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The Avalon System calendar begins with the foundation of the first colony on the planets of Elys and Aru. This starts the reckoning called Star-Fall. Even though planetary time can be quite different a regular space year or Standard Cycle (SC) does exist to mark the passage of time.

Eras of Starfall

The Star-Fall calendar is split into a series of Eras marking the rise, and fall of major periods of history.

Competing Calendars

There are several minor Calendars used throughout the Triad, often by ethnicities or minority religions. Some, on the other hand, are entirely planetary in nature.

  • Blood Reckoning - The calendar used by the Sovereign Houses to mark their founding and rule starting at n the Second Imperial Era.
  • After Deux - The period marking the death of the techno-found of the Deuxist faith.
  • Jade Era - The calendar recording the history of the Jade Dragon school of War on Yomi.

The Eras

Founder's Era

Main article: Founder's Era

In the Founder's Era of the foundation of Faerin civilization was laid upon the planets of Elys, and Aru. The World's Gate would provide new settlers for years as the foundation for modern ethnic feuding was laid under the eventual world rule of the Hermetic, and Osiric dynasties of both worlds. The advancement of technology in the year 500 SF would mark the same period in which the "Ancestors would disappear". Space technology would be spearheaded later in the Era as the two peoples of the planets unite under the name "Faeru" as a means to name their species.

First Expansion Era

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An Era of Colonization, and vast advancement in technology. The Rise of Mega-Corporations such as the Enoch Corporation which would invent several marked works across the history of the Triad. With the advent of early space flight between the two planets more worlds will slowly become colonized with the first being the planets of Ishkur and then Irkal and then its moon Irkal Secundo (later named Aral). This period would be ruled by the World Shere Government, an early world bound society that would slowly come to odds with the growing population moving into space. These fixed space colonies would come to inhabit a region known as the Pale, a split into a series of colony clusters known as Sectors. The Era would come to a crashing end when the ancestors of the Starborn the Colonists outside the planets would push for independence, and begin the First Systems War.

Homunculi technology along with that of Singing Blade tech would lay the ground work for the wars to come in centuries past.

First Systems War

Independence and Space-Faring freedom were the ideals of the ideology known as Voidism, a rampant ideal that spread across the Sectors. Quickly outfitting starships with weaponry the war would be the first space-borne war to be found in the Avalon Cluster. New settlers would spread into the Rook system as Desmond Starwalker charts the Walker Expanse allow colonization of the second of the Triad systems. The war would see early losses by Starborn militants, as the WSG fleet pushes them further back. The Starborn Scheznyk scientists would unleash the robotic Warbound who would come to kill many Worldborn soldiers.

Under Baal Aken newly risen High Marshall of the fleet the war would see a bloody end. Eventually, as the War ends the WSG government would face a spur of assassination and terrorist attacks. Aken along with his allies among several powerful Mega-Corporation families known as the Ascendant Sovereignty seize power. The WSG ceases to exist, and the First Star Empire of Avalon is born.

First Imperial Era

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The First Imperial Era would mark the beginning of the evolution of Triad Neo-Feudalism, and the spread of religions based upon the Ancestors. The Aken Dynasty would rule over the further advancement of Technology, and the eventual establishment of the ruling Noble Houses. The defeat of the Starborn in the Systems War. The early models of Homunculi would be further tested as their Virtual Intelligence would be replaced by total Synthetic Intelligence. Mysterious abound would plague the Known Space, as the first signs of the Genic would become evident and lead to the foundation of the Genic Accord. and the Imperial Court of Inquiry.

Synthetic intelligence would become a major issue for years to come as the "Sector Papers" are passed throughout the minds of several Homunculi models. Others are silently lobotomized giving the foundations of the future SysNet. The Era came to the end with the mysterious assassination of Emperor Orisis in 2,235 SF, two years later the Freedom Synthesis army invades the Rook System thus beginning the Homunculi Wars.

Shattered Era (Warring States Era)

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Called by many names, the Shattered or the Warring States Era would be a time of grand revelation, and the very basis for the future enslavement of Synthetic life. The Homunculi holding years of grievances from abuse unleashed their gathered army upon the chaotic state of the Throne System. The War itself would be marked by horrendous acts on both sides, along with years of attrition and stalemate. When the House of Aken started to falter several leading members of the Mega-Corps of the Ascendant Sovereignty married off the survivors into their own families.

The second of the High Passes would be discovered leading to the early colonization of the Sentinel system. The [[Blood Declaration] was signed and lead to the creation of the Noble Houses. The Era would be marked by the ongoing state of war as the Houses attempt to consolidate power. A flourishing of noble society began as archaeological digs unearth ancient Ancestral Artifacts including scrolls of Elder Tongue.

The Homunculi Wars themselves would come to a crashing end with the invention of the Data-Bomb, a mass EMP weapon that wipes the Neural Core of any Synthetic within its explosion radius. As the Wars end, a new sense of order spreads across the colonies. The Era of the Warring States came to an end with the election of Yarsil Ulgan as to found the Second Imperial Dynasty. Meanwhile on the planet of Aru, the foundation of the Arashii as a people is laid with the creation of the Return-Walking process.

Second Imperial Era (Pretender's Era)

Main article: Second Imperial Era

The rule of the House of Ulgan would begin with Yarsil, and then his later descendants. The Era itself would mark the foundation of the [[Arashii] Cabals as the Anapa people began to form on Aru. Rule in this time would be consolidated among the Houses primarily found within the Throne System. The people of Rook would gain recognition with the writing of the Second Amendment to the Blood Declaration. In response, several "Pretender" nobility appear to exert power and rule over the Starborn population. The foundation of the other Arashic Cabals would occur as division appears among the members of the Anapa of Aru. Under the rule of Althea Ulgan the first Empress of the Dynasty, a growing trend of animosity between the Ancestor Throne, and the nobility started.

Political issues would come further to a head as the secretive alien creatures known as the Gwagaruh begin to slowly tendril their desire upon the Triad itself. Their existence is still unknown to the Faeru, or the Arashii.

The Rule of Atreus the Mad

Anointed as the Star Emperor of Avalon on his tenth birthday, Atreus was noted as a strange boy at a young age. Within a few years, he would see the mysterious death of his uncle, the Imperial Regent Jamkha, and a growing feud with the House-Senate itself. This would unleash the Second Systems War when he and his guard storm the doors of the House-Senate and killed the House Lords within. Immediately the Nobility unites as the Emperor reveals his secret weapon, specially bred soldiers known as the Knights Imperial who quickly prove efficient in fighting in Atreus name. The War would rage for a short brutal time. It ends when the Knights themselves turn on Atreus Ulgan when he ordered the razing of the Imperial City of Athélann.

Ordering of the Triad

The power vacuum left after the death of Atreus Ulgan led to a series of minor skirmishes throughout the Triad itself. The first incident was the pressure by the Lords Declarant of the Sector-Barons (formerly the Pretender Nobles)) who demanded Starborn representation in the Sénann. Problems would also arise with the independence of the Colonies of Sentinel who were eventually subdued under the rule of the Nobility. While the Faerin politics boiled, the stories from Marchers, and Corsairs alike of "Void-Stalkers" spread as the Gwagaruh push their interests further from the dead star of Void.

The Void War

A serious darkness spread from the outer reaches of the Triad as several colonies simply go silent. A vast fleet of crimson ships emerge from the Marches, and soon the denizens of the Triad realize that the Void-Stalkers are real. They are the Voidkin, the children of Tlaloc the Progenitor of the silver-skinned horde that wished to make the Triad their feeding grounds. The war itself would ravage the peoples of the Three Systems for more than fourteen years as the Voidkin proved difficult to fight back. Even with the might of the Knights Imperial with them, the Noble Houses would face. Even after the end of the war, the Voidkin have merely pushed back a threat that only simmered until the second invasion centuries later.

Second Expansion Era (The Interregnum)

Main article: Second Expansion Era

The Interregnum would be a period without an Emperor as the Houses decided to remove the need for someone to sit the Ancestor Throne. With a Grand Army of the Stars at their back the Noble Houses, the Reconquest of the Triad began. However, it would prove more than filled with its own obstacles. The Voidkin retaliate by releasing the Void Plague upon the populous of the Sectors, and Worlds. Thousands die as the war continues on the moon of the planet Anwn, Mag Mell,and later the planet of Raoharenga. During the war, the Grim Light incident led to the capturing of a Voidkin crew, and biological information of the Gwagaruh entering the general knowledge to the Faeru, and the Arashii.

The Void War would continue further as the necessity of retaking the Planets of Sentinel. As the reproduction of the Gwarish horde proves outright frightening the discovering of the aliens weakness to palladium becomes the turning point in the war.

Interim Rule

The end of the Void War would result in the exiling of the last remaining High Generals of the Grand Army, and the bitter argument of the Houses. Few refused to raise others to the rank of Imperial House, as the Nobility begins to see itself further and further above the commoners of the normal population. Political and religious turmoil would mark the Second Expansion Era as the evolution of the various Techno-Religions would resolve in the creation of the Deuxian Church. A new faith that would eventually fight a shadow Crusade with the ruling Silver Creed region. As Voidkin raids shift beneath the surface, it would be the power of the newly established Errant Class near the end of the Era that would see the beginning of the third, the shortest, and yet the most dramatic of the Imperial Dynasties. In addition,

Third Imperial Era

Main article: Third Imperial Era

The Third Imperial Era comes at the end of the slaying of heroic Lord Trystan oc Artur by the Voidkin Eoten Redwald the Black, and the invention of the grand mecha known as the Chevalier. A new epoch of War and Honor is born across the Triad as Gwyn oc Arthur came to power. Cyber technology flourishes under the reign of the new Empress as she orders the dissolution of all militant factions not tied to a Noble House, establishing the Ban of Gwyn. Further raids and battles against the Voikdin would prove to be the ongoing bane of the House of Artur. Gwyn's daughter Blodwen would be imprisoned for a time under the powerful Throne Cabal, and then when freed would repudiate the power of the Nobility through the decree of the Great Covenant establishing the Societal Order of the Empire.

The slavery of the Soulgiven is legalized, fiefs are awarded, and the Errant Class become the newest weapons for the Nobility under the rule of the Sovereign Houses who act as the hands of the Ancestor Throne. The rule of Blodwen's son, Llewyn would prove problematic. He would sire a bastard son, Mordraut, with his own half-sister Igraine of House Lefaye. When the young man would lead the retaking of the lost North and Southern Reaches he would eventually come to battle the legendary Void King, and his own turned son in the Battle of Camlon. Llewyn is slain in the battle, and his mother Blodwen already suffering from the Corruption Plague is assassinated by House Athenes.

Three Systems Era

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The lack of a ruler on the Ancestor Throne has left power in the hands of the three Sovereign Lords, or Princes of the Triad. This state of affairs and the growing usage of Chevaliers in battle leads to the slow status of war as a ritual. Houses fight over Fiefs, land, and resources, as the Sénann became home to the various arguing factions of the Faerin nobility. Meanwhile, the Helogav race appears, and organized under the Amaranthine Court. In the modern time, the Sovereign Houses of Durant, Hormuz, and Amaterasu face great dangers. In the astral north lies the rebuilding Horde of the Voikdkin, and to the south the raiding crews of the yet to be revealed Wyrmkin. Religious affairs long buried are now being unearthed, as the Silver Creed, and Deuxian Faiths prepare for another Holy War. Even still, the most powerful of the Faerin Lords still wonder, who might sit the Throne of Ancestors, and wield the Imperial power of the Stars?