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Other Names Spacers, Colonists, Original Elder Tongue is Sérugaicht
Home Regions The Inner Pale, the Outer Pale, the Outer-Rim, the Marches, the Reaches
Cultural Divisions March-Folk, Pale-Folk, North Reachers, South Reachers

"In space, there is tranquility."

Life in space is filled with thousands if not perhaps millions of hazards. Limited resources only expound this problem creating the modern day innovative, and technologically dependent people known as the Starborn. Spacers in general are renowned for their technical knowledge, and are often considered to be near machines with their dispassionate take on survival in the harsh vacuum outside their colonies. This detached take on life has bred a careful methodical philosophy that favors the many, over the individual. With such a restricted life in the colonies survival is the greatest concern for many a Starborn.


Starborn over the past several centuries have adapted to life in the tightly confined living space of the colonies. Low gravity has rendered them tall, thin, and in lean in appearance. In fact they are the tallest Faerin subspecies with only the Wyldborn challenging them in stature. Even if they are tall the Starborn are weaker compared to their world bound cousins. Artificial gravity has rendered them physically weaker to disease, and infection. This problem is the result of reliance upon the sanitized life of the colonies.

Life in the colonies has however molded the Starborn. They are able to feel to breath in low quality air, and survive in some gases that would normally kill a Faeru. They have a greater sense of spatial awareness than others as a result of constantly worried about the technical dangers of the colonies. They also are able to survive off low nutrients, and are quicker to clot blood when cut.

The height average of a colonist tends to be from 1.98 Mevres to 2.38 Mevres (6'6" to 7'8").


The Starborn were birthed from the exodus that occurred in the autumn years of the First Expansion Era. Their lives are often controlled the fixed-point space stations they dwell in. This limited space has created a common mob mentality among the Starborn causing them to identify greatly not with the location, but with the group. Territorial matters do occur to the Starborn, but they are based upon common interest and ties of occupation, or assignment. Mining colonines band together, versus agricultural colonies and so on and so forth. These "combines" or Clusters (a grouping of colonies) form the basis of Starborn nationality. Starborn are notorious for their cold-detached outlook on life. Those that cause problems that endanger the few are seen as obstacles and are generally punished brutally (this is gained from the viewpoint that everyone is necessary and if one harms the system it can harm everyone collectively).

Years in in the Sea of Stars along with the Wars that have raged across the Triad have split the cultural bounds that once united them. The people of the North Reaches (North Reachers) look down upon the 'posh' lifestyle of the Triad populace of their kin. The South Reachers consider those of the North, and the Triad to be hedonnistic idolators. To most the March-Folk most are weak minded, and are too selfish, and interested in appeasing their people with false stories. The Pale-Folk simply wish for greater power, and often balk at the notion of arming against outside forces, when they still consider their lives second-class to the Worldborn.