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Welcome to the Land in the Stars Wiki (LiTS Wiki for short)! A repository of lore, and information on the LiTSverse created by trans author, Quinn Ní Callaghan.


What is LiTS?

The Imperial Ancestral Banner of the Star Empire of Avalon; a Argent Enneagram (Nine-Pointed Star) rising above a large Ermine Triskelion (Three-Ended Knot) on a Purpure (purple) field.

Land In The Stars (or more commonly LiTS or LITS) or "Taer-shá-Séreanna" in Elder Tongue, is a massive queer / LGBTIQA+ Space Opera setting and literary universe created by Quinn Ní Callaghan aka "ShadowedSin". The setting started it's initial creation in 2014 as a Play-by-Post Roleplay setting and has steadily evolved over time into a full literary universe. Set in the isolated Star Empire of Avalon, LITS is a universe where the powerful and corrupt Noble Houses have spent millennia competing for power after the fall of their Immortal Ancestors eras before. Now that the Third and final Imperial Dynasty has ended, the Three Systems Era reigns supreme as powerful mecha Chevalier and their mutant pilots fight in a constant state of war to gain the upper hand for their lieges.

The Avalonic Empire is centered around the three core stars of Throne, Rook and Sentinel (or the Triad) as well as their respective worlds. Here in the Triad the Noble Houses control everything from state media to the vast monopolies of every industry. Five known species make their home in Avalonic space; the ever adapting Faeru (the majority of the Empire); their syntheic creations the Soulgiven; the undying cybernetic Arashii; the vampiric and monstrous Gwagaruh; and the forsaken mutants of the Helogav.

What type of stories do you write here?

Land in the Stars is a Mythic Space Opera setting that uses Mythologies from cultures across the world, with inspiration from popular novels, anime, and televisions series. This means that while there may be Space Flight-there is no “Jumpdrive” or “Hyperspace”. Most if not all of the stories written in the LITSverse are heavily focus on Queer / Trans / and Nonbinary experiences. This stems heavily from Quinn's experience as a trans woman and her exploration into the complexity of gender identity and bodily autonomy and expression.

Lore in the Stars

The Lore behind LiTS is lengthy and detailed. Articles are split into general categories with a further explanation provided in outward spanning (more specific articles render from related articles). All canon continuity is posted on the LITSwiki as Quinn adds additional articles when she may (or has enough coffee or redbull to do so!).

The Primary Lore Articles

Here are the primary lore articles you may browse at your own discretion.

Races of Avalon
The Five Races of Avalon include the imperious clannish Faeru who once ruled the power of Empires, but are now divided into feuding Houses. Their synthetic humanoid creations, the Soulgiven, who act as slaves, and servants to their Faerin masters. In the Shadows and behind the guises of both Soulgiven and Faeru dwell the Gwagaruh (the Hollowed Ones), vampiric / parasitic creations that play puppeteer while others of their ilk wish to invade the Triad and turn it into a massive feeding ground. In their ivory towers, the Cybernetic Resurrected Arashii perfect the arts of combat, science, and innovation to bring greater knowledge to the Triad. Finally, a horrible rare disease strikes victims giving rise to the elemental Helogav (the corrupted) who must seek their own counsel to survive the stigma raised against them.

Terminology and Slang
The peoples of Avalon over the many Eras of history have constructed a unique series of jargon, terms, slang, and much more to describe the universe of the Avalon Cluster.

Nations and Astrography
The Astrography of the Avalon Cluster is varied and complex. From the nations of the Worlds to the Space Colonies of the Pale. The multitude of regions that inhabit the Avalon Cluster hold untold peoples, and cultures. Center of this all lies the Triad, home to the three stars of Throne, Rook, and Sentinel. To the stellar north lies the North Reaches which border the dead star of Void. South lies the Southern Reaches, a series of drifting colonies home to radical kingships said to draw wisdom from the esoteric monasteries of the twining stars of the Spire System.

Eras of History
It all began with the World's Gate, and wayward colonists left by the now mythical Ancestors, god-like beings that left political dissidents on the worlds of Elys and Aru as punishment for questioning their rule. Each Era from the first Imperial Dynasty to the Shattered Era or the Second Expansion Era shaped the course of evolution in the Avalon Cluster. Debts, feuds, and old grudges hailing back over a thousand years are often hidden in the advanced history of nations, and empires alike. The current Era, the Three Systems Era, is a time of war, honor bound oaths, and the desire to take the Ancestor Throne (the Imperial Throne) for whoever can hold it.

Avalon System Society
All aspects of Avalonic Society have evolved through over three thousand years of history. It was under the Third Dynasty that the Societal Order was penned which orders the Estates of the Nobility, the Clergy, and the Commons. It is the Societal Order which allocates the fiefs of Houses and established the modern government of the House-Senate, The Sénann.

Tek and Psi
There are some among the Faerin population who are born with a genetic mutation still a mystery to modern scientists. The Genic Gene (as it is called) unleashes strange powers including telekinesis, projecting nightmares into the minds of others, or even causing victims to black out. These powers are harnessed through cybernetic implants known as Tek (Techno-Energetic Kinesis) which allow the user to do wonders. Bend gravity or the elements to their will; summon fire or ice to defend themselves, or even create elaborate telepathic illusions.

Technology of Avalon
Four Thousand years of knowledge lie at the heart of the technological revolutions which have come to shape the Triad. From weapons of war to the elaborate nanite technology that created the Blood, Mark. Technology in the Land in the Stars is complex, alien, and at times utterly mind-warping. Much of it is either dedicated to war to fuel the feuds of the Houses themselves, or in other cases the enjoyment, and convenience of the nobility.