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Plural / Possessive Gwagaruh / Gwarish, Originally named Guagaeru
Subspecies Spiderkin, Devilkin, Voidkin, Wyrmkin
Home Regions Throne System, Rook System, Sentinel System, Void System
Life Expectancy 70-95 years of age for most Voidkin at most, other Kindreds varies.
Hair Colors Determined by often by Kindred, Strain, and Clan, often chromatic colors except for the Spiderkin
Eye Color Determined by Strain.
Skin Color Determined often by Kindred, colors include red, black, violet, yellow, and silver.

“I am Nightmare made flesh.”

Some call them the children of the Spider, or the horrors of the Sarcophagi of old Harmony. They are a scourge that erupted from the depths of history and to this day plague the dreams of denizens of the Triad. The Hollow Ones are a strange parasitic race that was unleashed by the hubris of the first Dynasty of the Star Empire. Until their full appearance during the Void War, few accepted their existence. Even so, the true nature and their origin is hidden to any but themselves. From the Shadows the Spider and Dreamers watch to pull strings on the cattle they herd amongst the populations of the Triad.


  • Genic: The Hollow Ones are one of three races to naturally have the mutation in their genetic make-up to become Genics. They utilize this power in their Warp-Tek warp-Tek, and in their piloting of Eoten, and Chevalier Mechs.
  • Strength and Speed The Gwagaruh are twice as faster, and strong as the typical Faeru.
  • Senses: Smell and perception are their greatest senses allowing them to target and track prey over a long distance.
  • Two-Skinned: Gwagaruh possess a Faerin like Outer-Skin which they use when personating their former Faeru or Soulgiven lives, and then a monstrous Inner-Skin which while Faerin in shape has strange mutated attributes.


Main article: Gwarish History

Gwarish History dates back well before the opening of the World's Gate and is shrouded in thousands of years of mystery. What is known is that an Emperor ordered the opening of several strange sarcophagi and in turn, his actions lead to the deaths of millions in the years to come. From thereon the ruling trio known as the Progenitors shaped the history of the Kindreds. Throughout the history of the other races, it has been the Gwagaruh who have shaped the conspiracies of the others. It was they who created the madness of the infamous Emperor Atreus of the Ulgan Dynasty, and much worse. Finally, in later centuries the powerful warlike Kindred of the Voidkin exploded from their dying sun to invade the entire Triad.

The History of the Gwagaruh is one of animalistic pride and incessant hunger. Wherever the Hollow Ones walk in their wake they leave destruction, ghost towns, and plague. However, their power which once stood imperviously was cast down during the Void War. Further still, an event known as the Grimlight Incident revealed their greatest weaknesses and their very biological origin. Soon thereafter, they were no longer the enemies in the dark, but an alien predator stalking the space ways.


Main article: Gwarish Biology

The internal physiology of the Hollow Ones is confusing and at times has outright horrified the Faerin scientists who study them. Their exact ability to feed and derive long-lasting endurance from the life-force of others is one of the greater mysteries under the Stars. What is known is that they are a race of predatory parasites who convert others from either the Soulgiven or Faerin population to expand their numbers. Their "Outer-skin" allows them to travel among their prey (or "the kine") without much notice, and even attack or feed with little being given aware of their presence. Their "inner-skin" is more alien, a mixture of Faerinoid and features such as horns, claws and even scaled skin. The actual outward appearance of the inner-skin differs between the Kindreds and to a lesser degree the various Kith found within a given population.

Biologically the Gwagaruh do not have traditional genders, but instead, rely upon a pair of figures to reproduce the dominant Surezain and the submissive Consort. Each provides the necessary viral attributes to convert new spawn for a given nest and or pride and are often the central rulers of Gwarish communities.


The Gwarish are a strange folk, who are almost incapable of feeling the empathy of other races. Predatory and parasitic in nature they are a narcissistic people whose natural instinct is to defend their own interests above others. This strange need is perhaps what has driven many to question how the Voidkin were able to cohesively work as a group during the Void War. The actual emotional depth of the Gwagaruh is simply confusing to the Faeru whose Clannish and power emotions often drive them to seek passion as the highest form of determination. For the Gwagaruh emotion is secondary.

Understanding Gwagaruh relationships is perhaps how one can begin to fathom their emotional depth and connections. Relationships to the a Gwagaruh mind are form for reasons of dominance and predation. If a Gwarish person submits to one not of their species it is because that individual has overpowered them and impressed upon them control. Gwagaruh do feel anger, they feel attraction, and they feel sorrow. The motivations however behind this all are far different from that of either the Soulgiven, or the Faeru.

Sorrow and happiness come from the attainment of food sources, or power for the individual. Anger usually from loss relating to things that are against them. They are by nature more visceral and simple, with complex emotions usually being something they mask through careful learning. But they cannot feel. Even when they mask it its hard and requires concentration. Usually the highest ranking members of the Spiderkin for example watch over their younger spawn.

From the Conversion

Memories, personality, and even desires are translated across the transition from victim to spawn. The difference being that the capability for a newly created Gwagaruh to feel as they once did is now redirected, and rewired. They feel angry for different reasons, they feel sorrow for different reasons. They’re former loves, desires, and wants will remained, but will be horribly warped and shaped by what they have become.


Main article: Gwarish Culture

Gwarish society is split into large central populations called Kindreds which are ruled by the various Progenitors of the Gwarish species. Each Kindred is then split into numerous Kith who are controlled by powerful Chiefs that answer to the Progenitor at the top. The two primary central cultural divisions found inside the Triad are the Hidden Empire, and the Infernal Houses. The Hidden Empire is a large conspiracy of cults and sleeper agents driven by the Spider Empress Gendawitha who seeks to control the entirety of the old Avalonic Empire. In rebellion members of the enslaved Devilkin have turned their backs on the Spiderkin overlords and have struck deals with various Faerin Houses to free themselves of Gendawitha's rule.

Typical Gwarish life is a feral and predatory in nature. Most Gwagaruh live in centralized populations or nests where they can defend and maintain and active territory for hunting. Others live nomadically as traveling Prides that then move from place to place to escape the ever watchful eye of the hunters of the Reiver's Guild.

Racial Divisions

Main article: Gwarish Racial Divisions

The Gwarish Kindreds share two common lines of racial organization. The first is that of the Kindreds or subspecies that represent the major lineages descending from a primary Progenitor. Each Kindred is either led by a Progenitor, or in the case of the Devilkin or exist within a larger organization known as a Communion. Below the Kindred leaders are the Elders and Chiefs of the various Kith who make up the various ethnicities of Gwagaruh. The other major form of division is that of the Castes, and is universal to all Kindreds. At the top stand the Halgede Caste who use their powerful Psi abilities to rule those below them; next are the Ecgede who act as the warriors and priests of the Kindred; finally, there are the Gelbroc the Broken Caste who act as the workers and fodder for the wills of the Kindreds as a whole.