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Invocation, the Art of Bonds
Founder(s) The Three Awoken Disciples
Elder Tongue Name Éalinn eré Sneadénlau
Practitioner Invoker; Riven / Deathscuen / Tek-Marshal
Nicknames Bond-caller, Evoker
Philosophies Falling-Sun, Rising-Moon, Dying-Star

"Feel the power that resides within"

Invocation is one of the more ritualized Arts of Psi and has become steeped in the mysteries of legend. The Deathscuean of the Gwagaruh is said to be able to enshrine themselves in Shadow and to dull the very sound around themselves to kill in utter silence. Modern Riven are said to not only sheath themselves in flame and other elements but are able to deliver devastating unarmed blows while compounding the damage with discharged Psi energy. Invokers are feared for not only the enigma of their powers but the real world knowledge that they subtly control Psi on a level that no other. This ability called "Shifting" allows them to do things that the other two Arts can only dream of.

The core ideology of Invocation is "imbuement" as a means of calling upon the power within and imbuing oneself with that power. Invokers use themselves not only as a weapon but as the direct source of direction and discharge of their internal Psi energies.


The origins of Invocation lay in the lengthy tradition of martial arts spread throughout the Triad. From the various fighting forms of the Five Animal Styles of Rook to the Old Shoe style found in Masardie. These forms of fighting including boxing became central to the establishment of Invocation. Without the history of fighting forms and understanding of body movements, there would be no Invocation Art. Out of the three Arts established in the Triad itself, only Invocation has no direct history with the Knights Imperial. In fact, Invocation evolved separately among individuals known collectively as the Three Awoken Disciples. Each Disciple was a follower of a woman named "Singing Crane" who was a master of multiple combat styles.

The actual story itself is only a legend, but many Invocation masters state that the Three Disciplines formulated the ability to direct Psi energy after years of meditation and practice. The three then took on their Master and slew Singing Crane in a fit of rage. The actual reasons are unknown, but many think it was revenge for a supposed reign of devastation. What is known is that when Singing Crane perished it was in a flurry of gravimetric disturbances and fire. The Disciples had killed their mentor with the fury of trained Genics.

The Three Schools

Singing Crane's death heralded a time of turmoil for the trio of fighting masters. Each would eventually go their own way, but longstanding alliances die hard. The Awoken Disciples would each over time gain a following for their part in killing their old master and become masters themselves. These schools would become known as the Falling-Sun, the Rising-Moon, and the Dying-Star; each today comprise the primary leading philosophical trend within the Art itself. While the schools were once powerful training grounds once long ago, they have been subsumed by the greater powers of the Battle Schools. Some of their knowledge however still remains within the notable schools created by the major Arashic Cabals who adopted them as their own.


"Strike with thunder; move with lightning."

The power an Invoker uses is charged and directed to sensitive cybernetic implants known as Leynes which allow the user to control flurries of Psi energy called Auras. The ability to do so takes years of practice requires constant training to maintain. Unlike their compatriots, an Invoker must use their mind to mentally pull Psi energy from their fortified well. Once the energy is drawn it is collected at the exterior ports of the Leyenes which appear in the balls and the feet of the user. From here the user can then wrap themselves in the energy, grow it, or spell it as they see fit.

Yin drew his hands forward and felt the building energy and then stepped backward. With a breath, he then jabbed his hands forward in succession. Streams of flame shot out from the Leynes located in his palms as the fire moved toward his enemy. Then by opening his palm and jerking his hand a singular long blaze like a breathing dragon shot out as well.

Building and Controlling Auras

The collective direction and controlling of Psi energy by an Invoker is called an "Aura". Auras as simple as shooting a frozen spike at an enemy, lighting one's fists in fire or projecting mental order to a machine. Aura's are constructed at the end point of the Leyne and are then directed by the movements of the Invoker themselves. Direct short movements will send the Aura firing out from the user. If the user collects the energy and waves it about they can turn the energy into a whip.

"A direct jab will create a short burst," intoned their trainer as Yin listened. "A focusing upon her hand will focus the energy and hone the Aura!" Ice gathered upon the teacher's hand as she then sent several ice spikes speeding toward a target with a flick of her hand.

More complicated movements such as drawing a singular flame along the body requires the motion of hands, and legs. This means an Invoker must understand the limitations of their own body. An Aura is only as strong and focused as the person controlling it. Thus to build an Aura a person must mentally pool and hold it. When they wish to use a given power of a different Discipline they must mentally choose it and shift their boy to fit a style of martial art that befits that new form.

"Violent and aggressive is best for fire, use sturdy and slow to form wards," stated the teacher. Who clapped their hands together and spread it out to send out a blue shaped line of energy that stood transfixed. By moving her hands diagonally the ward widened and by snapping her arms forward it shifted further in front of her.

Precision Versus Overwhelming Force

One of the greatest challenges facing the Scions of the Three Awoken Disciplines is the use of overwhelming force or precision. Precise movements of Auras require control and finesse. Overwhelming force results from summoning as much energy as possible and then shooting it at the target. The latter is allows a user to do much such as releasing a blast of frozen air at the enemy, versus freezing the ground beneath them. However, the two can be combined to great effect to take down an enemy.

If a user wishes to use or change one of their powers they need to first emit their first aura and then rapidly link it to another. This is done by attaching a "Leyline" a thread of Psi energy that lets the Invoker activate a secondary effect to their original Aura.

"Johnny sent out a lance of electricity toward Yin and as zhe did zhe strung the Aura with three Leynes, as the energy jolted forward it landed on the ground and formed into an orb. Then with a movement of zher hands, the orb sprung upward and shot out another arc of energy.

Leyline control requires focus and of course energy. Such advanced forms of Aura construction can eat up an Invoker's well rabidly. Therefore, displaced abilities of Psi are often placed as trump or last resort. Those who can master weaving and puppets the Leylines and their auras are considered masters of their Art. Some can even use the Leylines to envelope themselves in energy or even just a small amount using the ability to Shift the Psi along their body.

Yin raised his hand above his as it glowed with static energy that moved along his body as he faced off against Johnny. As he channeled the energy along his body he was able to block just a bit of the damage of the lancing orb.