Faerin Racial Divisions

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The Faeru have split and have been sundered many times over their four thousand years of history. As other races have arisen from them, so has their species been ripped by division. Life in space was the most obvious of these breakings and led to the existence of the Worldborn, and the Starborn peoples.


The Faeru as a people divided long ago into three, and then later four unique subspecies. Through common cross section of cultures, and participation a subset shared among all four of the subspecies arose. These are the breeds, a mixture of socio-political, economic, and occupational position which sets an individual apart from the rest while retaining a connection to their home ethnicity, subrace, and House.

The Noble (General)

The Nobility is the most general of Faerin breeds, and the most widespread. Claiming descent from the families who sided with the Aken dynasty at the dawn of the First Imperial Era, they generally call themselves, the Blood. Ruling planets, sectors of space, and vast wealth., the are the top of the social ladder in the Three Systems.

The Genic (Errants)

Their ancestry and origin to this very day is an utter mystery to most scholars. Some point toward strange rocks once minded in the Far Marches, others to random mutation. All that is known is that Genics can control powers of the mind. These powers are made capable through Soulmetal implants (known as Tek short for Techno-Energy-Kinesis) and then the ability result in dangerous combinations. It also allows them to pilot the great Chevalier mechs, and make war in the name of their liege House in ritual war.

  • Champion - A melding of an ancient knight, and weapon master the Champion uses the power of Gen-Tek implants to channel psionic power through their weapons and enhance their physical abilities.
  • Theurge - A master of the arcane programming of Tek, and the study of mental cascades of energy known as Thurmautagy
  • Riven - Genics who excel in stealth Tek, and illusions; they are able to use their Tek as a means of cloaking their attack before a deadly strike is unleashed.

The Guildsman

Guildsman are members of one of the Trade Guilds, powerful economic entities that though lacking political backing, act as a center of House finances and business. Guildsman are agents of the guilds often trained by a standing guild member, or by special education of guild owned Synthetics.

  • Alchemist - A member of the Guild of Neo-Alchemy, the Alchemists studies the workings of bio-engineering, and genetics in general. They are often skilled in medical healing, biological machinery, and nanotechnology.
  • Meister - The Meisters are the creators, modifiers, and keepers of the Enarodyric people. A guild of master robotocists, and programmers that spend their life tinkering with Synthetic life. Many specialize in a type of Soulgiven, or work on lesser Synthetic life such as defensive drones, or exploratory probes.
  • Wright - Wrights are known as the the workers of soulmetal and advance technologies dealing with the near-living mechanoids known as the Chevaliers.
  • Reiver - Warriors who walk in the dark places, and seek to destroy the influence of the despise Hollow Ones, the Gwagaruh or the other monstrosities that lurk in the shadows.


The racial dividing of the Faeru occurred through their own desire to conquer and nature of independence. When the ruling majorities of the Throne Worlds pressured their cultural minorities to flee to the stars. Those that remained on the ships at the same time then split from those on the space colonies leading to the establishment of the Shipborn.

The Worldborn

Main article: Worldborn

Worldborn are the original Faeru as they often describe themselves, they were those who colonized the worlds of the Triad, and evolved to fit their home environments. They are often stronger physically than the Shipborn and the Starborn. Worldborn are likely to be Genics and are often sturdier in health than their cousins. Overall they are often considered haughty, overbearing, and arrogant by others.

The Starborn

Main article: Starborn

The Starborn are the first divergent group to appear from the Faeru species and are the most outspoken. They live on tightly contained cylindrical space colonies organized into small groups known as clusters, and then large groupings known as Sectors. Shipborn can, in addition, be found on on asteroids are large generational space-docks. Historically, the Starborn have held a strong independent streak, and have been the quickest to push for independence movements. Physically, they tend to be thinner, and agiler than their Worlborn compatriots.

The Shipborn

Main article: Shipborn

A variant that diverged years ago during the first years of the Expansion Era, the Shipborn are strange in their ability to somehow feel the Star Winds of known space. They are often some of the best pilots and navigators among the stars. Many Marchers are often born from Shipborn stock, as are many of the warriors who make up the standing forces that later became the Knights Imperial. Speculation abound theorizes it is the Shipborn that are the source of the original Genic mutation that later spread across the Faeru species.

The Genespun

Main article: Genespun

By the end of the Third Imperial Era the massive monstrous machines known as the Gene-Looms came into creation. An expansion of the Neo-Alchemical Art of Blood, the Gene-Looms allow the alchemist to literally spin a humanoid of any species out of neutral biological material. Genespun are thus the strangest of the subspecies and are often only used on rare occasions as Gene-Looms are incredibly expensive machines to power and direct.

The Wyldborn

Main article: Wyldborn

Known as the Feralborn or Mutals (a derogatory racial slur), the Wyldborn are the result of adaptive genetics reaching a dead-end. Animalistic and strong in nature, most Wyldborn live on the outskirts of society or as spectacles within their chosen noble Houses. The Wyldborn breed true in rare cases, and these Feral Tribes exist in rare instances among the independent peoples of the Triad.