Third Imperial Era

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The Artur Dynasty was the last ruling power to control the Ancestor Throne. Their Reign was a time intrigue, and betrayal as the power of the founder of the Dynasty Gwyn oc Artur rode upon the prestige of her father's sacrifice during the Dark Years. Then under the rule of Empress Blodwen the ruling families of the Throne. It also was the Era of the decree of the Great Covenant, an act of Imperial Power that would reshape the very foundation of Avalonic Society for centuries to come.


3,611 SF

  • Warrior-Queen Gwyn oc Artur threatens to dissolve the Sénann as she focuses on a series of reforms across the Triad.
  • The Genic Decree is issue as scientist note that Chevalier pilots require great mental strength and fortitude.

3,612 SF

  • Synthetics push for rights increase in wake of pressure to serve alongside Chevalier pilots.

3,615 SF

  • Gwyn orders the passage of the Blood Mark amendment to the Blood Declaration as the Empress erodes the power of the House Senate.
  • Imperial Consort Gilbert pens the “Societal Order,” an essay on rules of cultural organization and hierarchy.

3,620 SF

  • Each House of Nobility surrenders their members to the Blood Mark procedure. The Houses are then in turn gifted with the right to choose and design their Blood Mark.
  • Imperial Heir Blodwen is born.

3,623 SF

  • Adoption of the Blood Mark among the Nobility causes the evolution of ceremonial tattoo of flesh, and branding across cybernetics to identify Cabal, and Coven among the Arashii.

3,625 SF

  • House Athenes absorbs a portion of the Silver Curia. Several other Houses lodge protest with the Sénann.
  • Gilbert is assassinated while training Chevalier pilots. Neo-Freedom Synthetic groups are blamed.
  • Prejudice rises against the Arashii who in turn close their sanctuaries for a time to those outside their homeworld.

3,626 SF

  • Warrior-Queen Gwyn officially takes the title of “Empress of Avalon”.
  • The Empress orders the construction of an expansion of the Knight Imperial Tower of Memories, a memorial dedicated to the Heroes of the Empire.

3,631 SF

  • A lack of recent attacks by the Voidkin for an extended period leads to several Houses questioning the various restrictions placed upon them.
  • Lord Galen of House Athenes executes several Synthetics and siezes several Chevaliers without permission from their owners. The man is later caught and is beheaded personally by the Empress.

3,635 SF

  • The Rim Offensive sees the attack of several Galdearas Eoten upon the Rim Colonies. A response by the Chevalier corp of Sentinel leads to a winning defense with high casualties.

3,642 SF

  • The Empress decrees the dissolution of the non-Imperial Military organizations including the Imperial Knights and the Mercurial brotherhood.
  • Neural Interfaces are released for general usage within the SysNet.

3,645 SF

  • Second Battle of the Line, Empress Gwyn herself leads the defense. Several colonies along the Marcher Line are Lost as Redwald the Black appears to slay several young Chevaliers. The Sénann in return demands more fighting capacity from the Imperial forces.

3,650 SF

  • Doppelgangers or Cyber-BioSynth Prosthetics are invented.

3,652 SF

  • Empress Gwyn begins to write a new grand decree with her daughter.

3,653 SF

  • House Orisai reveals the work done by Saphael of Aru on the Soul Matrix, Soul Bonds and another device known as the Bond Core. All are equipped into the Chevailer leading to increased piloting ability. They move from simply being defensive machines to being able to fight back against the more maneuverable Eoten.
  • Operation Knights Ascendant occurs and results in a test updated Gawain model Chevalier defeating two Galdearas Eoten in combat. The Empire cheers as it now has a weapon to fight the alien threat.
  • House Orisai scientists in time with House Parenko invent the art of Neo-Alchemy using a mixture of biological agents, and high science.

3,657 SF

  • Empress Gwyn is slain in combat like her father when her convoy is attacked by newly discovered Deathscua Class Eoten ships. SHe is able to launch in her Chevalier and dies fighting along with her father’s squire, Rhiannon.
  • News passes back quickly to Star-Crown as Imperial Heir Blodwen rushes to cement her position before the Houses can overturn her claim.
  • Agents of the House Senate order her arrest as House Athenes, House Ishkur, and Hormuz. So begins the Throne Cabal. Imperial Heir Blodwen is thus imprisoned on Elys the Cabal attempts to undo her mother’s reforms.
  • Corruption among the newly formed Throne Cabal sees the strange disappearance of the three Silver Coffins in the Imperial Vaults on Star-Crown.
  • The Year of Winter’s Teeth occurs as the newly awakened Progenitors turn on their brother, Apu, and devour the entire Dream Kindred. Few survivors remain.
  • The Wyrm Kindred appears in the Southern Reaches as silent marauders.

3,659 SF

  • While imprisoned on Elys for two years Blodwen pens the finished product of her mother’s work for a grand reform of the Empire. She however begins to make mass revisions when a fellow inmate hands her a copy of the infamous Sector Papers, giving her greater understanding of previous political doctrine and thesis.

3,670 SF

  • Blodwen oc Artur secretly contacts her father’s family of House Durant and pleads to for their aide. Her pelase are answered quietly, but she is told about the renewed Voidkin Offensive.
  • The Deathscuean Class Eoten prove efficient in large scale swarm tactics and thrust back the defensive fleets of the Empire. Several in the House *Senate begin to openly decry the decision to imprison the Imperial Heir.
  • A strange ship marked with the former emblem of the Army of the Stars is reported near the planet of Erlik and meets the reigning Lord Ankil of House Umay.

3,671 SF

  • Blodwen is freed by conspirators within her families allied Houses, she organizes a group of Chevalier pilots loyal to her, the woman flees Elys and back to the central systems. There she is presented with a new Chevalier by the master smiths of Excalibur, in that moment the woman is also presented with a set of details about tests conducted by the Exile Blood. She reads the information and gathers her forces to assault Star-Crown.
  • The Throne Cabal is attacked with their forces defending Star-Crown an attempt to prevent the Imperial Heir from boarding. This event becomes known as the Crown Contention.
  • Members of the Throne Cabal flee Star-Crown as the new Empress is crowned. Immediately afterward she summons all the Houses to a meeting of the Sénann. She announces in one years time she will unveil a decree which will reshape the Empire forever.
  • The Throne Cabal’s actions pusht the Arashii to cement their power over the burgeoning status of the Guilds of the Triad.

3,672 SF

  • Empress Blodwen oc Artur appears before the Sénann and presents the Great Covenant, a massive reform of all the social classes of the Empire, and to the very basis of the nobility. The power of the faiths of the Triad is limited as the Silver Creed and the growing Deuxist Church are restricted under the titles of the Houses Faithful. The rulership of the Systems is appointed under the Sovereign Houses.
  • The Errant Class is founded as further class diversification takes place under the new order.
  • The Blood Declaration is modified and the List of Names is used to establish the Peerage of the Empire entire fiefs are re-ordered as the Marcher Lords are rewarded the Title of Margrave, and the inner systems the TItles of Baron, and Duke.
  • The minor ruling families of nations are ordered under the Houses Minor as planetary rulers and large space based rulers are reward the rank of Houses Major.

3,673 SF

  • The Empress marries Francia LeFaye and stuns Sénann witht eh first same-sex marriage of Imperial Ruler in history. The women then present the future Imperial Heir, Llewyn oc Artur.
  • The procedure used to birth the child is recorded as the CyberWomb. Several members of the Sénann begin to consider the usage of CyberWombs to tailor their bloodlines to be stronger.

It is found out that CyberWombs cannot recreate the Genic mutation.

  • The half-dead Progenitor Apu flees with his children to the domain of the Spiderkin with several captured Nightkin survivors. His own viral status seems to be devouring him as he pleads with Gendawitha to save him and his Kindred. The Queen of Webs hands the weakened Progenitor and his kin over to her fleshsculptors for testing.

3,674 SF

  • The Emerging Errant Class are placed under the purview of the ruling Lords and Ladies of the Houses, and Errants are the only ones truly capable of pilot the Chevalier.
  • The creation and maintenance of Synthetics with the creation of the Squire model and reactivation of the Homunculi leads to the existence of specialists known as Meisters.
  • Chevalier production becomes more ornamental as specific knowledge of all the components are passed along specific individuals known as the Wrights.

3,692 SF

  • Lord Llewyn fights alongside his mother in the North Reconquest. Several former colonial areas are retaken and their remaining colonists returned to their rightful power.
  • The battle for the North continues for months as the power of the Voidkin seems to be ceasing somehow. However in the middle of the battle Llewyn is nearly slain by the infamous Redwald the Black. His mother is able to fight the monstrosity away as the Eoten pilot declares over the com system, “Se Cyning is coming!

3,694 SF

  • The Battle of the Rim occurs as a sortie of Brynwigan and Deathscuan ships breaks a blockade guarding the Elder Way into the Sentinel system. The Rim colonies mount a large defensive as the invades attempt to launch a Plague Sphere onto the planet of Raoharenga.
  • To encourage healthy competition over over internal warfare Blodwen institutes as serials of non lethal combat trials known as the Tournament.

Gwyn’s second child Igraine is born and is fostered with House LeFaye under the direction of House Durant. 3,711 SF

  • The House of Artur is struck with terror as another attempt is made on the Imperial Consort of a reigning Emperor. This time the Empress responds by ordering an extensive investigation into the threat upon the Imperial Consort.
  • Lord Llewyn visits the Squire Meister facility on Tatara and bemoans their treatment at the hands of some scientists. The man later returns and begins to gather support for cultural reform on the treatment of synthetics.

3,712 SF

  • The Void-King appears and sends a message via encoded unmanned drone directly to Star-Crown. He informs the Sénann and the Imperial Court that the entirety of the Triad will fall.
  • The Roll of Errants is created to record the active list of existing Genic producing bloodlines. Many begin to marry into the noble houses.

3,721 SF

  • An Eoten raid on the outskirts of House Durant Territory claims the lives of several LaFaye Chevaliers. The House sends the rest of their children to foster with their cousin the Imperial Heir at Star-Crown.
  • A young woman catches the interest of Llewyn.
  • The Ayar enclaves gather in the Outer Rim, and prepare for what they conceive will be a renewed invasion of the Voidkin.

3,725 SF

  • Controversy strikes the royal house as it is revealed that the woman Llweyn oc Artur to be his half-sister. THe two are broken up as the woman is sent away to stay on the planet of Anwn.
  • A strange occurrence happens when a Voidkin agent appears offering peace without reason, the Empress has the creature sent back with her answer shortly afterward.
  • Several Houses from the non-Rim and Marcher families begin to protest why the Triad does not seek peace with the Voidkin.

3,731 SF

  • A growing peace movement among the Empire presses for a ceasefire with the Voidkin. There is evident supposed spread of this movement via secretive Voidkin agents.
  • The Cult of the Spider Spreads on the Throne world of Irkal.
  • Further analysis of the history of the Nobility leads to a quick realignment of the Houses within the Triad.
  • Several Sword Saints of the Anapa descend upon Irkal and move to exterminate the Spider Cults.

3,733 SF

  • The Great Covenant undergoes change as issues of recognizing planetary, regional and Imperial law come to light.
  • House Artur is dealt a political blow when Llewyn insults the reigning Lord of Aesgir in a gambling tournament. House Tyr removes its support of Imperial policies for a time.

3,736 SF

  • Igraine LeFaye reveals a son by Llewyn oc Artur turning into a grand scandal across the Empire, the child’s name is revealed to be Mordraut.
  • Llewyn works with Igraine to find a place for the boy, Empress Blodw en isunsure about the boy who seems to be slightly unstable.

3,743 SF

  • Spider Cult agents begin to place sleeper agents within key places of the Imperial leadership.
  • The Voidkin begin sending emissaries selectively to the inner Houses of the Triad.

3,756 SF

  • Mordraut LaFaye is captured in a raid along the inner colonies by mysterious forces. A large search is mounted for several months.
  • Rules of Chevalier dueling are created.
  • The Soul Blade is created using a Soul Core and a singing blade, it proves an efficient key for the Soul Matrix systems of Chevaliers and becomes a mark of the Errant class.

3,758 SF

  • Empress Blodwen abdicates the throne as her body becomes wracked by advanced disease of unknown origins. Llewyn is crowned Emperor of Avalon and proceeds to push for renewed offensive against the Voidkin.

3,759 SF

  • The Anapa attempt to assist in healing the ailing Empress but are unable to as her very body seems to be burning up within.
  • Many more become consumed by the strange affliction that has stricken the former Empress. The Houses worry another Silver Plague is eminent.

3,760 SF

  • Religious figures across the Triad condem the new strange illness striking many. It appears to attack the inert Psi energy found within all and slowly consume them within.

3,761 SF

  • Emperor Llewyn leads a grand offensive into the North Reaches at a grand army of ships and Chevaliers. The Northern Campaign begins.
  • Many flock to the Reaches as the Campaign takes on religious connotations.
  • The Corruption as it begins to be called strikes many in the lesser Houses.

3,763 SF

  • The war in the NOrth Reach continues as the infamous Black Eoten pilot Redwald continues to rack of heads on his sorties.a somewhat losing game The *Emperor himself in fact leads several losing raids against the Voidkin.


  • After years of fighting the Voidkin finally appears in a grand titantic Eoten astride several other of his finest warriors.
  • One of the warriors revealed is in fact Mordraut LeFaye.
  • Several long term battles occur pushing the invading Faeru armies back for a time.
  • It is discovered that Cheavliers become more alive after several individuals die fighting in them, this becomes known as the “Ascension”.

3,766 SF

  • The Battle of Camlon occurs with both sides idling until a random com error causes the battle to erupt. Both Emperor Llewyn and the Void-King fall in battle, Blodwen returns from her abdication and takes the throne in sorrow.
  • Even with the previous Empress in power the Empire begins to fall apart.
  • A full cadre of Sun-Hawk and Ice-Razor Sword Saints fall in the battle of Camlon. They become known as the Anointed Few.

3,770 SF

  • Blodwen dies when House Athenes assaults her caravan while in transit to Star-Crown. The Third Imperial Era comes to an end.
  • Word spreads to the slowly incubating survivors of the Night and Dream Kindreds that their leader, Apu the Lord of Visions is no more. A broken female form is awoken from within the dungeons of the Spider, named Cynburga she signs a pact of Consort-ship with the Spider Queen’s top lieutenant the Widower Lord.