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Tt is known by many names throughout the Sea of Stars. The Avalon System or "The Triad" itself is a trinary star system split between two closely dual orbing stars and one far orbiting stars. Each star then holds a small cluster of planets and moons that have over time led to the foundation of the polities of the Land in the Stars. Outside the reach of the Triad lies the two other systems of the overall Avalon Cluster. To the Astral North is Void, a dead star with several planetoids held in its grasp. To the south is the mysterious Spire System. Between both lie the Reaches, and the Marches regions of loose satellites, drifting debris, and far orbiting asteroids.

Known Space

The Star Maps of the Sea of Stars are wide, and complex while often including regions only said to exist in myth. These include the Garden of Babylon and the Fable Fields of Idunn. Many dangers lurk outside the edges of occupied space which has given to the notion of "Known Space", the areas controlled or under the contact of the Triad itself. Realistically this has been often far more confused because of the strange gravitational forces that exist outside the orbit of the central three stars of the Three Systems.

Grav-Currents and Star-Winds

Much like naval navigators of old Elys and Aru, the Star-Navigators of Space has coined the term "Grav-Current" for the existence of strange forces said to work paths of gravitational flow outside the gravity wells of the planets. That combined with the "Star-Winds" allow for the current form of sub-light space travel with the usage of Solar Sailing Starships. In many areas, the Grav-Currents create strange whirling orbits giving the existence of the Drifter colonies of the outer Asteroid Belts known as the Marches.

Most of the Grav-Currents and even the Star-Winds have been mapped themselves. There are three primary "Trade-Winds" that exist across the Triad that create the ability to quickly traverse the areas of space between the Systems themselves. These winds are:

  • The Gold Wind - The Wind that flows from the central system of Throne, and is press further by Rook through both High Passes through the Marches, and even out toward the North Reaches.
  • The Ancestral Road - A counter wind that flows from the ways of Spire through the Southern Reaches, is enhance by rays of Sentinel and Rook and heads eventually with navigation to the Throne System.
  • The King's Road - A small Wind that allows the flow of trade from the outer systems out toward the Rim, said to be named after an ancient King of Duzahk who ordered the charting of the wind itself.


Even in Known Space there is a level of danger, and simply the abyss of the Unknown. Reports across the Triad, and even into the Reaches speak of ancient monsters that have devoured entire ships. All that is certain is that certain regions of the Star Maps of even the Triad read clearly "Here-Be-Monsters".

The Triad

Known as the Three Systems, the Avalon System (as the three stars make up a loose Trinary System) is the home of modern civilization and the origin of all five races within the Avalon Cluster as a whole.

The Core System - Throne

The central system of Avalon is simply called Throne, with the large star representing the central polities of the Core Worlds. Albeit named for royalty and kingship, the planets of Throne are in fact filled with bickering and torrential politics.

  1. Aru - The middle world of the Throne System, and home to vast open plains and home to some of the greatest artists in Avalon.
  2. Elys - One of the three core worlds of Throne, and home to one of the oldest knighthoods in all of the Avalon system. Elys is the original seat of the Avalonic Star Empire.
    1. Tatara - A dark hellish small mineral-rich moon that orbits lazily around Elys.
  3. Irkal - The outer world of the Throne system and home of religious orders that bring the faith of the Ancestors to the rest of Avalon as a whole. A land of immortal cyber-cities, Irkal has a strange anarchistic feel to its culture and people.
    1. Aral (Irkal Secundo) - The lesser forest moon of Irkal and a home of the ancient Battle of the Silver Creed. Renamed Aral during the Second Imperial Era.
  4. Loki's Eye - A large gas giant on the edge of Throne Space, and home to the corsair station of the Laughing One.

Inner Pale

The inner Lagrange points assigned to the series of fixed space colonies that inhabit the inner sphere of the Avalon System. The Inner Pale is filled with a various collection of colonies known as Sectors.

Border March

A large asteroid belt filled with strange gravitational eddies and corsairs. The Middle March separates the dual systems of Throne and Rook, acting as a border between the Core, and Middle Worlds.

The Middle System - Rook

Rook is the middle territory of Avalon and in ages past was once the home to the defensive line of the Star Empire. Now that the Imperial Age has come to an end it is home to divisionist factions, and bickering religious sects. Many young explorers come here to prepare to head into the Far Marches to seek the lost treasures of the Ages past.

  1. Aesgir - A warrior world filled with competing tribes, and a semi-feuding noble family, Aesgir is the original capital of Rook under the Star Empire
  2. Narak Prime - A large gas ringed world with an atmosphere of boiling gas and plasma.
    1. Narak II - Home of the Narak Sub-System, and of the mercantile empire of the Vish Fief. The Entirety of Narak is the home of the Vish Empire, an Imperial Duchy which also encompasses an independent series of mining colonies in dual crossing rings. This colony is manned primarily by a strange population of Homunculi and is ruled by the only known House Elector Synthetic.
  3. Erlik - A large plains covered world and home to a warrior culture of nomadic technocrats. The never ending Grass Ocean of a planet is separated by a series of large Salt Water lakes known as the God-Mirrors. Land on Elrik is ruled by the six Khagan or the Khans as they are called in the north.
  4. Duzahk - A technical world covered in spiring cities, and grand technological ziggurats. Duzakh is is a varied world filled with roving nomads and grand cities made from glistening plasteel.

Outer Pale

The more rigorous space colonies created by the second Expansion of the Star Empire. The Outer Pale is incredibly independent and is filled with various fiefs often fought over by the Minor Houses of the Triad.

The Far Marches

A large outer ring of asteroids that split the inner and outer sphere of the Avalon System. This is home to not only pirates but strange esoteric anomalies such as ghost ships and much more. The Marcher Sweep has historically destroyed the Corsair population of the Far Marches.

The Outer System - Sentinel

Sentinel is the home of the last colonies to be created during the Imperial Age and is home to several fiercely independent factions that seek to press their power upon the Inner systems.

  1. Anwn - The original home of the Imperial Capital of Sentinel and is the current home of the High Arts Academy where Genics are taught the power of Tek in Sentinel. The power of nobility in Anwn is controlled by the Caer or Dun, the great fortresses ruled by the powerful tribes of the planet.
    1. Mag Mell - The Moon of Magel Mell is, in fact, a large spherical space station left derelict in the orbit of Anwn dating back to the foundation of the Star Empire.
  2. Raoharenga - A small world covered in water and islands. Because of this reason the two main chains of islands are ruled by two separate families under the rule of House Rakinui.
  3. Yomi - A mountain of fleeting tropical seas, and high misty mountains. Yomi is home to clannish peoples who value, the sword, honor, and their word above all else. The planet is also the home of the infamous Jade Dragon School.
  4. Mishlen - A former colony destroyed by a mysterious invading alien force. Once ruled by the Serpent-Kings of old, it is the lost homeland of the Ayar Arashia.

Outer Rim

The farthest edge of the Avalon System, the Rim is home to the hardy folk of House Bithala and the people of Sherivaya, the Salay. Life on the rim is far from easy, as it is one of the few places where Voidkin raids are a fact of life.

The North Reaches

Known by many names, the North Reaches are the region far outside the reign of the Border Marches, and Astrographically north of the edge of the Outer Rim. Here is a place filled with grand nebulas, dead rogue planetoids and the shifting eddies of the Wyld Currents. One of the last areas to be colonized, the North Reachfolk are a hardy sort who deal with yearly raids from the Voidkin, and must also combat the other dangerous creatures said to dwell in the depths of space. Several strange ghostly artifacts are said to shift nonsensically throughout the region, as sightings of Ghost Starships are also common.

The Dead Star - Void

There are only legends of the Void System so named as it the graveyard of ships, planets, and even a star itself. Void itself is rumored to be a Black Dwarf Star, making it home to a system of utter darkness. Carefully placed complexes built into the cold planetoids and drifter colonies filled with Voidkin supposedly fill the shadowy skies of the darkest part of the Sea of Stars.

The Southern Reaches

The Southern Reaches is said to be the home of grand corsair kingdoms, and a flourishing Empire that still carries the ancient rites of the Artur Dynasty. Few remember what has said years ago when the Reconquest of the Reaches retook the South, but those that returned never spoke of it. The Souther Reaches is perhaps the most open, and yet the least known of the Reaches. A place where a strange faith known as the "Way" is respected throughout the various polities, as it pays homage to the Monks of Spire.

The Monastic Star - Spire

The Spire System is a binary featuring two stars twirling in an ongoing interconnected orbit. One is a bright blue, and the other is small yet its powerful gravitational pull reaches great solar flares of electric blue energy upon its surface. On a large lonely orbit around the two stars is the small monastery world of Logos. A place where ancient Monks are said to contemplate the meaning of the original Exile from the lands of ancient Alltar itself.