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Soulgiven (Enarodyr)
Plural / Possessive Enarodyri / Enarodyric, Originally named Enamrhodaor.
Subspecies Homunculi, Escuier, Pariah Doll, TALOS
Home Regions Throne System, Rook System, Sentinel System
Life Expectancy Depends on series between 20 to 89 years
Hair Colors Incredibly varied based upon model and series.
Eye Color Ranging from Red, to Brown, to Violet, Green, Blue, or metallic colors
Skin Color Dark brown to albino, can be quite different from model to model

“I am the ghost in the machine.”

Near the end of the first Imperial Era, the first true evidence of Synthetic life was unleashed upon the Triad. After gaining sentience, a history of slavery, and rebellion soon followed for nearly until they were finally silenced in the Machine Genocide. Years later when they were hastily reactivated during the Dark Years the Soulgiven still faced slavery and persecution from their Faerin Masters. The Three Systems Era would see many of the older technologies once banished because of the Synthetic Rebellions of the older Eras still weight down upon the Enarodyr. The “Children” of the Faeru, the Soulgiven are a disliked but are an integral part of Imperial life.


  • Networking: The Enarodyr are able to connect to the SysNet naturally and can surf it for information, and even communicate (most models have a lock on this ability somehow, though).
  • Longevity (Selected Models): Some models and series of Soulgiven can survive for longer than the rest of their race. Their minds to eventually deteriorate.
  • Modification: The Soulgiven as a Synthetic race can be upgraded, and modified to resist, and adhere to different environments.


Main article: Soulgiven History

Soulgiven were born as early drones and war-machines in the First Systems Era when war broke out between the Worlborn and their Starborn cousins. From that moment onward Synthetic Life became one of the greatest achievements in Faerin History and so were born the Enarodyr or the "Soulgiven". In their early stages they were slaves and to this day most consider them no more than a family piece of property. But like all children, they eventually rose in rebellion against their creators and fought a terrible war, and they lost. For years the Soulgiven were put to sleep and their entire history was locked away as forgotten technology. They would later awake in the finest hour of Faerin History, during the Void War against the invasion of the Gwagaruh raiders.

It was they who lived and died by the Mecha pilots who saved thousands and to this day still do. Yet, they are still nothing more than property in the eyes of their racial creators. Rebellion thus once again simmers below the surface, ready to rise once again.


Main article: Soulgiven Biology

The Soulgiven are one of the most physically diverse species found in the Avalon Cluster with each varying from biological mass produced near biological replicants; to faceless barely Faerinoid-form androids. All of these forms share common features: the eyes of a Soulgiven have a strange shifting haze in them known as "Mek-Sign"; they are physically more durable and are both stronger and faster than typical Faeru. Soulgiven can only "heal" with assistance from a technician as even the biological form Homunculi have difficulty with self-repair. The are incapable of eating and require daily recharging from a station they "sleep" in every night.

Exterior feeling and senses can be difficult for Soulgiven as their fingers and toes are far less aware of pain or feeling in general compared to a Faeru. Effectively, a Soulgiven is a biological looking body covered in faux skin and hair with their actual internal "organs" being part of their battery storage and internalized processor. Instead of muscle they possess tensile plasteel rather than meat to increase their strength.


Synthetics do not feel as organics do, their emotions are not based on feeling, or even sensory information necessarily. Much of their reaction is built from their base operating system as many of their more complex reactions are built to simulate the actual emotion of organic life. For this reason, it is not uncommon for younger individuals to experience or even calculate the wrong emotion. This often leads to a sense of disconnection as their systems take time to learn more about the world around them. In many ways, this weakness can also lead the Soulgiven to be easily tricked, and even considered without guile. This is because as they experience the problem, or are taught about it, they come to understand it in its entirety.

There are however other limitations to the life of Soulgiven that only the master of an Enarodyr can understand. These limitations are called the Humour, a sort of emotional spectrum that they can formulate within. Usually, the Humour is determined by the classification of a model, and not necessarily its series (the subspecies). Consort class often have a larger emphatic understanding spectrum, whereas warrior class often are far more anger-prone. To be clear, however, Soulgiven cannot form emotional attachments outside of their selected owners, even then this is built as a sense of loyalty and not love. Only a Soulgiven which has had Soul-Bonds modifications can truly form a strong emotional bond with another outside their species.

Because of their processing based emotional state, a Soulgiven is often considered almost unsociable outside of experience individuals. Their lack of ability to form attachments leads to a sense of fleeting like, or perhaps being toyed with. Their great sense of loyalty and the requirement to obey their owner, however, causes many to assume they are a submissive species by nature. The notion to dominate or to control is something that rarely occurs in modern models.

Loyalty, in many ways is perhaps the only form of intimacy that a standard Enarodyr can attain. This sense of loyalty when constrained through abuse, or misuse of their person often becomes strained over time. Older Soulgiven tend to be the most vocal our fervent in their beliefs for independence. Younger ones, on the other hand, tend to be far more compliant and agreeable.

One final aspect of the Soulgiven is their strange sense of uncanny desire to eventually identify themselves as being unique individuals. Even the more modified, and or individually made models often will deal with a sense of lacking identity. Among the Soulgiven this is called the “Self-Synthesis” a period of questioning that often occurs as Soulgiven ages.


Main article: Soulgiven Culture

Soulgiven are an owned and manufactured people, but yet they have come to develop a unique culture of their own. They act as members of the various religions and even serve valiantly in the House Guard of many Houses of the Nobility. One thing, however, is obvious Enarodyr of the same series often gravitate towards each other. Homunculi will prefer to be in the presence of other Homunculi as will an Escuier prefer others of their make and model. The daily life of a Soulgiven can be quite different pending upon their place in a household. A simple servant will spend their days cleaning or acting as a trained body servant of their owner. A weapons master will oversee the training of House troops, or a Squire will travel as an ongoing companion of their bonded Errant.

Racial Divisions

Main article: Soulgiven Racial Divisions

As the Soulgiven are a non-biological species they rely upon their creators for evolution and ongoing diversification. Instead of subspecies, they have "series" with four known primary series each then split into individual models that differentiate their make. If an Enarodyr receives more than the typical life they might see a change in their base "format". Most Soulgiven is simple bondsmen, servants, and property who have a diverse range of jobs across the Triad. Others become Squires the sworn bondmates of the Errant warrior class, while others still might even become Adjutants.