-Character form of the modern Calendar used in the real world. Consider all dates and times to be marked to the corresponding months (noted by number) and seasons.

The seasons of the Cycle include Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The twelve months are thus as follows:

  1. Threshold - Second Month of Winter
  2. Piety - Third Month of Winter
  3. Shepherd - First Month of Spring
  4. Harrow - Second Month of Spring
  5. Blossoms - Third Month of Spring
  6. Pledging - First Month of Summer
  7. Vend - Second Month of Summer
  8. Flare - Third Month of Summer
  9. Harvest - First Month of Fall
  10. Reaping - Second Month of Fall
  11. Fallow - Third Month of Fall
  12. Frost - First Month of Winter

Dates in the Starfall Calendar are written as Month / Day / Year.