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Plural / Possessive Helogavana / Helogavish, Originally named Helogaemh.
Subspecies Undine, Ifrit, Gnome, Sylph
Home Regions Throne System, Rook System, Sentinel System
Life Expectancy 65 years for men, 67 years for women.
Hair Colors Red, Dark Brown, Black, Blue, Ice White, Clear or Glass, Sandy-Brown, Blonde
Eye Color Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond, Obsidian
Skin Color Red, Blue, White, Black, Green, Dark Brown

“Master the storm within, or be consumed by it.”

The Nanophage did not truly appear until the end of the Third Imperial Era. Right after a strange illness struck Empress Dowager Blodwen, others soon became infected with the strange disease which would later be named the “Genic Curse”. As the affliction struck down members of the nobility, many began to see them as Corrupted by the sins of the Noble Estate. However, as new inventions allowed the diseased to survive, but yet progress in the illness they were dubbed “The Corrupted” for their changed status. To be stricken by the Nanophage was a black mark upon one's family, and over time the Helogav developed a culture of misfits, and outcasts. The Great Houses did their best as the strange “elemental leprosy” plagued their households.

The Helogavana are perhaps the youngest, and one of the most peculiar of the Races found in the Triad. Ranging from people bearing simple energy licking their skin to existing as near walking elementals straight out of legend, they are a sight to behold anywhere they tread.


  • Corrupted Genic: The Helogav develop natural kinesis abilities dealing with the element of their affliction, when their powers manifest they work similar Invocation.
  • Elemental Resistance: The Corrupted can resist the Element of their affiliation to a point (Stone-Cursed obtain a hard rocky like skin which can take a beating, Fire-Cursed can stand high temperatures).
  • Poison Resistance: Most poisons do not harm or kill the Helogav.


Main article: Helogavish History

Throughout the history of the Triad biological warfare and especially plagues have been one of the greatest threats to Faerin life. First, the Gwagaruh rained down their terrible viral bombs during the Void War, and later strange diseases came creeping out of the depths of space. Near the end of the Third Imperial Dynasty, a terrible wasting disease first took the life of an Empress and later much more among the Nobility. Every attempt just appeared to fuel the disease further when an experiment combined the disease with self-replicating nanites. Now where once people died quickly of dehydration they mutated rapidly into living elemental founts of power.

Only the invention of the Psi-Band years later allowed the stability of the victims who many came to call the Helogav or "the Corrupted". In time these wayward souls who were originally cast out of society for simply existing. From this collective experience, they formed their own underground culture as an act of solidarity.


Main article: Helogavish Biology

Biologically speaking, the Helogav are a people of constant mutation and psionic evolution. Steadily flesh becomes a melding of technology and elements beyond the imagination of mortal science. Where once stood organ and bone over time becomes a mixture of fused flesh and energy. A slow and painful process which in eventual death for the victim. Hair falls out and so do nails as keratin is replaced by crystal, or infused with water or even flame. All burns away as a new form is remade by the nanites.

But through the crucible, the Helogavana achieve much more. As pure elemental founts of Psi energy, they are capable of naturally accessing powers of Psi tied to their element and even reshape their form. All of this requires energy, of course, and as the Helogav bleed Psi energy they have enough and then more to spare. But, all of these wonderful capabilities come with a price.


One my serious ponder the effects of the Phage upon the mind. Specifically, the fear, and pain that occur when the Skeins form while causing skin and flesh to peel away. The lines form and move ever creeping toward the mine. Some think that when the Skeined Phase sets in the mind of the Helogav is broken, 'corrupted' beyond comprehension. What they do not understand is that as the elemental fury is unleashed, and the Psi burns a change of personality begins to culminate into a new found personality traits influenced by the Nanites of the Phage. This is known as the Soul Personnel Residual Identity Tested Encryption or “SPRITE”.

SPRITE is a complex idea of the strange encryption that occurs to the mind of the victim of the Phage. This effectively melds the synthetic with the organic creating a new quality of personality that would come to influence the individual over time. Those of the Undine Encryption made up of the Storm, Wave, and Ice-Cursed are often mercurial or unbending in nature. While those of the Sylph Encryption are fleeting, and aloof by nature. As the SPRITE comes to greater influence them, the individual will become ruled by the traits of their Encryption.

The side effects of the SPRITE can lead to a variety of psychological changes. Some become calmer while others simply feel an oncoming sense of rage. The truth about the Encryption is that it only changes bits and parts of one's personality. Enhancing their reaction, and bringing out the external personality traits at random. Some become more passionate, others become colder.

Thought processes of relation are also morphed. A Helogav has a harder time assigning relationships based upon kinship. Instead, their basis of relation is often based upon communal experience. This means that their emotions are far more reactive to those they can relate to directly through a shared memory, or event all individuals experience in kind. This is likely how the steady building of the Amaranth court fused to create a commonality.

The ruling of one's SPRITE can also influence how well a Faeru is able to return from feelings. The fleeting nature of the Sylph makes it hard for them to establish long-term attention. Those of the Ifrit are then in turn troubled by the need to remain calm and are often impatient. To say they are ruled by their SPRITE is to be ignorant. It is, however, very important to how they interact.

Gender identity can be confusing especially with the existence of the Molting. In many cases, the Faerin identity of gender fluidity becomes far more open, and in essence, is tossed out the window. Many who become victim to the Phage either come to revel in it and see what it can offer. In other cases, they will deny it, and lose control of themselves. Loss of control often resolves in faster mutation through the various phases and rapid Molting to something new. A very dangerous precedent in the mentality of a victim of the Nanophage.


Main article: Helogavish Culture

The Helogavana are bereft of connection once they contract the disease as they soon find themselves pariahs in their own family. Life closes one door and opens much more though in return. Many Helogav exist in their Households and do their best to survive, and find a renewed place among their family. Others search outward and join the Amaranth Court to better their people as a whole. Some take to learning the cryptic language used by Amaranth Courtiers known as Etyncal. Life for the Helogavana is one of reinvention and reconsideration, new chances born from the ashes of a previous life.

Local communities of Helogavana form into "Collectives" to support each other, often travel many miles to meet physically if they so wish. Others congregate on the SysNet to discuss what they make of themselves.

Racial Divisions

Main article: Helogavish Racial Divisions

The Helogavana are categorized by the mutated forms they take through the phases of the Nanophage. The four primary forms are called "Encryptions" to semi-predeterined forms that their metamorphosis takes over time. Lesser specifications are called Hexes as a reference to the curse that one takes on over time. The four Encryptions are organized along the elemental lines of earth, fire, wind, and water. The Ifrit are fire formed Helogav; the Gnome are earth and plant infused Corrupted; Undine are mercurial children of water, and the Sylph are those bound to become spirits of wind and air.

Larger groupings of Helogav are organized into the Amaranth Court and the Courtless. The Court itself exists as series of Circuits that each offer their own mercenary services to the highest bidders.