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The Genic Gene, and the mutations related to it have been documented for centuries, dating back to a young girl who murdered her abusive father. Once the Imperial Court of Inquiry existed to hunt down the holders of the gene, and then later the Knights Imperial pushed the power of Genics to greatness. The power they would hold in the later Eras of Triad History were the result of an invention millenia ago by the Gwagaruh, and is Tek.

Short for Techno-Energetic Kinesis, Tek is the refinement of the Genic mutation, and the ability to manipulate Proto-Synergetic Induction energy, or Psi. The term itself being a simplification of the radical theory which allows the user to manipulate force, and energy on the molecular level. Tek implants allow the user to focus, and create specific reactions or results that the normal Genic mutation would otherwise deny.

Implant Technologies

Rudimentary Psi abilities often limit a Genic to powerful dangerous bursts of telekinetic, and telepathic violence. Objects move, brains can be damaged, and nightmares can be injected into the minds of those nearby. For this chaotic status Genics were burned alive, and hunted to near extinction in the religious periods of the Triad. With the advent of Tek the mutation was harnessed to giving rise to the Errant class, and a new value placed upon Genics in general.

There are three primary Tek technologies all evolving from the original Warp-Tek stolen from the Gwagaruh by secret agents of the founders of the Knights Imperial.

The three primary Tek Implant forms:

  • Stem Tek – Standard Tek is that given to Errants of the Triad. It is made up of a variety of implants found in the skull, the spine, and the arms, or legs.
  • Warp-Tek – The predecessor of modern Tek, Warp was created by the Gwarish Progenitors based upon a series of age old designs they once held from the lands of Alltar. Biological in nature, Warp-Tek users are more Telepathically based than their Stem Tek counterparts.
  • Meta - A strange variant of Tek that deals with charging Psi energy into a battery, that is then used by the mysterious individuals known as Adjutants.

The three primary forms of Tek implant are differentiated in their usaged, and how they are applied. Warp is a bio-organic mutation that only occurs within the Gwarish peoples. Meta is a series of modifications applied to Soulgiven, while Stem Tek is the primary foundation of Faerin Tek usage throughout Triad Society.

The way an Implant is arrayed and the way it directs the power of Psi is known as an "Arts of Psi".

The Arts of Psi

The way in which the implants of a Tek user are aligned equate to how that user can then utilized their power. There are many terms for the arts Grimoire Application, Cræft, and Psi-Frame all form the means of how one gains access and manipulate Psi energy. How that energy is directed and how its power is expressed.


Main article: Thaumaturgy

An esoteric series of skills that utilizes a obscure programming language said to date back to the First Expansion era known as Glyphs. The users of Thaumaturgy are able to program Tek abilities on objects, or in the air to activate powerful almost magical effects known as Cascades.


Main article: Tarot

A slightly less mysterious series of skills dealing with Psi laced weaponry, Tarot applies to an ancient practice utilizing cards to tell the future. Tarot users are able to utilize special weapons known as Decks to expel, control, and direct Psi energy in abilities called Charges.


Main article: Invocation

A difficult, and complex form of Tek, that involves the manipulation of energies using a series special implants known as Leynes which allow the user to manipulate Psi energy and direct it in the form of abilities called Auras.

Using Psi

To use Psi a Genic must focus their Grimoire, and mentally reach out to the world around them. As they focus they build a sense of energy within them, and then carefully are able to direct this feeling. Their implants will then allow them to charge, and manipulate the molecular level around them. Those with Decks are able to summon or sling fire from their weapons. Masters of Evocation are able to draw ice around their arms and fling it as a deadly missile. All the while the users of Thaumaturgy can use Glyphs to create an elemental of fire, or to launch a barrage of stone upon their enemy.

The Costs

Psi energy draws upon the life's energy of the Genic in question which can result from:

  • Drawing too much energy at once to use one massive ability.
  • Draining energy over time using multiple abilities without giving the user time to rest.
  • Having their implants damaged directly or through stress can cause a leakage of energy while using abilities.

The limit a Genic is able to use and manipulate the power of Psi is relative to their bodily stamina. As Psi is drawn is creates a numbing pain that spreads from their extremities inward towards their internal organs, this is Chilling. When someone draws far too much Psi they can feel a bone deep fatigue called the Psi-Burn.

When suffering from Psi-Burn an individual feels completely lacking in bodily stamina, mental acuity, and is often required to phycally recoup for a day or two at least.


Tek and Psi allow a user to:

  • Manipulate the elements of fire, water, earth and air.
  • Take control of machines on a limited basis.
  • Create nightmares and illusions.
  • Discharge electricity, to manipulate kinetic force, and to strengthen one's body to damage.
  • To summon powerful holographic Effigies in combat.

It does not allow:

  • One to regenerate lost tissue.
  • One to heal wounds.
  • To control the minds of others.
  • To read minds.
  • A Genic may only wield two powers at a time.

Disciplines of Psi

The power of Psi is mysterious itself in many different ways. The Arts themselves dictate how a user directs the powers of Psi, and how they manipulate the energies. How those energies result in different effects and gift the user with different powers. Powers themselves give the genic with a specific ability such as the power to direct and control flame. However, each Art directs this power differently creating unique expressions of Tek prowess. Some of these abilities are shared between the different arts, some are not. Why they are shared is generally debated and like much knowledge in the Triad.


Main article: Elementalism

The power to summon, manipulate and direct the primal elements of the Avalon Cluster:


Main article: Conjuration

A difficult ability that deals with the formation of Psi energy mixed with technological implements called Regents. Conjuration focuses upon melding Psi and Regents to create various difficult effects that can aid a Genic in offense, or defense.

  • Summoning – The power to summon and control cyrads or cyberspirits from the SysNet, while also gifting the user with the ability to commune with cyrads themselves.
  • Warding – The power to summon and control wards or barriers of energy, and gifting the user the ability at times deflect Psi energy directed at their body.
  • Sealing - The power to summon and control energy bindings or seals, and gifts the user with the ability to null their own power for short period of time.


Main article: Augury

Stories once said an old oracle dwelt upon a mountain in Elys telling the future. Now in the modern day the ability to access information, and control technology or wield illusions. Augry mixes Psi energy along with Telepathy to create dangerous abilities.

  • Technomancy – The power to take control of, and hack machines with physical touch and some with limited field of vision (requires eye contact).
  • Telemancy - The power to steal and manipulate information and memories of the mind.
  • Hallucimancy – The power to project and manipulate auditory and sensory information received by others to create illusions of the mind.
  • Pathomancy - The power to project and manipulation the emotions of others to a limited extent.