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Throughout the Eras of Avalonic History language has evolved to become influenced by the major trade tongues, and languages of politics across the Avalon Cluster. From the universal terms to simple expletives, the Avalon Cluster in general is home to its own unique nomenclature influenced by occupation, nationality, and social class.

Universal Terms

  • Abyssal Stone - A black obsidian like ore found in the North Reaches, and also in heavy quantities on the dead world of Mishlen.
  • Ancestors - Name for the Immortals that once dwelt in Avalon, but perish when the World’s Gate closed.
  • Avalonic or Avalonish - A term that applies to the central society of the the Triad, both are very interchangeable. Avalonish tends to refer to the 'Common Society' created by the successive Imperial Dynasties.
  • Bitter Feud - One of several intercine wars or skirmishes committed among the Gwagaruh Kindreds, Clans, and Kith.
  • Caímdáth-t'Ortaor - Known as Society’s Order in the Elder Tongue, and a term to describe the strict social classes enforced by the ruling planetary nobility.
  • Chevaliers - The Knightly Armors or Exo-Armors of the Errant Class. Chevaliers are massive humanoid machines which are used in pitched battles on land and in space (with special modifications). They are only in use by the Houses. Most local governments can only afford a few.
  • Council of Three - The ruling body of the three Kindreds of Tlaloc, Gendawitha, and Apu. The three progentiors of the Gwarish people.
  • Errant - A pilot of a Chevalier and a Genic.
  • Estates General - The three foundational categories of Triad Society: Nobility, Clergy,
  • Genic - A term used for the former super soldier bloodlines that led to the existence of the Errant Class throughout, Genics carry the gene that allows them to use Psionics.
  • Great Covenant - The great reform which leads to the foundation of the Society’s Order and reordered society.
  • High Passes - The only widely known safe routes through the Marches. They are often zealously patrolled by House military.
    • Walker's Expanse - The only safe path through the Border March from Throne to Rook. Discovered by Desmond Starwalker.
    • Corsair's Run - A twisting somewhat safe path through the Far marches from Rook to Sentinel.
  • House - A powerful planetary or even interplanetary Clan who has come to rule one of the Fiefs of the Triad. Houses emerged from the ruling classes during the Second Imperial Era.
  • Long Plan - The ancient covenant created by the Council of Three to rule the entire Triad from the Shadows, it was disrupted by the Bitter Feuds.
  • Long Silence' - The period of time where Apu of the Dreamkin would draw his spawn into silence while secretly warring with the Spiderkin in the Bitter Feud of Blood (a blood feud between the Kindreds).
  • Marches - Regions of untamed space, and often filled with debris or asteroids.
  • Pale - One of the two regions of fixed point space colonies found within the system. They are often marginalized by the two inner systems of the Triad.
  • Cycle (Standard) - The average year created mathematically by averaging the normal year of the capitol planets of each system.
  • Starship - Solar sailed powered ships who ride the Star-Winds.
  • Star-Fall - The primary calendar of the Avalon System, begins with the settlement of Elys and Aru in the Throne System.
  • Star-Winds - The light of the Stars which provide thrust for starships. Most major winds have been mapped, and so are most trade routes.
  • Soulmetal - A strange crystalline metal found and mined within the Marches able to create Tek Implants.
  • The Colonies - A rough term referring to all of the planet and space colonies founded outside of the core worlds which were originally colonized from the World’s Gate.
  • The Triad - A formal way of noting the region of Avalon and the three stars: Throne, Rook, and Sentinel.
  • Virtual Intelligence - Pre-programmed personalities and intelligence with limited learning capacity.
  • Voidism - A doctrine that declares to the sovereign right of colonies to exist as independent nations, and for universal suffrage. Based upon the collective essays called the Sector Papers.
  • World’s Gate - The connection to the Root of the World Tree, that allowed folk to colonize the Avalon System from Altear (Called Ailtar in modern Avalonic).
  • Scholar’s Trial - The t’isalhag praif, the trial of scholars applied to those wish to graduate from the Imperial Collegiate.

Religious Terminology

  • Creedan - A follower of the Creed religions, the possessive of "Creed".
  • Deuxian - A follower of the Religion of Deuxianity, possessive term for the faith.
  • Testamin - A place of worship used by the Creedan Religion. Taken from the name, "House of Testament".

Avalonish Slang

The common language found through the Triad, and beyond the Marches into the Reaches is known as Low Avalonic. Spoken throughout the Avalon Cluster, Low Avalonic has given rise to a slang of its own.

Racial Slurs

  • Corrick - A racial term for those of Corsair or in general Shipborn heritage.
  • Creen - A religious slur against the Creedan Faiths.
  • Infel - A term used by Deuxians to describe those that attack, or refuse the revelation of the Deux.
  • Gravick - racial slur for Worlborn.
  • Garulf - A racist slur for the Helogav calling them man-beasts.
  • Mutal - Racial slur for Feralborn which compares them to mutants.
  • Poppet - A racial slur for Soulgiven.
  • Snakelickers - A term applied to the followers of Itzkachana.
  • Scumker - A term for Voidkin from the words stalker, and scum.
  • Starkie - A racial slur for Starborn, a reference to their supposed cold superior demeanor.


Swears, curses, and expletives in the Triad differ by region in some cases, but primarily among the upper class.

General Curses

___ Ancestors or _____ - “By the Ancestors”, “ANCESTORS BALLS” are common expletives among the religious and secular peoples of the Avalon Cluster.

  • ‘Cestors! - A contracted form of Ancestors.
  • Bicestors! - “By the Ancestors!”
  • 'Ces Damn or Sesram - “Ancestors Damn.”
  • _____ Void - The Void is a central hell-like nonexistence in many beliefs, therefore it is similar to the mortal usage of Hell or similar ideas as an expletive.
  • High Father’s Balls! - Common Oberonish curse.
  • Tits of the High Mother! - Another common Oberonish curse.

Swear Words

Vulgar swear words usually result from a mixture of Avalonic, Akkinese, and Duza.

  • Ama - A rough Akkinese term meaning a female or feminine prostitute.
  • Catamite - A male or homosexual prostitute.
  • Djenda - A rough term meaning bitch.
  • Fai - A general exclaimation of frustration, often considered a lesser form of Sierd.
  • Kharr - An idiot, a fool, a complete ignoramous.
  • Sierd - To copulate, similar to the mortal word “Fuck”.
  • Sket - Taken from the Voidkin word “Sceat” meaning “excretion”.
  • Troisain - A rough term referring to a third gendered prostitute.

Knight's Speech Terms

  • Ascendant - A Chevalier that over time has gained sentience as pilots die and their minds are imprinted upon the Soul Core of the Mecha.
  • Errant-(Rank) - In military operations Errants gain an attached rank equivalent to their leading positions. Those that lead a Pendek are "Errant-Commandres" those who then lead the sub-Pents are known as "Sub-Commanders" which is also applied to any Errant who does -not- lead a full Pendek formation (sometimes an Errant-Commander will lead the primary Tria - see Van).
  • Dek - A company of ten chevaliers, a normal compliment for carriers. Deks are the normal guardian formation for fleet formations and for large military outposts (smaller outposts usually only have a Tria - see Tria).
  • Liaison Ame - A romanticized concept of the Soul Bond shared between Squire and Knight, the Liaison Ame or "accord de l'âme" is considered one of the most sacred connections an Errant can hold. Some Liaison Ame stands above marriage and even family with how tightly bound an Errant and Squire may be.
  • Eternal - An Errant who has been chosen or pilots a recently awakened Ascendant Chevalier.
  • Heart Sear - To overload and push the NNS connections created during the Entente and Detente bond found in the soul core.
  • Maírtác Bhaesun - The Knight's Honor, or the Honor of the Knight, a sense of regard that is held between all Errants for each other. This is commonly held to be the respect for skills in combat and a respect for oneself dying in battle for their lord.
  • Maitre-Travail - Master Work or Masterpiece, a custom ordered Chevalier usually developed for a specific Errant or High Rank, or of respective blood.
  • Pent' - Short for Pentad, a common sortie formation of two heavy Mecha and three Mecha with the third being of either classification. Three Pents are then known as a Pendek. A Pendek can also be created from a group of -five- Tria, though this is rarely done and is considered archaic (often used with specialized formations).
  • Pendek - A normal large scale sortie of fifteen Chevaliers often led by a veteran commanding Errant, and then two sub-commanders.
  • Tria - A small three-pronged formation of three Chevaliers, usually containing one or two of the primary types and then opposite class for balance. One primary leading Errant is part of the group.
  • Tournei - A challenge duel or tournament conducted between two more Errants for the prize of earning a desired Chevalier. If in a duel the loser forfeits their Chevalier, if in a large scale Tournament, one Chevalier or more are up for grabs by the winner. (see Spoilers)
  • Van (Vanguard) - The Van or Vanguard of a major formation is the veteran Chevalier who are often led by the primary leading Errant-Commanders. -Any- formation that is under the direct command (a Pent to a Dek) of an Errant-Commander is always termed as the Errant's Van as a means to signify it from other groups.