Sun-Hawk School

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The Academy of Horus the Sun-Hawk
Core Facts
Leader(s) High Scribe / Headmaster
Headquarters The Grounds of Righteous War in Khem
Regions Khem on Aru, Ereves on Elys, and Veiles in Secteur Un

"The Gods shall lead us to glory in this life and the next."

The Academy of Horus the Sun-Hawk is the oldest of the three Great Schools even rivaling the ancient history of the Jade Dragon School. It is a prestigious school which is known for its sense of exclusivity and a longstanding preference for Worldborn martial teachings. However, in modern eras the faculty of the school has actively expanded with the inclusion of Starborn fighters among the faculty of the School. Still, it remains a bastion of the Throne Worlds and is often a place filled with political infighting.

Students of the Sun-Hawk School are taught mastery over their Tek abilities second and then the complicated relationship of between a Squire and Errant later. Most Sun-Hawk teachers consider Mecha to be secondary to the needs of the Errant Class and expect the Houses to train the pilots themselves.


The Holy Grounds of Righteous War were consecrated thousands of years ago by the passage of the lad Osirid King of Khem. The end of the ancient Immortal Dynasty only became important events to see the shedding of blood on holy-ground. This marked the Grounds of Righteous War as the central plain of dueling and battles of honor for the next thousand years. When the Anapa arose from Project Dark Scarab they quickly assimilated themselves into the local aristocracy of Khem and the other neighboring nations. After a game of chance and a duel with the Pharoah himself the leader of the Anapa at the time, Djedi the Devious, took control of the Grounds of Righteous War. Here he built a vast modern complex around the grounds while laying the ground work of the modern Sun-Hawk School.


The Sun-Hawk School is controlled primarily by the current ruling Quorum known as the Star-Falcon who took control from the original Sun-Hawk Qorum five centuries prior. The Star-Falcons are a notorious War-Saint and members of the Arconeers Guild. Below them, the leading Faculty each divide among the three primary campuses. A Dean takes charge over a specific campus and then selects the Senior Faculty who head the specific departments of the different campuses.

Respectively the Faculty of Thaumaturgy, Tarot and Invocation teach primarily on thhe Grounds of War.

Notable Styles

The primary styles derive from the homelands of the three regional campuses. Khem on Aru, Ereves on Elys, and the space defenses of Veiles on the Marcher line. This has given them a multi-cultural bent compared the styles of the Jade Dragon School, but one that is far more restricted than that of the Ice-Razor.

Tarot Styles:

  • Shadow Viper - An ancient form said to date back to the Osirid Dynasty, it uses the heavy bladed Khopesh sword to cleave and bash the enemy apart using unrelenting endurance.
  • Bronze Spear - The hoplite warriors of Ereves are able to stand hours of onslaught before returning every attacked with a powerful decisive thrust.

Thaumaturgy Styles:

  • Lion's Paw Form - Named for the immortal sovereign of War, Sekmet, Lion's Paw is a confrontational form of Thaumaturgy combat focusing on constant attack to overwhelm the enemy.
  • Willow Whip Style - Willow Whip uses a cane length stylus for close quarters combat and to maintain a mid-distance in combat. The cane is used to carefully select, rapdily inscribe, and then active Cascades throughout combat.

Invocation Styles:

  • Broken Boot Form - Created by naval marines to defends themselves against pirates, Broken Boot is a heavy form of Invocation utilizing a mixture of boxing and kicking to defeat one's opponent.
  • Path of Heroes - A term which refers to the mixed unarmed combat form sometimmes called the "Heraklide" style, the Path of Heroes is a strength focused Invocation style known for its slow ponderous,and devastating moves.


In Modern Eras, the Sun-Hawk School has campuses across the entirety of Aru and Elys also with a defensive campus on the Marcher Line. The primary Campus remains in the Anapa's facility of Horus the Warrior. Here around the Grounds of Righteous War the hot sun of Throne beats down on all who train on the vast dusty yard of the Grounds. Here not only does the School teach young Errants, but some of the best military units across the entirety of Avalon. Many Errants who will command in battle learn on the Grounds themselves on how to best lead in the fit of battle.

All holdings controlled by the Sun-Hawk School are guarded by the House Guard of a local family who maintains an ongoing agreement of corpse-gift to the Anapa. Those who soon pass on quickly join the Anapa and eventually even becoe teachers at the school later on.

Meanwhile on Elys, the School's secondary Campus focuses on the study of the relationship between one's Tek Implants and the relationship they hold to their Squires. On the other hand, the Space Defense Academy, on the Marcher Line is used by the School to teach pilots the basics and necessities of combat while in zero-g.