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Other Names Patchworks, Manikins, Original Elder Tongue is Caodhfirhior
Home Regions The Triad, the Southern Reaches
Cultural Divisions The Gene-Bonded, The Janissary

"Perfection is far from reality."

The Genespun are the magnificent (or abominable) creation of the Neo-Alchemical technology known as Flesh Looming, a rapid advancement over the technological Mass Productions Tech-Looms that weave nano-fibers to create products for Imperial Society. First created well over a millennium ago, the Genespun have arisen as a mixture of genetically designed soldiers, and concubines for the richest of the Nobility. Often known as Patchworks among the Nobility and the Commons, Genespun or the "Flesh Woven", are considered as masterpieces of biotechnological art, and as abominations in the eyes of the more conservative elements of the religions establishment.


The creation of the Genespun occurs in a carefully sterilized environment under the strict watch of the Alchemists Guild. Each individual body begins as a series genetic sequences, and cells in a profile known as Formulae. These digital documents allow the Alchemist to modify, to sift, and to in general manipulate the carefully crafted genetic design of a the Fleshwoven. In general Fleshwoven are known fro being attractive, and symmetrical in design with few physical detriments, or blemishes. In fact these near 'perfection' are one reason so few trust them. Mentally the Genespun are programmed with a preset personality, normally docile and obedient (these are the Gene-Bonded). Some are violent and trained from awakening (as they are woven from proto-flesh) to be killing machines for their masters (these are the Janissaries).

Genespun are created from a process utilizing cloned flesh, and bone. These items are then spun, twisted, and shaped together in the Gene-Loom. Taking usually about a week to complete, the process then ends with the programming of the Genespun for their future occupation a complex series of programs which covered the basics of personality and advanced teaching.

The average height of a Genespun is determined by the base genome of the Faerin subspecies they are built from.


The Genespun do not truly have a culture of their own as much as Imperial Society has come to recognize two general subsets created for two different purposes. Gene-Bonded are generally created as consorts, and concubines for the greater part of Faerin Nobility. Few are create for more than this purposes. In fact the foundation of a Noble House always begins with a Gene-Bonded consort to found the future bloodline (always spun from the genetic material). Janissaries are a rare treat created only for high ranking members of the Houses Greater, and the Houses Sovereign. Specially trained warriors that act as the bodyguards of the crown-heirs of the Houses themselves. Janissaries are a deadly attack dogs trained to protect their charges at all cost, and are only answerable to their sworn House.