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"When the decadence of Holy Mother Church rose to grand heights it was Martin who brought us back to the Prebyster's True Light."

-Declarant of the Contraversion

It has many names throughout history in the Triad; the Schism, the Great Schism, the Defiant Declaration. But many call it simply the Contraversion, the time when Martin the Scholar of Aesgir posted his theses upon the gates of the central Testamin in the town of Andlang in the Vrijisteden. The Theses in question were an open protest against the act of indulgences being propagated by the Silver Ecclesia at the time. Martin despised the notion of Indulgences so much that after the posting of his Theses he went upon the SysNet itself and posted thread after thread of satirical commentary on the actions of the Silver Seer. In response the Silver Curia convened in the Holy City of Tuscana, and moved to summon Martin directly to the throne of the Silver Seer himself.

Martin however was able to fall back into the protection of the powerful House Tyr, Sovereigns of the Rook System. With their backing Martin was able to along with other factors across the Triad to launch the grand Contraversion. An act that would see the splintering of outlying Testamins of the Silver Creed into a multitude of disparate cults. Many of these nascent independent Creedan faiths would eventually be hunted down, and extinguished by the secretive actions of the Mercurial brotherhood. It was through sheer guile, and patronage that the remaining Contraverts emerged as an independent Creedan belief system across the Triad.

The Complexities of the Schism

There was more to the Schism than simple indulgences. For years cracks had appeared in the organization of Holy Mother Church, with a divide beginning at the canonization of the Curmhinn itself. Why this occurred is still up for debate with one side, with Martin the Scholar himself publishing an expanded version of the Curhminn known as the "Long Rememberance" or as the Scholar's Curmhinn. Other points of contention included the near complete control exerted by the Silver Seer over the direction of the faith, and the devotion afforded to the Silver Ecclesia as being "above" the lay-people in spiritual purity.

The division of the faith is so messy to the modern Eras that is not at all uncommon for Parsons of opposing factions to openly engage in argument, debate, and even brawls. Enmity between the various denominations remain widespread into modern Eras, with many Houses using the ancient basis of the schism often cassus belli against their foes.


The definition of Divinity is perhaps one of the greatest debates found within the Oberonish religions, and an especially divisive one inside the Creed. The Controverts themselves do not believe in the Divinity of The Prebyster, and instead declare he was a highborn prophet of the Star-Gods. The Silver Creed has dubbed this action the Great Denial, and often proclaims all members of the Contraversion for questioning the Divinity of the Prebyster. Even if he was of Immortal blood, say many of the White and Crimson Creed, the Prebyster's blood gave him not power of the gods, but their voice to act upon the worlds of Avalon.


When the Prebyster passed leadership of the Creed fell into myriad of arguing cults. It was not until the unification that occurred during the First Systems War that Leadership of the faith came into question. The Silver Creed elects its leadership from among the most devout (as they say), where as the Controverts believe that leadership is passed by blood. For this reason, Parsons among the Controverts tend to be headed by particular family bloodlines versus the carefully laid system of Legigsu seen in the Silver Creed. The Emerald Creed itself proclaims it follows the holy blood of the Immortal lines of Thor.

Contravert Denominations

There are a total of three major Contravert Denominations, each with its own set of beliefs, and unique take on the Creedan faith. Most if not all of the Denominations originated independently upon their homeworld or sectors. This disunity was the result of the fractured nature of Controversion itself which began as unified ideal, but quickly split into competing factions. If it were not for the initial order after Martin's proclamation against the rule of Silver Creed. The fracturing that occurred thereafter led to the formation of the modern Denominations, and ongoing feuds that still hang between varying facets of the Contravert population.

The White Creed

Main article: White Creed

A small denomination practiced mainly by the Quiraná found on the planet of Elys in specialized Enclaves. The White Creed are highly conservative people who keep to some of the oldest known relics of the Prebyster Himself. They follow the Scholar's Curmhinn and practice several strange rituals that are unique to themselves. All members of the White Creed are usually Quirana people with a select few non-Quirana enclaves existing in the Marcher Line Sectors.

The Emerald Creed

Main article: Emerald Creed

The Emerald Creed was founded by rebellious members of the Pjegarok under the rule of House Emesory, and the Anwnwyr of Mag Mell. This Orthodox institution follows the Scholar's Curmhinn and elects a Grand Matriarch to oversee its Testamins., In many cases it is a female dominated Church which often openly rebukes the Silver Creed, and local Deuxian Authorities in the Sentinel system.

The Crimson Creed

Main article: Crimson Creed

The followers of the Red Book, the Crimson Creedans, broke away from the Holy Church around the same time as the other Controvert Sects. They however deny the basis of Martin's theses and thus founded their own Testament within the confines of the Rook system. Overseen by the ruling nobility of the collective Testament, the Crimson Creed is known for love of valor, and holy relics.