Soulgiven Racial Divisions

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The racial divisions of the Enarodyr are slightly different from those of other races. As a manufactured people, the Soulgiven are often quite different in appearance, and in origin. The Meisters who build, and maintain them race take artistic license with rare modifications, and personalization with some models (the Squires more so than others). Some Soulgiven undergo extensive modification to meet the requirements of specific work for certain organizations or livelihoods across the Triad.


A Format is a ‘breed’ of Soulgiven, a form of external and or internal modification that alters the unit to be different from the rest of its kind. This can be an occupational modification, a required one, or something done for a variety of reasons.

Bondsmen (General)

Bondsmen are the general servants and workers that are sworn to serve a given House of the Faerin nobility. They are rarely specifically modified, and can, however, come in many forms. Some are warriors, some are courtesans.; while others are simply household servants found across the Three Systems.

Squire (Soul-Bonded)

Taken from the term bestowed upon Rhiannon the partner of Empress Gwyn oc Artur, the Squires are specially modified Soulgiven created to bond with an Errant. This requires the careful implementation of Soulbonds along their cranial ridge and also along the length of their spine. In response, the Squire is able to feel full emotion and often forms a tight empathic bond with their assigned or chosen Errant master.

  • Shield-Bearer - Weaponcraft is their expertise and the training of it. Shield-Bearers undergo extensive virtual training to be the primary arms master for their bonded Errant. For this reason they are more often inclined to fight beside their Errant, or even defend them if need be. This reason is perhaps why they tend to have a more brutal connection to their chosen Chevalier, and often have a higher likelihood of experiencing disruptions in their bond to their Chevalier.
  • Mek-Soul - The Mek-Soul is one of the rarer, and more mystically infused Squire Formats. Their name comes from the strange, and almost magic like bond they have with not only their Errant but their Chevalier. Mek-Souls often exhibit strange, and almost Genic like abilities some say is the result of a strange variant of Tek known as Empuq. Mek-Souls often hold a strange and almost distanced ability to connect to their Chevalier going as far as being said to be able to control the great mechanoids when not even in the cock pit.
  • Hak - Haks are the balance between the mystical and the martial. A Format designed to offensively use their mental capabilities to attack the central systems of enemy Chevaliers, and computer systems. Their connection to their Chevalier is often nearly as connective to that of the Mek-Soul, but also tenuous. They have been known to somehow fight with their Chevalier, or even disconnect from it forcibly at times.


Adjutants are a rare modification of Soulgiven created by secretive circles within the Faerin Guilds, and the Cabals of the Arashii. The truth of their existence is they are one of the few gifted with the right wield Psi in the name of their House, and the Societal Order of Avalon.

  • Tek-Marshal - Tek-Marshals are the creation of an alliance the Alchemists, and Meisters Guilds. Marshals are skilled in unarmed combat and utilizing the power of Auras to take down their opponents.
  • Tek-Knights - Tek-Knights are the Soulgiven response to the existence of the Errant Champion in War. The Vanguard of the Guilds, the Tek-Knight is considered a high class of soldier usually only unleashed in specific circumstances. Meta-Blades are their forte, and the usage of singing swords, knives, and other sharp objects that can expel Meta charges in combat.
  • Tek-Sage - The Soulgiven counterpart to the Theurge, the Tek-Soul is capable of manipulating stores of Meta cascades in combat. Their primary basis, however, focuses on the manipulation of elemental cascades in combat, and in protection. Some Sage's have even been able to deflect enemy attacks for a limited time with careful training.


Generations of work have developed various model designs over the centuries since the first of the True Homunculi models went live. In that time the designs of many different kinds of Synthetic have come and go with three remaining at the top. These are a series of models all made with similar materials, designs, and ethic in their purpose.

The Homunculi

Main article: Homunculi

The Homunculi models are a mass produced model that has perhaps the most history attached to them. It was they who first rebelled against the first Empire of the Aken dynasty. Even old units are still found in ancient wrecks from that time. Reliable and easy to make, these semi-organic constructs are found all over the Triad.

The Escuier

Main article: Escuier

The Squire series was created first by the scientists of the Exile Blood’s Excalibur station, and almost all of them come with a metallic crystal embedded in their head to facilitate neural interaction with machines. They are one of the rarer forms of Enarodyri found in the Triad and almost always found in the company of Errants. Squires are made in small batches and are raised selectively before being auctioned off to possible owners.

The Pariah Doll

Main article: Pariah Doll

A name created from years of black market research, the Pariah doll is a more recent invention of the Three Systems Era. Used to punish criminals and traitors alike. They are a form of indentured slave made to serve their masters. They are the least organic looking of the three active known series.


Main article: TALOS

Total Autonomous Localized Operating Systems are one of the oldest forms of Synthetic Intelligent dating back thousand of years. They are considered the precursors of the modern Synthetic Soulgiven, and yet are not as old as they appear. Most modern TALOS are recent additions who have existed for a century at the most. Yet they dutifully serve as the primary intelligence of mainframes, and even ships across the Triad.