Races of Avalon

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The peoples of Avalon are all descended from in some way the original Fae colonists that came through the World’s Gate in 0 Star-Fall. The actions of the Colonists and their descendants, the Faeru, are the catalyst behind the other races of Avalon. Either as masters or as foolhardy scientists, the peoples of Avalon exist for the actions of people who call themselves “the Fated Ones’.

The races of Avalon because of the diversity of regions and spatial environments has led to an extensive amount of diversity among the races. Some of this is engineered from the Ancestors who once ruled the two planets of Elys and Aru. In other cases, it was self-inflicted upon the race in question. For this reason, each Avalonic Race has a division of ‘subraces” which have their own unique biological traits and differences. Specific or across subraces are then “Breeds” which are often groups or populations with common physical and temperamental traits. Nobility among the Faeru is often considered a castelike breed with their bloodmarks and uniquely high proclivity toward producing Genics.

A chaotic people who are ruled by the Noble Houses (Sovereign, Greater Minor) and shaped the very course of Avalonic History for millennia. It is they who their hubris, their greatness, and their innovation that birthed the other four races. Imperialist, envious, clannish, all these words describe the complexity that is the Faerin way of life. The Faeru invented much of the technology of modern the Three Systems Era and are one of the two races that naturally produce Genics, and is they who fight wars with the mecha known as Chevaliers.

The Synthetic children of the Faeru, the Enarodyr are machines given flesh or form in that of a Faerin (humanoid) form along with the ability to evolve their own personalities. The first series, the Homunculi rebelled against their creators, and started a war that ended the First Imperial Dynasty. Later Synthetic generations have been revived to serve living bond-servants in Faerin Houses and as the assistants of the-the Errant pilots of the Faerin Chevalier. Soulgiven live as second-class citizens, and some seek to gain equality in the feudal society of the Triad.

The Hollowed Ones are a race of vampiric monstrosities that have the ability to appear as either Faeru or Soulgiven. To hide their true selves is what gains the Gwagaruh the edge in their role as puppeteers and bogeymen of Triad nightmare. Ruled by the dangerous god-like Progenitors, the Gwagaruh are split into numerous factions all vying for their own agenda to take the feeding grounds of the Avalon Cluster. Like the Faeru Gwagaruh are able to produce natural Genics, and it was they who created the foundations of the technology that harnesses these abilities known as Tek.

Created from a mishap in the drive for immortality, the Arashii are a race of reanimated dead who aspire to perfect skill and art in their long neverending lives. While they are unable to heal naturally, they are gifted with some regenerative powers from the mysterious liquid only known as Black Ichor, a substance that gives life to the dead, and forces addiction.

The Corrupted, Star-Lepers, or simply the ones who are to be avoided, they are the Helogav. A people victimized by a mutagenic disease known as the Nanophage, a nanotechnological ailment that turns their Faerin victims into living elemental entities. Through a series of phases, and kept stable through specialized technology. Because of their near pariah state, they exist in a courtly system of their own and offer their strange supernatural abilities up to the highest bidder.