Gwarish Racial Divisions

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The simplest racial division within the Gwarish fold is that of the Kindred, a collected of related clans or Kiths each ruled by a powerful individual known as a Chief or Clan-Chief. The Kiths all answer to the might of their Kindred’s Progenitor (Or in the case of the Devilkin, their Arch-Duchess). One the basic level every Gwagaurh is separated then into one of the three castes of Broken (low caste), Honed (mid-caste) and Hallowed (high or ruling caste). Among the castes are then a selection of mutated forms who can wield various abilities, or serve a specific role within Gwarish society, be it the warrior, assassin or witch-man.

Strain and Castes

A Caste is a level of power within Gwarish society, whereas a strain is a specific mutation with possible secondary attributes.

Gelbroc Caste and Strains

The Gelbroc or Broken Caste has only one true Strain and that is the broken themselves, which can be found in two general forms. The matured Broken and the Hound. Both are typical pawns in the games of the Hidden Empire, and can aspire to rise higher. However, they often spend most their time serving their superiors as a spy, as a soldier, as a defender of the nest, or simply as a pet.

  • Forbrecan - Forbrecan are the truly matured Broken who have arisen above the Hounds, and have attained their Two-Skins. Able to switch between both skins with some pain and energy, they are the typical Broken found across the Triad and live in all walks of life while hiding within the nobility of the Faeru.
  • Hund - They are the Spawn who have matured, but have only been able to remain within their Inner-Skin. Hunds or Hounds are the pets and guardians of a nest or pride. Some are even kept by Faerin nobility as trophies in their work for the Gwagaruh or against them in secret.

Ecgede Caste and Strains

The Ecgede are the Honed or “Sharpened” Caste, they are the priests and specialized warriors of the Gwagaruh made up of the Twin Hosts, known as the Anchorites Host, and the Heretics Host. Both serving as the hammer and shield of the Hidden Empire, and other Gwarish hordes.

The Dwola (The Heretic) The first strain to be conceived within the flesh shaping labs of Void was the Heretic strain, so named because of the ability to master the strange implants known as Warp-Tek (the predecessor to modern Tek). Even without Warp-Tek implants, the Heretic is a deadly Genic who can easily wield energy surges in combat. Warp-Tek allows a Heretic to interface with Eoten, and Chevalier. Often high ranking members and valuable to local Prides or Nests, Heretics are a strange, and at times, uncontrollable strain that serves the whims of the Chiefs of their Kith and Kindred.

  • Galdere - A witchman or (Wicce for females) is the original Heretic form created by the great flesh sculpters of Void. They are equal to an Errant Theurge and often can counteract Thaumatagy if directly confronted. They have a strange inherent glow to their eyes in the dark causing many to veil their eyes when in public.
  • Beornwiga (Branwiga) - A warrior who can utilize weaponized Warp-Tek to defend themselves. They are sometimes known as the Bear-blooded in combat, and are said to be the template that led to the foundation of the Berserks of Aesgir. Beornwiga are often fanatical in battle, and when in hiding often work as mercenaries.
  • Deathscua - The death shadow assassins that serve the will of the Kith Elders and Chiefs, and Progenitors, the Deathscuan are some of the deadliest of Assassins within the entire Avalon cluster. They have a strange eerie silence to their presence which some gift to the dark Warp-Tek they use to mask their approach when killing a target.

Ancres (The Anchorite) The Anchorite Host strain was the second to appear from those who originally delved into the sculpting of plagues, and flesh in the recesses of the Gwarish dark colonies. Over time the Anchorites arose as powerful sorcerers of Warp-Tek, wielders of dark technologies, and the silent enforcers of the rule of the Progenitors and the Elders.

  • Crencestre - Weavers or Fleshscultpors are the scientists of Warp-Tek and bio-technology forming the mainstay of the Gwarish ability to survive. It is they who specialize in mutating, and creating new members of the Castes, and also training the Heretics.
  • Ordas - The Vanguard are the keepers of Gwarish history, and their mythology. They record the workings of their people, while maintaining the grip of the Progenitors on the Kindreds. They are masters of plague manipulation and are said to work a dark form of Neo-Alchemy.

Halgede Caste and Strain

The Halgede are a rare type found among the Kiths and Kindreds, and make up a small percentage who then rule the rest of the population. For this very reason, they exhibit a mixture of skills found across the Mid-Castes to act as a linchpin for Gwarish rule. Most are Warp-Tek users, while others are masters of disguise. No matter what they do, the Halgede Caste and strain is the most diverse in ability and personality.

  • Blacgeuga - Skinchangers are the strange mutations created as an offshoot when experimenting with pushing the speed of Two-Skin changes. So far gone are they that they are able to shift multiple non-Gwarish forms, but are unable to attain their Inner-Skin. Usually fo this reason they are the brokers, and silent dealers behind the Spider Cults, the Infernal Houses, and the puppeteers of the Hidden Empire.
  • Geaethed - The Sworn are those who rise to the top above all else and are always powerful Surezains of a nest or Pride. To become a Geaethed a Surezain must undergo a purging ritual while ingesting large quantities of Royal Brew. Upon emerging a Geaethed is a pinnacle of Gwarish physicality and cunning. Most Elders are Geaethed and it is often they who have the pure force of will to command entire communities of the Hollowed.


The Kindreds are the vast lineages created by five Progenitors of the once seven thrice cursed locked within the Silver Sarcophagi. Among the five Progenitors to escape, only four have survived to modern Eras. Gendawith the Spider Empress rules over both the Spiderkin and the Devilkin after remaking the Progenitor Apu of the Dreamkin into Cynburga the hostage-ruler of the Devilkin. Lord Tlaloc reigns as Progenitor of the Voidkin and oversees the vast hordes threatening to invade the astrological north while the Wyrm-King and his brood ravage the Southern Reaches.

The Voidkin (Deop-Cyn) -NPC-

Main article: Voidkin

The Voidkin are a silver skinned people who dwell in a vast horde of the Seven Clans of the Void from the system aptly named after their horde. They are said to be a beautiful people who never utilize their Outer-Skin and instead appear as sharp-eared monsters of horrific elegance that come out of the abyss of space. It was they who invaded the Triad multiple times and pressure the modern existence of the Three Sytems Era. Now they raid the North Reaches, seeking to one day resurge under the rule of their Progenitor Tlaloc or the rule of another Void-King.

The Wyrmkin (Draca-Cyn) -NPC-

Main article: Wyrmkin

The Wyrm or Dragon Kindred is the youngest of all the lineages of the Hollowed Ones. Banished by the Spider Empress to the darkness of the Southern Reaches, they now raid and spread their meager power slowly waiting for the time to feast upon the Triad to the north. They are a reptilian lineage, who rarely use Eoten or even Heretics in combat preferring to rely upon shere numbers and guile rather than Warp-Tek.

The Spiderkin (Atorcoppe-Cyn)

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The Children of Gendawitha, the Spiderkin are the most powerful Gwarish Kindred, and yet one of the fewest found in the Triad. Ruling secretly from Elys, they have conquered the Dream and Night Kindreds and rule them with an Iron fist. Usually, they prefer indirect methods, and their Inner-Skin possess an extra pair of arms. The Spiderkin enslaved the weakened survivors of the Year of Winter’s Teeth, and warped them into the Devilkin. Many Spiderkin look down upon other Kindreds as lesser-kin and see themselves as the true rulers of the Triad.

The Devilkin (Deofol-Cyn)

Main article: Devilkin

The Devilkin are so named for their similarities to ancient Faerin legends of Demons, and Devils dating back before the foundation of the first Empire. A primarily female appearing Kindred, few males are created and usually from female victims. This strange change of apparent gender some say is a joke forced upon them by their Spider overlords. When in their Inner-Skin the Devilkin possesses small pointed horns, and a long tufted pointed tail. A rebellious Kindred their lack of males makes it hard for them to hide within Faerin society, meaning they often are restricted to certain professions, or locations to survive.