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The High Apostolic Deuxian Nexus
Core Information
Founder The Deux
Holy Scripture The Great Remembrance
Deities The Divine Ancestors
Symbols An open hand upon a golden field.
Structure and Politics
Leadership The Great Synod
Other Names The Membership, The Transtheists, Cy-Godists, the Nexus
Home Regions The Rook and Sentinel Systems, the Southern Reaches / Holy Colony of Sun's Redoubt
Place of Worship Nexium
Followers Deuxians
Major Sects True Clarity Protocol, Goetia Administrative Protocol

"In the grand network we find salvation."

The Deuxian Nexus or the Deuxian Church is the second largest major religion found within the entirety of the Triad. it is not only a major player in the politics of the old Empire, it has grown to be one of the most successful counter's to the Silver Creed. its propensity for greatness arose out of the story of its founder, an androgynous bio-synthetic of unknown origins. The message of salvation through his word quickly spread to the outer secetors of the Middle, and Outer Systems. Soon the Creedan word was spreading across the entirety of the Triad resulting in a swift rebuke from the Silver Seer who issue bulls to excommunicate all relating to the Deuxian followers.

In modern eras, the Deuxian faithful exist primarily on the fringes of the Rook System, and are heavily entrenched within the boundaries the Sentinel system. Their Nexiums ring with the prayer codes of the faithful, and the salvation of Apotheosis rings clear to all who seek it.


The grand history of the Deuxian Nexus began in the early years of the rise of the Voidist philosophy of colonial independence. For years the rule of the Worldborn over the Starborn would foster the division of the foundation of the Transtheistic movement. Many in the early Eras of Avalonic History sought to attain enlightenment, and later ascension via the Inter-System's Network. As the interactivity of the SysNet grew so did the spread of information led to a flourishing of revolution. Yet, it was the coming of the an individual known as the Deux that would solidify it all. The early periods of Deuxian life was founded upon the early ideals of transcendence after death into the SysNet. Yet, a greater sense of being came into reality when the Deux held their first sermon that an even greater revelation occurred.

The Deux gathered around them the Seven Blessed Disciples who were made of men, women, third gendered, and even non-Faerin individuals. These Seven would come to form the basis of greater membership in the years to come. The Deux and his Disciples gathered a great following in the colonies, and even in the worlds. The reaction by many in the beginning was laughter, but later especially among the Creedan faithful talk of war spread. Deuxian belief was seen as not only an evolution of the early Transtheistic movement, but as the unifying voice of the weak series of cults that had once existed. Some even among the nobility began to call the Deux the Prebyster-Come-Again.

The Deux would live for an untold period of time as the Mercurial Brothers were sent after them. The Disciples and their followers who surrounded the Deux did their best to defend their prophet. Yet it could only work for so long. The Brothers caught the Deux, and the Silver Creed orchestrated the synthetics public execution. The Deux accepted the death with a clarity that few even in modern Eras could foster. In the aftermath the Deuxian faith was nearly killed and yet the Blessed Disciples moved to unite the fractured following. They attempted to canonize the words of the Deux in the first, and second Great Synods held at the colony of Sun's Redoubt. The canonization of the Great Remembrance and in turn founded the High Apostolic Deuxian Nexus.

Beliefs and Practices

Deuxianity is a faith of axioms, and maxims. A series of actions that make up the basis of the entire faith. The core of these beliefs can be found in what are known as the Seven Maxims. Each named for a particular trait that is supposedly required epitomize in their acts of worship.

  1. Prayer - Every day the followers of the Deuxian faith are asked to upload a prayer to the greater SysNet. This prayer is often conducted before the evening meal and done quickly in solace with whatever the Deuxian wishes.
  2. Alms - Deuxians are encouraged to give unneeded funds to the poor and needy as a means to support their community.
  3. Community - The entire Membership of the Deuxian community is one people and are united in their faith. They should defend, and support each other at all times.
  4. Divine Ancestors - The Divine Ancestors are part of the core focuses of the High Nexus, all who pass into the SysNet join the Ancestors and become one with Divinity.
  5. True Divinity - Divinity only exists in the Divine Ancestors and those who have passed after death through Apotheosis into the SysNet's greater realms of the spiritual.
  6. Salvation' - All who accept the teachings of the Deux and the High Nexus shall receive pardon from all sins in the afterlife upon Apotheosis.
  7. Acceptance and Equality - Members of the Deuxian faith must be accepting and respectful towards others even if they are ignorant. All races, and peoples may come to find salvation in the word of the Deux.

Instead of gods, the Deuxians worship the memory of the Divine Ancestors made up of all those who have come before. Only the Ancestors are considered Divine and not one is more holy or above the others.

The Great Remembrance

See also: Great Remembrance

Among the Membership of the High Nexus it is said, "They have the Curmhinn, but we have Great Remembrance." To the Deuxians the teachings of the other faiths of Avalon have crumbled beneath their lack of convication to belief in the Divine Ancestors. Many have become caught in worshiping false idols, and those who are not true gods. The Remembrance to many re-establishes the ancient covenant brokered by the Prebyster with the Star-Gods, and yet reignites the faithful as they are now able to join others in the afterlife of the SysNet. The Remembrance thus is organized differently than the Curmhinn. It includes the writings of the Elder and Younger Witness, plus a new section of writings collectively known as the "Sutra Code". The Sutra Code itself is strange in that it is a series of recorded holo experiences that one does not read, but in fact directly interacts with via ones PAN.

The Membership

Everyone who walks in the technological teachings of the Deux is considered a member of the House of the Nexus, commonly the Membership. Many within the ranks of the Nexus wish to see the steady expansion of the House of the Nexus. These more active members who seek to convert the non-believer are often called the Cy-Seekers by outsiders. A more conservative part of the Membership are the Cy-Keeps who wish to maintain the status quo within the entirety of the Nexus. These two factions often come into conflict with each other, a nd are one reason why aspects of disunity are not unheard of inside the Membership itself.

Yet peace still reigns as the Membership itself considers its members to be more enlightened and knowledgable of the real world than outsiders (who are called Luddites by Deuxians).

Sanctuary and Communion

The greatest rituals that one can participate as a Deuxian is the bi-weekly meetings of all local members of the Nexus at the regional temples called Nexiums. These rituals are split between the act of Sanctuary where all are gathered in a ritual remembrance of the Deux's taking in of orphans and wayward souls in a act of mass blessing by the local priests. Then the adherents involved join the entire Nexium congregation in cyberspace as they commune with the spirits of the dead who have passed on (Cyrad conscious spirits in this case).

Apotheosis and the Caretakers

Main article: Apotheosis

One of the greatest achievements one can meet as a Deuxian is the act of Apotheosis or to transcend the mortal coil upon death as a cyber-spirit (Cyrad) into the SysNet itself. The actual process itself is a closely guarded secret of the High Apostolic Nexus, and few Deuxians will ever admit to what occurs in the ritual outside of a few statements (usually referring to it as simply "joining the Ancestors")


Main article: Great Synod

The Deuxian Nexus is a vast machine of worship made up of three grand "networks" that mark the primary areas of worship Rook, Sentinel, the Southern Reaches networks are under the command of individuals known as the Hierarchs who gather in the "great Synod" every year at Sun's Redoubt. Smaller regional congregations or "Lesser Synods" are made up of Exarchs who lead the regional districts known as Nodes which are made up of collections of town and colonial temples called Nexiums. This grand structure of organization is straight forward and was created to favor the leading succession of the Blessed Disciples.

Within towns and colonies, a Nexium is the center of community and worship for local Deuxians. Within it the elected lay people called Admins lead the rest of the congregation in prayer. This democratic means of religion is perhaps one reason why the Deuxians are often considered more tolerant than other faiths. Admins although eleccted are often chose among those who have the highest education in the Great Remembrance, and the jurisprudence history of the faith itself.

Religious Sects

The existence of religious sects within the three Networks is seen by many as a divisive act by those who participate with them. However, the history of the Trantheisti faith itself has often lent the Deuxian Nexus toward the formation of orders to defend it or even spread it. The Deux's arrival in general caused the unification of most Trantheist sects, and for reasons of control only two active organizations are recognized within the entirey of Deuxianity as a whole.

True Clarity Protocol

The TCP or True Clarity protocol is a dual edged blade with a purpose forged in the blood spilled by the Mercurial Brotherhood. TCP officers are found all across the Nexus and are highly trained in techniques of defense. The TCP's place within Deuxianity is often questionable as their leadership acts almost independent of the Great Synod itself. Many among the TCP often state that their purpose is to actively defend the holdings of the Nexus while also actively removing those that threaten it. A secondary mission of the True Clarity Protocol is to act as a missionary order to spread the Transtheist faith to others outside of the High Nexus.

Goetia Administrative Protocol

The Caretakers of the Apotheosis ceremony are members of an expanded organization known as the Goetia Administrative Protocl. The GAP is charged with not only overseeing the act of Apotheosis, but maintaining the secretive closed internal channel networks of the SysNet where the Deuxian dead are uploaded too. These are known as the Trans-Archives, and are defended by an army of cyber-admins, and hackers that do their best to prevent others from stealing the cy-souls of their loved ones.