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Plural / Possessive Faeru / Faerin, Originally named Férhai.
Subspecies Worldborn, Starborn, Shipborn, Genespun, Wyldborn
Home Regions Throne System, Rook System, Sentinel System
Life Expectancy 70 years for men, 85 years for women
Hair Colors Can vary, dying and other techniques open up exotic colorings outside of blonde, dark brown or black shades.
Eye Color Varies from regional population and House.
Skin Color Pale white to dark to near black.

"We made this realm, it is ours to shape."

Millenia ago the World’s Gate opened on the planets of Elys and Aru starting the colonization of the Avalon Cluster. The Original Colonists known as the “Progenitors” were to the consternation of the modern Faeru, political prisoners, sent from a world of magics to live in a world bereft. The shock of living in a non-magical dimension forced a rapid cultural and physical revolution among the Faerin people. Eventually, as the World’s Gate closed the Faeru spread throughout the Avalon Systems. A people of many faces, the Faeru are the most numerous found across the Land in the Stars, with their hubris being second to none.


  • Genic: The Faeru are one of the two races in the Triad that can naturally produce Genics.
  • Adaptability: The Faeru have an adaptive genome which allows them to eliminate useless genetic material while in-vitro.


Main article: Faerin History

From the very inception of their history, the Faeru have done their best to seek and conquer the Stars. However, their power was their own undoing. Time and time again they have attempted to rule the world and shape it to their desires only to have it come crashing down. For the first centuries of their existence, they were ruled by the long-lived tyrants of the Immortal Dynasties. Years later they would launch themselves and see their short-lived attempts at democracy were quickly overtaken further and further by powerful mega-corporations. Technology flourished in those early years with new colonies and planets settled and a growing population which rapidly evolved its own culture and identity. Soon, however, this period came to an end and a tyrant arose back by the mega-corps who crowned himself Emperor, Baal Aken, the first of many who would rise in fall in centuries to come.

Faerin History is riddled with wars, intrigue and the desire to undo rivals at every turn. It has seen the founding of religions and the mass diversification of a people who once followed one creed and one voice. Now, every century brings more different ance more clannish behavior. All focus on the idea of seizing the throne that began it all, and seeing enemies left to rot on the field of battle.


Main article: Faerin Biology

The Faeru are a humanoid (or Faerinoid to the Faeru themselves) species which from a glance are indistinguishable from normal mortals (in this case humans) as they have two arms, legs, and a rough hominid appearance. Coming in a variety of forms from tall lanky space colonists to mutant near animalistic throwbacks, the Faeru are only mortal in outward appearance. Biologically they stop aging physically once they reach anywhere between their twenty-fifth and thirty-fifth birthday. Their bodies also readily adapt through the generations to different conditions which have led to the wide variety of subspecies and population differences throughout known space. Other aspects of Faerin biology gift them with an edge into including a more efficient respiratory and an extra liver like organ gifting them with faster response to toxic substances.

Faerin morphology along the biologically assigned genders can be confusing, to say the least. Both males and females can naturally appear androgynous, or masculine or feminine pending the local population. Genetic manipulation and advanced nano-plastic surgeries have also created many unique trends in appearance among the various subspecies and ethnicities of Faeru across the Avalon Cluster.


Temperamentally the Faeru have certain tendencies that albeit tempered or changed by the various subspecies still remain at the core of their being. They are by nature a clannish or family driven people who see often at most their blood to be far more important than that of others. This, in turn, has lent itself to the proliferation of different languages and cultural practices rather than a grand unification of their species. This can thus be interpreted that Faeru, in general, are chaotic and quite unpredictable. They are not without reason though and are often pushed toward beliefs in gaining power when they can.

It should be noted that among the nobility years of breeding has seen an increased in a desire for power and megalomania. A trait which has created the ongoing array of moves known as the Sovereign Game. In general, two primary factors play into the temperament of the Faeru. They feel strongly and when they feel something they experience in its entirety. This means discipline and focus are needed in harnessing emotions. A factor which has often given the more emotionally controlled Enarodyr an advantage over their far more passionate creators. The Faeru also have a tendency to favor the established status quo which has led to an increasing level of stagnation and ongoing patterns of war, and feudal confrontation.

At the same time, they are also highly competitive and desire change thus leading to a series of infrequent bursts of innovation.Said inventions are then often silenced to keep competitors from gaining an upper hand.


Main article: Faerin Culture

Faerin Culture is one of dominance and diversity. The Faeru having the largest population of the Avalonic Races actively have the greatest difference in language, culture, and ethnicity. Only the Great Covenant and the Societal Order unite the disparate chaos used to form unified Imperial Society. At the core of most Faerin Cultures is the Household the central family unit of lineage. Social stratification even among the Chartered free cities is rampant and far. The Nobility and their like rule those below them, the clergy pray to their gods, and the commons live and die for the "greater good". What keeps all going is an ongoing sense of clannish sense of favor and tendencies towards nepotism. While it is not the mainstay of Faerin life loyalty to one's Household and the greater connected "tribe" the foundation of the Imperial order.

A final value is a competition and the rise of the strong. This is key to the "Sovereign Game" played for the Imperial Throne by the Nobility, and on a lesser level by those below them.

Racial Divisions

Main article: Faerin Racial Divisions

Faerin racial divisions are some of the deepest in Avalonic History and date back to the First Expansion period. Many are complex and long lasting, coming to influence the modern politics of recent Eras. So deeply ingrained is this division that at times it has led to war, hate crimes and far worse among mixed populaces across the Triad. So divergent are the social classes in Faerin society that they often have more in common than racial groups. This has led to many to calling the different major social classes "breeds" to refer to the different lives and often face vastly different expectations. Most iconic of these are the general Nobility who rule the Triad through guile and selective nationalism. Then there are the Genics, the racial mutants who have risen to the status of living weapons and respected warriors in the Mecha Pilot class named Errants.

Finally, there are the Guildsman and Guildswomen, the folk who control the powerful neo-corps which that regulate and control production across the Triad. Every Guild has its own culture, identity, and circle of allies making even Guildsman among the Nobility a cut from the rest.