Jade Dragon School

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The Jade Dragon School of Martial Arts
Core Facts
Leader(s) Abbot / Headmaster
Headquarters The Leaoping Tiger Mountain Valley of Bou
Regions Yomi

"I cannot teach you the way, only what the way means to you."

-Abbot Batuo, First Headmaster

Few can master the various styles taught at the Jade Dragon School and fewer still imagine themselves even gracing the confines of the legendary mountain valleys where the school makes it home. But fewer warriors still have the skill, myth, and tenacity to face a Jade Swordmaster in combat and live to tell the tale. One of the first institutions to be founded on Yomi, the Jade Dragon School is a multi-ethnic enterprise found in the country of Bou and is actively supported via the patronage of all the Great Families of the nearby nations.

Most Yomijin Errants who walk underneath the mist filled skies of the Emerald Crownworld of the Sentinel System, and most can trace their warrior heritage back to the monastic order who once held sway in the School's past.


The Annals of the Jade Dragon have existed since the settlement of Yomi itself in during the second Millenium Starfire. Eventually the modern in the central mountains of Bou several disparate sages bound together to form an independent monastic order to weather the wars between the nations of Tianxia and Sutārei. Throughout the ages, various masters of weapons craft and martial arts came to live among the order and imparted their knowledge to those within. One of the greatest was Jade Falcon who was the prime teacher of the first Imperial Adjutant, Rei, many more joined the ranks of the masters and after their passing their names were added to the list of champions in the orders valley homes.

Years later after being secluded and only seeing few visitors the Jade Dragon's disciples took to the field and defended their home against an invasion of Voidkin. For days they held their ground to defend their fellow Yomijin and finallly broke the enemy. Afterward when the Jade Dragon School was opened to the nobility it was their sacrifice which gave them the great level of autonomy they enjoy in modern eras.


The Jade Dragon School is like most Tek schools in that it organizes itself into a series of Senior Masters who each specialize in a particular Arts of Psi. Every Senior Master then answers to the Headmaster and the Abbot of the Monastic order who keeps the grounds of the massive school. Many of the different arts have their own respective "styles" which befit a certain weapon or preferred means of manipulating their chosen Art. Most Styles are closely guarded secrets passed down from teacher to student, and a particular path is often carefully pruned to prevent enemies from stealing information from current disciples.

Most of the faculty of the Jade Dragon come from the nations of Sutārei, Tianxia and Gaeryo. However, several Masters come from abroad especially from the neighboring Outer Rim colonies and the nations of the other worlds. Many Arashii from the local Gwashin Coven participate in teaching each new generation of students.

Notable Styles

The styles of the Jade Dragon once heavily focused on the art of the sword and bo staff. Yet years of advancement has created a variety of competing styles each focusing on a primary culture weapon found on the planet of Yoma.

Tarot Styles:

  • Two Heaven Style - The Two Sword Style of Yomi is an infamous style created by the Laughing Bandit. It utilizes the long and short sword of the traditional Daisho of the Bushi of Yomi as a means defeating opponents with ruthless efficiency.
  • Crescent Dragon Style - A mixed form formulated from the Naginatajutsu of Sutārei and the mastery of the Guandao bladed staff of Tianxia.

Thaumaturgy Styles:

  • Thunder Eye Style - Invented by master Jade Falcon, the Thunder Eye style focuses on strategically placing sigils defensively to trip the defenses of the enemy using a long staff Stylus.
  • Broken Leaf Form - The Broken Leaf has its history in the scribals schools of Gaeryo and utilizes a small brush like stylus to quickly and rapidly deliver cascades offensively.

Invocation Styles:

  • Thousand Eye Style - From the mountains of Tianxia the Masters of the Iron Way created the Thousand Eye, a form manipulating one's internal energy to redirect attacks from multiple directions.
  • Torn Way Style - Laughingly called the "Drunks form", Errants of the Torn Style practice a fluid of broken motion allowing to create unpredictable offensive and defensive moves.


The Jade Dragon School is made up of a series of fortress monasteries built on the high swinging plateaus and ridges which encircle the Valley of Thunder. Here the grand Yellow River of Tianxia flows out from the mouth at the end of the valley from the lands of Bou and into the lowlands that make up the homeland of the Dragon Kings. Each fortress monastery of the school is a vast flat structure home to a resident senior master and their collective of senior faculty. The three primary monasteries are each dedicated to one of the Arts with a fourth housing the Grand Mysteries where the champions of the school are remembered.