House Hormuz

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House Hormuz of Medeshahr
Viž Hormazd
"Araeth ác ionsuir."
"Wait and strike."
Background Information
Founder Farnaka Hormuz, the Silent
Subrace & Ethnicity Worldborn / Duzakat
Rank & Kind Sovereign House / Magister and Crafter
Native Home Kingdom of Ormazdshahr
Religion Crimson Creed
Finances / Politics
Titles & Holdings Princes de Rook
Earls de Duzahk
Padishahs (Barons) of Ormazdshahr
Marzbani (Baronets) of Medeshahr
Liege None
Vassals Minor Houses of Duzahk
House Tyr
House Indra
House Orghuz
House Emesory
House Singh
Guild Affiliation Wrights Guild
Arcanists Guild
House Guard Atmospheric Defense Forces
Naval Defense Forces
Mecha Compliment Eight Pendeks

House Hormuz of Medeshahr (Viž Hormazd in their native tongue of Duza) is the Sovereign House of the Rook System. Their ancestral fief is the mountainous province of Medeshahr, and their current native home is the Imperial Kingdom of Ormazdshahr on the planet of Duzahk. The Hormuz family is primarily of Duzakat blood but has a long history of intermarriage with other Faerin Ethnicities and even non-worldborn subraces. Gifted in the arts of Tek, the Hormuz are a Crafter and Magister family. Their bloodline while known in battle has spent decades on building their mercantile premise and fostering a powerful affinity with the Genic gene. The family's ancestral home is Sunfyre Tower in the province of Medeshahr.


The history of House Hormuz is riven with falsehoods and lies. The truth of their origins long lost to the tides of history. The family itself claims they were founded by the immortal who lived in the arid world of Aru thousands of years ago. No matter who their Immortal ancestor was, the modern House claims descent from an androgyne by the name of Farnaka. Already a family name, Hormuz, would become elevated after Farnaka served as a principal minister for Atreus the mad during his reign.

Doing well enough to earn the appreciation of the mad Monarch, Farnaka was gifted with the right to marry a distant relative of the Aken dynasty bearing enough blood of the Imperial to be considered noble. From these simple origins the family returned to its home of Duzahk and spent the following generations building its power on its home planet. Their small Kingdom would over time rise and claim more territory from a collection of cities to a powerful band of provinces. It was the guile of the family who kept them alive and allowed them to year by year claim more power even after a simple misstep.


Members of the House are primarily of the Duzakat ethnicity which favors a dark tanned skin and hair. Their eyes usually appear as various shades of purple showing their imperial status as House Sovereign. The family itself has for many years favored non-binary gender identities with only a few rulers identifying as either male or female. Genics are not uncommon in the family with at least one or two born into it each generation. Mentally, the family is stereotyped as underhanded probably because of their early origins as bankers. While the family is far from warlike its strong Genic traits have bred a warrior strain in the family which has over time built them longstanding connections to the Arcanists Guild, the Wrights Guild, and others.


Some say that the Hormuz keep a massive old leather book filled with the wrongful death of every family member. This book of vengeance is said to be core to the family's belief in waiting to strike when the time is right. The truth is far more straight forward. The long and lengthy rise of House Hormuz has been strongly linked to the "untimely" demise of their opponents and carefully orchestrated political machination. Only direct threats have ever pushed the family to call for "Blood Feud", but when pushed they strike with all the fury of an angry nest of scorpions.

A common tradition among the members of the House is to gather once a year in the gilded palace of High One's Rest and hold a council of minds. Even the House Lord is asked to act civil in this as the family airs its grievances amongst itself and prepares for the following year. This is generally when the various Cadet branches (if any exist at the time) discuss their thoughts on the current direction of the House, and its future standing in the Triad.

Another common tradition is for the family to House its small selection of Eternal Chevaliers in a massive series of sarcophagi buried deep underneath their ancestral palace in Medeshar, the Sunfyre Tower. Only when a new pilot takes control of the machine are they unearthed and activated from their quiet slumber.

Direct Vassals