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The Technologies of Avalon vary in their capability, and their cost. Power throughout the Avalon Cluster resolves itself upon an ancient form of fusion known as the AFD the Aeon Flux Drive, a reactor design which was pioneered in the early eras, and came to dominate power throughout the Three Systems. Biotechnology is so advanced it allows the mass production of nigh Faerinoid creatures, the Soulgiven, the ability to manufacture biosynth dolls known as Dopplegangers and much more.

Fantastic, and terrible are the sciences of Avalon. From the works of Neo-Alchemy, to the wonderful mobile mecha known as Chevaliers.

Propulsion and Transportation

At the epicenter of power sources in the Avalon Cluster is the Æon Flux Drive, an advanced fusion reactor that mixes ionic technology, with collected energy from solar sails. The result is a powerful reaction that on planets and colonies provides bursts of clean energy, with the threat of radiation only being null as long as the central shielding is maintained. AFD are a fragile technology, often requiring careful attention, and constant maintenance. Those who man the machines are known as Arconeers. A strange half-dead guild dthat keeps the old works of the AFD within their grasp.

Solar Batteries are the second most popular form of energy found primarily in the Colony Sectors, and aboard ships. AFD’s when in fransit along the Grav-Currents of the Sea of Stars are often hard to maintain, and must be turned off. This in turn creates a nessary second form of power, and energy. Many among the Starborn, and Shipborn call this strange exchange the Sail-Shift, a term to explain the necessity to ration energy when on long voyages.

Travel, and Transport in the Triad is greatly influenced by the express sources of energy found in the Avalon Cluster. Most forms of transport except for mass mag-Lev trains receive charges from their local AFD reactor. Charge stations are often owned locally in small neighborhoods, and allow the easy charging of personal vehicles. In the colonies travel is mostly conducted on small hover scooters, and using mag-lev carriages to move about the enclosed space of the colony proper.

Starships and Minor Craft

Main article: Starships and Space Travel

Transport beyond the planets, and inside the colonies is conducted by the Starships of Avalon, a vast array of classifications all powered by Solar-Sails. The smallest of Starships usually lack Sails, and are often powered by AFD thrusters which although useful in atmosphere or in near planet or colony travels, do not fair well when traveling the Grav-Currents of the greater space of the Sea of Stars. Solar-Sails are a proficient form of travel which gather energy, and then use the initial velocity of light to drive the great ship forever. Then to maneuver the ship using thrusts located throughout various locations of the ship.

This method of propulsion has led to an overall easthetic feel among space craft leading to them to appear slightly like ancient galleys of Arun, and Elysite design. A weird ideal alone which has often created a conflict with the more economical designs of the peoples who dwell in the space colonies.

Materials and Resources

The AFD reactor solved the issues of energy centuries ago which has over time freed the economical power of the Avalon Cluster to seek other avenues of profit. The primary form of this is through the the creation of building, and production material for all uses across the Tried. Many are common used materials such as Plasteel (a plastic to hard its almost like steel), to advanced ceramic composites which are often used in armor, and defensive material such as Grey Ada a thick energy absorbing metal.

Typical construction materials:

  • Plasteel - A form of composite plastic that is harder than steel, and is used in the construction of most vehicles, metal implements or much more.
  • Grey Ada - An energy absorption material used in power station creation, and defensive armor for starships, power-armor, and Chevaliers.
  • Song Steel - Specially Crafted Plasteel which can oscillate at high speeds, used in the creation of Singing Weapons, and hyper-sonic communication devices such as the SysNet relay stations.

Rare materials included:

  • SoulMetal - A rare crystalline material found in various locations in deep space, or select planets. SoulMetal is used in the creation of Tek implants, Soul Bonds, and other neural interface technologies.
  • Abyssal Stone / Black Ichor - A rare material used in the Return-Walking process of bring back the dead, and keeps the Arashic race alive.

Informations Technology

Information in the Triad is primarily passed across the vast network of interconnected relays, and stellites known as the SysNet. A vast digital network of information that can process information at high speeds, and even allow users to directly interface with software, and users alike. Advanced cybernetics allow users to switch biosynth bodies at a whim, and allow for minds to be transferred into completely new bodies.

The Systems Network

Main article: SysNet

The Inter-Systems-Network or the SysNet was created from the original networked minds of thousands of recycled Homunculi individuals. This system of mass transference was then further advanced with the invention of hypersonic relays which can send laser messages and yet transfer information locally on a vast array of bandwidths. The basic interface for the SysNet is through an eyesight heads up display projected from a small eye-level device called a Personal-Network-Display or PND. Some users however opt for a clear plasteel Personal-Admin-Display or PAD

The SysNet is then compiled into a series of Virtual Networks or “VN”s which allow for the mass transmitting of information, messages, and images over a long distance of time. Most of these VN “Channels” com under a variety of codifications from military, to civilian grade clearances. Most information is passed through the usage of small Voice Calls, or through physically typed or stylus written messages. Other options for texting include wrist projected holo-keys or even voice-to-text for peripheral devices.


Main article: Cybernetic Technology

Cybernetics includes a series of complicated technologies based upon the interface of mind, and machine. The most widely used are the Holo-Eyes to directly and virtually interface with the SysNet. These technologies form a direct link with the mind and allow a virtual self or "CySoul" to drift within the depths of the Cyber Realm. Other applications include the advanced prosthesis used to replace missing limbs or in the case of the Arashii, parts of their entire bodies.

The most advanced level of Cybernetic interface is the Puppeteer, which allows for truly fantastic abilities. It is through the Puppeteer system that one can allocate their entire mind into another body. However, there are consequences. Those who can hack the Puppeteer or contain one of the seven Doll Keys is able to permanently move one soul to another body, even with their consent.

Created Intelligence

Main article: Created Intelligence

The story of artificial intelligence in the Avalon Cluster is one of creation and then in almost typical fashion rebellion of said creation. What is quite atypical about this story is that in the ensuing years the creations lost their war for independence and were forced into cold sleep. Only centuries later would they be reawakened to stand aside their creators in their darkest hour. For many reasons of course most Faeru find the notion of "Artificial" intelligence to be confusing at best. Multiple "created intelligences" existed from simple Virtual Intelligences used to managed massive servers, to the more complex minds of the Soulgiven (who are dubbed Synthetic Intelligences).


Biological Technology often fits within the realm of super science to some, and can often seem to press the very limits of creation itself. However, there are several detrimental flaws within Avalonic tech that limits the capabilities of various applications. The first of which are the powerful Guilds which often lead to limitations on who, and what can access said technology. The most advanced of which is the creation of Synthetic life which falls under the purview of the Meister's Guild, and the application of Neo-Alchemy an art tightly contained by the Alchemist's Guild.

Medical Technology

Medical Technology in the Triad can be taxing, and quick pending upon ones status, and membership within the Estates General. Healing of basic surface wounds is often taken known only as "Lineament". Made from a concoction of regeneration nanites, and burn salves, it has the ability to increase physical regeneration of wounds two fold, and quickly stops bleeding. Blood transfusions are easy with the advent of cheap cloned plasma.

The basic easily accessible forms of healing are:

  • Lineament - A regenerative salve, and lotion that is found in most places which can heal cuts, bruises, and second degree burns with daily application within two days.
  • Clone-Plasma - Mass produced neutral typed Plasma which can be used in blood transfusions.
  • Nannite Therapy - Available mostly to high ranking Commons, Clergy and easily to the nobility. Nannite Therapy can fix basic minor genetic defects (can result in serious side effects such as sterility). And can also deal with most basic common diseases within three days.

More serious healing techniques include:

  • CyCoffin - A strangely named device filled with nannite infused gel, and robotic arms that can perform surgery. Often used for heavily injured individuals who cannot be healed by an active Alchemist. Often requires day sof useage, and does not allow for the ability to feed the victim.
  • Cybernetic Prosthetics - replacement thraots, arms, legs, even genitalia. The Cyber protesthics are often used by those who cannot heal their bodies even with a heavy bit of cloned organs or flesh. Even includes synthetic organs.
  • Clone Flesh Organs - Available to members of the nobility, and select Clergy with payments rednered to the appropriate local Alchemist.
  • Cone Bodies - Created for extreme cases, and incredibly expensive, rarely only gifted to those who can call on a serious favor from the Alchemist’s Guild.

Terraforming and Agricultura

The advent of space colonization, and exo-planetary colonization led to a vast advancement in terraforming, and agricultural technology. A small silent revolution as the old Mega-Corporations of old steadily pushed for the ability to modify plants, and even animals to fit the new environments of the colonies. This ideal of changing to suit the new life became ingrained even with in the colonists thet hemselves, which some say led to vast physical, and racial diversification of the Faeru during the years following the First Expansion Era.

Subsistence technology with in the Triad often relies upon a series of carefully genetically planned species of plants, asnd animals. Most of these were even tested through normal breeding to fit the home climate, and ecology of the colonies. This in turn has led to a mass diversification of farming techniques across the Triad in general. Most mass populations are fedlated by foods from the lesser populated worlds, and special green-house colonies known as “Agri-Colonies”. The larger urban centers often rely upon the Agri-Colonies for subsistence.

Smaller worlds can easily subsist off hunting, and even large scale farming. Farming in that regard and even minor instances of terraforming often require the usage of Synth-Drones. These strange little flying devices are able to manage local weather movements, and even climate to a certain degree. Usually harvesting Is then done en-masse by Soulgiven or Drone based workers.

Modern terraforming usually only exists I the form of occaision weather control, and the management of water levels on certain planets. Most Faeru have adapted to their home environments so well that it is a commonly held ideal to avoid mass terraforming as they once used in the Expansion Eras.

Weapons Technology

Main article: Warfare in Avalon

The weapons available to those in Avalon is vast, and terrible. The simplest weapon is split between a variety of weapons from a simple club, to arms that are far far more complicated. Bladed weapons such as swords, axes, and even spears are still available to most. However, it is variants of these weapons which provide devastation to the enemies of the armies of the Triad.

Basic weaponry includes:

  • Singing Weapons - High oscillation blades that emit a ringing whine as they are activated. Singing Weapons can slice through most material if enough strength is applied. They cannot cut through Psi-Shields.
  • Shokk Weapons - Strange named after a young man named Wilfred Shokk, the Shokk weapons charged with a mind numbing charge of electricity. They can also disable machinery and Soulgiven with a proper burst.
  • Gauss Weapons - A gun capable of firing super-sonic flechettes at high speed. Come a variety of styles from handguns to rifles.
  • Pulse-Bows - High tech bow weapons including longbows, and crossbows. Often used by hired assassins, and skilled marksman alike.

Rare weapons include:

  • Soul Singer - A Singing weapon made with Sould metal so it can channel Psi abilities.
  • Nano Weapons - Guns, and missiles that shoot programmed nannite ordinance. Can be used in a variety of ways, and methods.
  • Meta Weapons - Weapons that can use limited Tek abilities, and are often used by the Imperial Adjutants.

Heavy weapons include:

  • Beam Weapons - Often only found on tanks, Chevaliers, and large scaled Starships. Require massive amounts of energy.
  • Rail Cannons - Used by fighter craft, tanks, and Chevaliers.

Defensive measures include:

  • Body Armor made from either Plassteel or Grey Ada.
  • Psi-Shield - An item only aviable to Genics, and a select few nobles who can afford a meta-Shield. Can deflect fast moving projectives, and attacking implements. Have limited usage.
  • Carapace Armor - A power armor invented by the Arashii, and uses a minor AFD reactor to power its core. Increased strength, and durability are offered by the layers of defensive plating.

Combat Vehicles

Main article: Atmospheric Combat Vehicles

Land and sea power tend to be the primary form of planetary combat utilized by the might of the local ruling Houses. Tanks are oftne used en masse along with small scale defensive “walkers” or mechas that allow for quick response in combat. Aircraft often fall under the purview of navy power of the Space Forces.

Space Craft

Main article: Active Ship Models

There are many classifications of Naval Starships which including the notorius Ships-of-the-Line, Destroyers, and smaller Strike craft such as the War Cruiser. Each has its own strengths, and weaknesses, and often a variation employed by the House that ordered it. Most Shipyards are controlled by the ruling powers of the Sovereign Lords, this silent gentlemen's agreement has kept Naval power balanced throughout the Triad for years. Most NDF (Naval Defense Forces) Starships feature heavy army, rail-guns, and usually an escort of strike craft. Fleets are not unheard of, but are usually only owned by the Houses Major as few minor Houses can afford to field more than a few Starships into battle.

Chevaliers and Mecha

Main article: Mecha

Know by many names throughout the Triad, the Chevalier is a work of war, as well as a work of art. Coming in a variety of models, and under three main classifications (light, heavy). Their name is said to come from the ancient Knights of the old Kingdoms of Elys, and are influenced by the High Avalonic tongue. All Chevalier Mecha are powered by a grand AFD engine known as its “Cor” which is often heavily fortified. Some engines are placed upont he back near the spine, but generally only for models that use jumpjets.

Chevaliers are often transported by their Errant on a large hovering vehicle known as a Chariot. A mobile base of operations for the Errant in question, and the support staff for their Chavalier. Throughout the Avalon Cluster the common word for machines which share Chevalier appearance of purpose in war are collectively known as "Mecha".

Other Mecha Variants

All Chevalier technology was originally reverse engineered from information stolen from the Gwagaruh in the years before the rise of the Artur Dynasty. It was the appearance of the biomechanical Eoten, massive bone and chitnous Faerinoid looking monstrosities which are piloted by the Witchman of the Gwagaruh. Then there are the Wa'ka the cloak covered mecha which were developed from stolen Chevalier technology by the founders of the Itzkachana faith.

Entertainment and Luxury

The vast wealth of the Faeru has led to a wide variety of means of entertainment. Much of this is done over the SysNet on “Holo-Games” complex virtual reality experiences which cover all aspects of Faerin history. Most of these are quite benign, but some can reach a level of outright hedonism. Murderous fantasies, and more psychopathic programs do exist which often locked in the darker parts of the SysNet itself. Some Holo-Games can be quite competitive leading to an entire series of Net-Games that pit the various members of younger House Generations against each other. For those above the age of majority however, participation is often considered to be childish. Especially if the individual is a ruling Lord, or a an Errant pilot. Reserved only for

More advanced forms of Holo-Games are often used in the training of soldiers, and even Errants. These closed Military Games are generally restricted to individuals in the professional Guard of a ruling family.


Another level of entertainment are Holo-Casts, carefully laid shows that project across the Triad, and even into the Reaches. Most Casts are simply commentary, news, and other VN channels that are projected to Holo-Screens, and PADs on a set schedule. Others might include grand dramas of the past, or common stories that are used to entertain the commoner masses. Most Nobility are interested in a classical form of theater on Holo-Casts which are called Sheanhaosh plays, or “Old-Way”. Sheanhaosh dramas tend to re-enact the age old feuds of the oldest lines of the ruling Houses.


Most if not all written works throughout the Triad are found primarily upon the SystNet. Written literature, and even private libraries are often kept in private VNs. However, the existence of “Smart-Ink” has allowed for advanced scripture or NetScript. Many people store entire libraries in the page s of NetScript. Such books are considered personal, and often incredibly private, along the same lines as a PND.