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Where the Hollow Ones come from is an utter enigma. Some say that back in the days before the Triad on the ancient world homeworld the progenitors of the Gwagaruh were simple guards. Sentenced for their part in the death of a High Princess of four Great Cities of Old. Whatever the actual crime the seven were locked away in silver line, palladium coffins and sentenced to eons of madness in living death. How they came to the world Elys in the Avalon cluster is held only known to the Progenitors themselves. The few still living amongst their vile children keep tight lips.

First Imperial Era

In 1,917 SF the Imperal Academy of Sciences unearths, and begins study on several strange Silverlined Sarcophagi found in the building of the city of Athélann. The reigning Emperor orders the start of the Spider Projects to unlock what or who may exist within the seven coffins. A secretive lab is built on the outskirts of teh city and placed uner heavy guard by Imperial forces. Those within the seven coffins soon awakened, and find their slowly wakening sanity to be more than fragile. Upon discovering the minds of those outside the seven cursed entities begin to use their powerful inborn Genic abilities to twist the scientists into freeing them.

A year afterward three of the later named, Progenitors, escape from the Sider Projects labs, but not before devouring those within. These three would go on to found the three Kindreds of the Hollow Ones. Using their powerful mind tricks they are able to steal a starship and flee into the outskirts of the Border Marches. Word of them would not appear for centuries afterward. Within their slowly dying ship the three individuals fall into a deep hibernation for the next twenty years. During that time the Long Plan is created, as the Council of Three is founded by the Progenitors

Early sources of the Gwagaruh population were often relatives of the Aesgar people and thus a strange dialect known as Hollow Tongue propagated secretly among all those turned by the Three.

Shattered Era

The era of the Shattered times would be an utterly chaotic time, and a period of evolution for the the three Kindreds. The grand colony of Abyss would grow as the Voidkin reformed alliances with their distant cousins within the Triad. Several turned bio-synthetic Homouncil were however destroyed in the first attempts at infection upon Narak II. The elder overseeing the actual infestation was then later killed by Gendawitha herself. In 2,304 SF Spiderkin agents report to their Progenitor of the discovery of a Gwarish body in the Tourmaline palace of unknown Kindred origins. The Queen of the Spider herself appears in secret to view the dissection, and concludes it is the body of one of her brother Progenitors who recently awoke. Meaning only six of the Seven remain.

Apu of the Dreamkin orders his spawn to scatter to the far winds as he begins the Long Silence. The Bitter Feud continues in secret as any known Dreamkin war in the shadows with their more Faerin looking cousins of the Spider. The foundation of the amendments to the Declaration of Blood in 2,349 SF allows for increased surveillance of the growing power of the Faerin Houses. The Spiderkin however spread word of the growing power of faith with the canonization of the Silver Creed years later. The Dreamkin would then carefully cease their current Bitter Feud with the Spider for years until their numbers would allow returned aggression.

Mishlen colony would become a breeding ground for the all three Kindreds as secret experiments in awakening the other three Progenitors begin. The Council of Three reconvenes upon Mishlen in the Shadows while they watch the actions of the Faeru. Apu expresses disgust with the Deep Mind Project, while Gendawitha seems fascinated by the fostering of Faerin Genic mutations.

Second Imperial Era

The dawn of the Era would mark the first foray by the Spiderkin into playing a grand conspiracy of politics against the Faerin Houses. Several agents among the Starborn, and Marcher based bloodlines would begin to spread half-written pieces of the Sector Papers. This then by the year 2,569 SF. A power play is made by one of Gendawitha’s older spawn, leading to a near schism among the Spiderkin. Seeing this action Tlaegesse summons the seven oldest of his children and ordains the creation of the Seven Clans of the Void. Thus establishing the origins of the Hallowed Caste.

In the year 2,602 SF a Voidkin raiding party loses a Corsair target, allowing the escapees to send word of the existence of strange “aliens” in the Far Marches. Tlaegesse immolates the leading Voidkin Chief, and summons his wayward fleets back to the Void system. Technological advancements among the Kindreds would slowly start to appear as they assimilate more Faerin and former Homunculi scientists into their ranks by raiding Marcher colonies.

The year 2,722 SF would mark a setback for the weavings of the Spider as Spiderkin agent, Jamkha Ulgan, was discovered by his nephew, Atreus. The young Emperor would then begin an open pogrom to eliminate the alien threat, and eventually would come to challenge the might of the House Senate itself. When the Second Systems War erupts the Gwagaruh silently pull resources to prevent their discovery. The Voidkin silence ties to the other Kindreds as Tlaegesse gathers his forces in the Void system. This ends when a massive raid flies from the Void system as the Voidkin begin to experiment further with various technologies The first true Strains of the Gwagaruh apear amongst their population at this time. The Hallowed Caste begins to show increased mutation itself.

Gendawitha awakens after a short period of hibernation after the start of the Second Systems War. She finds a newly ordained order of Genic warriors, the Knights Imperial, dwelling upon the moon of Tatara in 2,874 SF. The Queen of the Spider orders the various Champions of her Lineages to spark a war between the Knights, and the Silver Creed. Her schemes will lead to the later creation of the Errant class through indirect means. Voidkin incursions by 2,943 SF have created a growing defensive Imperial Fleet near the Far Marches. Apu breaks the Long Silence and sends an emissary to Void to convince his ‘brother’ to end his reapings for spawn and food. Tlaegesse kills the messenger and sends the creatures decapitated head back to his ‘father’.

The Bitter Feud of Dreams begins. The Dreamkin secretly use their ties in the outer planets of Sentinel and the Far Marches to spread the rumors of the Void-Stalkers to spie their cousins. All work to stall the plans of the Voidkin end however in 3,021 as a massive fleet rides the Star-Winds out of the Far Marches. Tlaegesse seeking to suddenly up-end the balance of power held by the system based Gwagaruh begins the Void War against the Faerin nobility. Advances in piloting and bioengineering allow Voidkin fighters to easily out perform their contemporaries.

The Void War would be a crowning achievement, and the eventual downfall of the Gwarish peoples. WIth their superior numbers and abilities the Voidkin fought a series of pitched battles early on, but the eventual capture of their fighters led to the discovery of various weaknesses. The year 3,049 would see the revealing of the biological warfare expertise of the Gwagaruh with the Silver Plague ravaging target populations. However, as the prolonged fighting continued the Faeru united under the power of their internal factions. Even a ongoing occupation of planets in Sentinel would only last so long. After years upon years of war, the Voidkin would eventually be driven from their captured holdings. Fallilng back into the depths of space. Only the Marcher Sweeps keeping their virulent population at remotely workable fighting levels.

The Void War would see not only the creation of the Galdearas strain, but also further discovery in mutation among the Gwagaruh in general. This splitting of their race worried the other Progenitors as it showed a growing tendency of independence of the more powerful Chiefs among the Gwarish hordes.

Second Expansion Era

Void or Silver Plage still ravages the Triad in the year 3,110 SF, as physicians attempt to find a cure. The Marcher Houses of the Outer Rim, and the Marches push deeper into Voidkin held territory as the war continues on.. By the year 3,112 SF the Voidkin have been pushed far back to the Outer Rim as a few entrenched forces remain on the planet of Raoharenga. The Army of the Stars continues to fight along other fronts as word leaks out about bickering among the Clan Chiefs of the Void. Tlaegesse hearing of his errant spawn’s lack of direction secretly begins to crown one of his own as the “Void-King” to provide direction.

Plans are ruined suddenly without warning when the GrimLight incident leans to the revelation of Gwarish reproduction in 3,113 SF. With the new information Tlaegesse’s brood is suddenly pushed back further, as teh Spiderkin and Dreamkin rail against him from the Shadows. The Long Plan is suddenly disrupted as the it becomes obvious the Voidkin no longer wish to hold Communion with the other Kindreds.

Between the years 3,121 to 3,123 SF further gains were made against the Voidkin forces still remaining on Raoharenga and the moon of Mag mell. Palladlium long guarded by the Spiderkin agents as a weakness to the Gwarish race was revealed to the Army of the Stars. Soon even more holdings came under fire as even the might of the Witchmen of the Void could not hold by the Faerin advance. The Void war ends as the children of Tlaoc are driven out. For years afterward they would continue to work on improving technology, and eventually create the innovation known as the Eoten mech.

The newly ordained Branwigan warrior vessels in are to become the forefront of the various warrior strains being created by the Voidkin. While the Voidkin press their desire for blood, teh Spiderkin push the Dreamkin from most of the Triad in the later period of the Era. In 3,351 SF the Spiderkin openly begin to create the Spider Cults as a means of more actively controlling the wiles of the commoner population. The Eoten is fully finished by 3,364 SF and is sent out on test runs near the Marcher Line.

Between the years 3,364 to 3,439 Sf continued small raids against the Triad would become customary by the Branwigan forces. Then in the final year Tlaegesse summoned his Cylinges Bregu, the Clan Chiefs, back to the Void system to meet his most powerful child, the Deop Cyning, the Void-King. Then the Voidkin begin their own Long Silence, as they wait and prepare for war. Then without provocation they launch several plague sphere weapons against targets in the Triad systems in 3,599 SF. A year later the Branwigan Horde sweeps out of the Void system and into the recently founded Northern Reaches. Here thousands would die as the Clans of the Void reap their desired bloodbath.

As the Dark Years enfold the Triad, the other Gwagaruh would once again pull back to deal with the growing suspicion of their kind. Too many faults laid with the Kindred of Tlaegesse, and it was in that time that Apu himself would arise from the shadows and make a gambit to attain the last three Silver Coffins from the Imperial vaults on Star-Crown.

Third Imperial Era

The rise of the Artur Dynasty would become a despised period in Gwarish history. The Voidkin remain in the Long Silence, as the Dreamkin prepare for a silent assault on the Imperial Capital itself. All the while the Spiderkin slowly play the growing disparity between the Silver Creed, and Deuxian faiths. For years the Progenitors and their Kindreds ignore the general politicking of the Faerin Houses. Then in 3,635 SF a squad of Galdearas Eoten mechs assail the Outer Rim colonies. The Sentinel Chevalier corp responds in kind leading to victory at a high cost of Faerin and Soulgiven lives. The Void-King begins to create his own long plan as he prepares to overtake the rule of Tlaegesse as the God-Father of all Voidkin.

The Council of Three meets for the first time in more than a thousand years, All three Progenitors barely speak as their syncophants do most of the talking. The resulting meeting of the Council is however broken when word reaches them of a neural core advancement by Faerin scientists in 3,642 SF. Gendawitha openly dexries Tlaegesse’s foolishness and obsession with openly attacking the Triad. Apu remains silent as the Voidkin delegation flees the meeting. Three years later the Second Battle of the Line occurs as the Branwigan, and Galdearas forces push against the Marcher Line in the Throne system. A few years later in 3,653 Sf advances in Chevalier technology create close the gap between the fighting efficiency between the racial mechanoid weapons of the Faeru and Gwagaruh.

Apu’s Crown Gambit plays out in full as he steals the three remaining Silver Coffins in 3,657 SF during the rise of the Throne Cabal. He secrets them away to his hidden bolt hole in the Border Marches and attempts to awaken his kin within. Gendawitha shifts her Kindred’s focus to support the Throne Cabal as the power of the Artur Dynasty appears to be waning. Tlaegesse find himself in dire straights as his child, the Void-King, openly rebels against him and begins to muster a new invasion for against the Triad.In response to increased Chevalier fighting efficiency the Void-King unleashes the Deathscuan assassin Eoten into combat. The resulting casualties only press the power of the Throne Cabal while the Spiderkin attempt to cover up the growing evidence of their existence within the Faerin Houses. The Dream Kindred succceeds in opening the three Silver Coffins only to unleash the nearly insatiable hunger of the Progenitors dwelling within. Most of those present are quickly devoured as the united power of Apu, to quell their hunger. However, the viral abilities of the three prove more than capable of overtaking their brother as they break his power a year later. Nearly all Dreamkin are respectfully killed in the time that will become known as the Year of Winter’S Teeth. Those who survive are bereft as a massive Psionic storm suddenly rips through their hidden asteroid colony.

The Void-King unleashes his invasion of the Triad in 3,712 SF when he directly messages Ancestor Throne, and the Sénann the “Triad like a shall fall”. His campaign would be a great wave of violence across the entire Avalon system. All Three Systems soon find themselves once again embroiled in war. While sending emissaries to selective Houses of the Core Worlds leas to several families petitioning for peace with the Voidkin in 3,725 SF. Imperial bastard, Mordraut LeFaye is captured by a mysterious force along the Outer Rim in 3,756 SF. Emperor Llewyn oc Artur spearheads the Northern Campaign to retake the Reaches, and for years sweeps out Voidkin influence in the Northern and South Reaches.

Near the end of the Third Imperial Era the Voidkin are poised to take ultimate glory. However, in 3,766 SF the Voidkin, and Emperor Llewyn fall in the Battle of Camlon. Voidkin forces are scattered to the farwinds as Tlaegesse frees himself and cleanses his Kindred of traitors. For a short time the Nightkin led by Witch-Mother fight the survivors of the Dreamkin. During this time the LOrd Drake of the Wyrmkin is driven into the the Southern reaches.

The Three Systems Era

The dawn of the three systems era, sees the rise of the Court of Webs is established secretly on the planet of Mishlen. Cynburga is placed within the custody of Gendawitha personally severely hampering attempts by the imrpisoned Progenitor’s Kindred. The broken Progenitor is later given to the Widower Lord as a present to reward the faithful service the Elder has reendered to the Empress of Webs. Years of watch under the fleshschulptors the newly ordained Devilkin are released upon the Triad. Considered the dogs of the Spider, the Devilkin secretly seal deals a group of Faerin Houses that become known as the Infernal Houses.

The Devilkin are the slaves of the rising power of the Spiderkin’s Hidden Empire, many former Elders now remade slowly wait to free their half-mad mother, and raise Cynburga up as the Queen of Devils.