House Hachiman

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House Hachiman of Shirudo-kyo
"Gifrean rhé Fuall"
"Arcane by Blood"
Background Information
Founder Hachiman, The Virtuous
Subrace & Ethnicity Worldborn / Reijin
Rank & Kind Minor / Magister
Native Home Empire of Sutārei
Religion Thousandfold
Finances / Politics
Titles & Holdings Tandai (Castelesse) of Shirudo-kyo
Liege House Amaterasu
Vassals None
House Guard House Guard
Mecha Compliment Two Pendeks

House Hachiman of Shirudo-kyo (Hachiman-shi in their native tongue of Reigo) is a Provincial House of Yomi. Their ancestral fief is the mountain city of Shirudo-kyo on the planet Yomi where they hold the title of Tandai (Castelesse) under their liege, House Amaterasu. The family is primarily of Reijin descent with strong ties and relations to the Kumobito subgroup for their established bloodline in the home province of the Imperial family. The family is quite large and often features several active branches maintaining ties directly with the Imperial House of the Sutārei Teikoku. Meanwhile, the head branch of the clan is noted as protecting the sacred city and maintaining the powerful psi-lineages of their House. Genetically speaking, House Hachiman produces multiple powerful genics each generation with everyone serving the Imperial Household directly or as Errants as the Teikoku overall. As a Magister family the favor Thaumaturgy and Invocation with only a few members proving to be Taro over the years. Most family Errants specialize in either Elementalism or Conjuration as their chosen Discipline. The family's ancestral fief can be found in the Province of Tengoku-no-Kuni in Sutārei.


Hachiman the Virtuous was the Ancestral Guardian of the Eight Banners of Wa and the keeper of the Blessed Star Scrolls. When Reijin people fled into the Stars to later settle Yomi it was the arcane knowledge of the Hachiman Clan and its warriors who acted as a vanguard of their people. Even as the Thousand Islands were conquered the Hachiman were among first families to show signs of the Genic mutation. In response, the Chief of the Clan sent these children to learn under the eye of the masters of the Jade Dragon School where they soon proved their "magical" abilities as a gift from the Amatsukami themselves.

When the Amaterasu-shi swept out of the Heavenly Mountains the Bushi and the Omnyoji mystics of Hachiman went with them. As keepers of the Star Scrolls, the children of Virtue knew that without guidance even the most honorable warrior could fall to the void. So it was that the mystics of the Clan who counseled the House of War and gave their arcane power to bring the rest of the Isles under the rule of the Teikoku.

Ever since, the House of Hachiman has been faithful to the blood of the Sun Queen, and keepers of the ancient knowledge of the Stars.


The Lord Hachiman was a short man with a wiry build and long black hair. Much like their ancestor the House of Hachiman are not known for their height and usually rarely reach a maximum of 1.65 mevres. Some have wondered if this is because of Shipborn blood intermarried in several key points in their past (though that is just a rumor). While not the tallest and nor the most muscular members of the family are often athletically strong and deft of hand. Hachiman warriors often favor indirect combat or weapons that favor speed over strength leading to many to wield either Wakizashi or fight with twin swords in combat. Long range combat favoring their ancestor's mastery of Archery is also well known with several members of the family being masters of marksmanship throughout their history.

Women lead the Hachiman-shi even with a male founder and acknowledge this openly without regret. Men and nonbinary individuals in the family tend to take secondary roles like support, defenders, warriors and more to provide a united front for the House as a whole. All family members train in combat in some form with tactics of speed, and subterfuge being the primary focus of their philosophy of war. Games of tactics and lateral thinking are also highly favored versus direct confrontation when possible. Perhaps most of all, this is why many outside the family consider the Hachiman to be confusing and even nonsensical in their desire for a controlled outcome.

The family is well known for its strong present genic majority with those born with the gene displaying fiery red eyes and those who are not having brilliant hazel eyes.


The Hachiman Clan is an ancient family devoted to their duty of protecting the Imperial Family and the sacred Star Scrolls. From the moment a member of the Clan is old enough to read they are schooled first in poetry and sacred texts of the Thousandfold. As they age enough to show strong reflexes the children are tested for Genic mutations. Those who are tested and eventually manifest the red eyes will be sent to the Jade Dragon School for tutelage. Those who show no trace of the gene are trained in the art of war including philosophy, tactics, and combat. Every member of the clan is expected to either be a respectable warrior, a scholar or a mystic in the eyes of the Lord of the House. Those who fail are most often relegated to lesser roles and at worst are denied inheritance and even the right to bear children (though the latter is said to be only a rumor).

Members of the Clan once upon reaching majority are said to be gifted a singular fortune of their life by the leading Priest of the family's Thousandfold shrine. Most members of the family integrate the small piece of paper into their weaponry, into a piece of jewelry worn during ceremonial occasions. When a member of the Clan dies their fortune is read alone by the House Lady who then burns it ceremonially in a small fire located in the family shrine.

Errants of the Clan who show a high aptitude in their studies and training are offered as personal bodyguards to members of the Imperial family. Most are paired with an Imperial House member upon completion of apprenticing to an older Errant.

Earthly Names

There are five "Earthly Names" associated with the House of Hachiman.

  • Taira - The name associated with Theurges and Invokers (Omnyoji) who serve the Clan's personal Errant retinue.
  • Genji - The name associated with leading Officers serving the House Guard.

Direct Vassals